Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 22: The Puppet's Tale (9) Part 1

Ah Jin offered tea to the in-laws as per custom, but only to the in-laws.

No one else was entitled to receive tea from the Princess.

The Marquis gifted a pair of jade pendants, and Madame Marquis gave a couple of jade bracelets.

Ah Jin took off the jade pendant and wore the jade presented by the Marquis at her waist and another piece for her husband to wear.

Rong Yi gave the jade bracelet to Ah Jin again.

Madam Marquis was very relieved to see this young couple in love.

She felt that the Princess gave a face to them, and her heart was convinced.

He also introduced her to the general relatives from the other houses.

Since the Old Lady had not yet died, the family had not, however, been separated.

The Marquis and his wife could refrain from bowing, but they did not dare.

Thus, everyone bowed adequately.

Ah Jin also responded with a nod.

The dignity of royalty must not be lost.

The couple gave a face to the Marquis because they were directly in-laws.

As for the others, even if they were their uncles and aunts, they didn't have the qualifications to dare call themselves the Princess's elders.

The Emperor's father-in-law knelt and bowed to the Emperor, so what about them?

Ah Jin prepared a set of imperial flower ornaments for her sister-in-law, which Rong Lian liked for a long time.

In the past few years, Rong Lian and Ah Jin played together all the time, so their relationship was exceptional.

Rong Lian called out "Sister-in-law" sweetly as she looked at the beautiful flower ornaments in front of her.

She winked at Ah Jin after saying the secret word, "Come play in my room later, okay?"

Ah Jin winked back with a raised eyebrow, "Okay, wait for me."

Rong Yi looked at how those two girls exchanged glances.

He knew that Ah Jin would go to his sister's room later to play, so he could do nothing except grieve at the prospect.

He even planned to go back for a lunch break with Ah Jin later.

Luckily, Ah Jin couldn't read minds, or else she would have had to kill this nasty Rong Yi.

After lunch with everyone, Ah Jin then went back to their room with her husband.

Rong Yi's heart was happy. Was it hard for her to go?

It turned out that Ah Jin only went back to her room to wash up and change her clothes.

Rong Yi hugged her from behind and said, "You'd better not go to your sister's side. I'm sure you were exhausted yesterday, so take a good nap at noon."

Ah Jin patted his hand gently and said, "I'll just go and have a little private talk with Xiao Lian. You go to sleep first."

Rong Yi refused to give up as he lowered his head and rubbed against Ah Jin's neck, saying coquettishly, "But I want to sleep with you."

Ah Jin broke away from his embrace and looked at him in shock.

'I thought we were supposed to be respectful to each other? Didn't he say he was willing to take things slow? Who is this man in front of me? San Qi, come out! There is a monster here.'

'The biggest monster here is you. The man is just a human being.' San Qi replied.

Ah Jin didn't believe it, 'No way, it's so far from the story.'

San Qi added, 'People are human too, what's wrong with people changing their minds? So you are allowed to be a drama queen yourself but won't allow others to be multifaceted, huh?'

Rong Yi looked a little disappointed at her shocked look.

Did he scare her too much?

However, he heard from his married classmates that such words of love often promote the relationship's development.

He would ask for more advice the next time they meet.

If Ah Jin knew that the decent and respectful Rong Yi had been taught to be a clingy guy, she would have decreed the death of that fellow.

Unfortunately, she didn't know that Rong Yi was already running farther and farther down the road of being a clingy guy and would never return.

Ah Jin adjusted her expression and explained, "I'm just a little uncomfortable with the way you look. There is no other intention."

Rong Yi immediately smiled. "No problem, we'll just take our time."

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