Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 22: The Puppet's Tale (9) Part 2

Ah Jin looked at the person in front of her and smirked.

Whatever gentle, graceful, and courteous, no one knew who had eaten it.

Sighing in her heart, she didn't know what to do with the fool.

'All right, we'll see what happens later.'

In the end, Ah Jin went to Xiao Lian's room.

There was nothing more important than playing with your buddy.

Ah Jin entered the room, and Xiao Lian bowed to greet her.

"Greeting, sister-in-law."

Ah Jin ignored her.

"Don't think I don't know you're having fun teasing me."

Xiao Lian stopped pretending.

"How could I have ever imagined that you would become my sister-in-law? I have considered every suitable woman in the city, except I didn't think it would be you."

With arms folded, Ah Jin looked at her.

"So, what's wrong with me? Am I bad?"

Xiao Lian said, "Not at all. Our Highness is extremely good. It is wonderful to be your sister-in-law."

Ah Jin was even less convinced.

"Huh. Tell me the truth. Do not let me, your sister-in-law, give you trouble."

Xiao Lian acted as if she was terrified.

"Xiao Lian knows she's wrong. Please spare and forgive me, sister-in-law."

Ah Jin slapped the table.

"Say it quickly."

Xiao Lian laughed and fell askew on the table.

"Ouch. I just feel sorry for my stupid brother. The poor guy doesn't know who you really are. He'll have to count the money for you when you sell him out."

Ah Jin glared at her.

"What are you talking about? To have such a gentle and caring young lady like me is your brother's good fortune. It is true, though, that brother of yours is rather silly."

Hearing her say that, Xiao Lian was about to laugh so hard that she couldn't breathe.

"That is true, my Princess. So much for being gentle and considerate. We’ve never been out without you coming up with a bad idea. That stupid Qin Lei always rushed ahead first."

Ah Jin laughed too.

"Are you feeling sorry for Qin Lei now?"

Xiao Lian's almond eyes widened.

"How could I? The hell I feel sorry for him."

Ah Jin didn't push her either. Shaking her fan, she said.

"Forget it if you don't. Poor Qin Lei has no one to feel sorry for him even though he's being used as a gun by me."

Xiao Lian's face soon turned red.

"Fine, then, Princess Anping. I, I. Ugh!"

This time it was Ah Jin's turn to laugh.

The smile remained on her lips until she returned to her room.

Rong Yi looked at Ah Jin, who was in an excellent mood.

He was in a bad mood.

Why was she so happy at his sister's?

So he asked, "What did you and sister talk about that you're so happy?"

Ah Jin smiled mysteriously.

"No, no, no. I mustn't say, it's a secret."

Rong Yi felt even more stuffed.

There were still little secrets between the two of them?

They both had no secrets to keep between them in their relationship.

How about creating a little secret that belonged to them?

The more Rong Yi thought about it, the more he found it highly feasible.

So Rong Yi patted the bed beside him.

"Come and sleep. You didn't even get a good night's rest."

Ah Jin also felt a little tired.

She called her maid to come in to wait for her to wash up and change her clothes so she could have her afternoon nap.

When Ah Jin laid down, seeing that Rong Yi had fallen asleep, she was also at ease and ready to sleep.

Only to find that Rong Yi was still awake.

He whispered to her ear, "I'd like to have a little secret of our own, too."

Ah Jin turned to look at him.

'Now, what's wrong with this fool?'

The two of them were too close, their breaths intertwined.

Unaccustomed, Ah Jin tried to back away.

Then she felt warm lips on hers, and in her daze, Ah Jin was embraced by him.

'Hey, what are you, nuts? Police! There is a hooligan here.'

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