Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 22 - Prince POV

“I’m thinking of returning to my family’s territory.”

After returning from Marquis Marcel’s residence, Louis sat alone in his office, He did nothing; only sitting in a daze.

Louis glanced at the tasks that he had to finish, but he didn’t have the motivation to move his hands to the pile of documents.

Haa, Louis sighed.

This is bad.

He covered his face with both hands and closed his eyes.

However, all that came in his mind was Rachel’s face.

Just what had happened to him? He never experienced such a vague anxiety like this.

Returning to her family territory…?

Louis believed it was a good choice for her.

Now that her physical condition recovered, she naturally could already do what she wanted to. Like going to the streets, look around the stalls, enter a cafe, and order what she likes at a restaurant.

That definitely were new experiences for Rachel. Then she would smile again, her eyes shining in joy.

When Louis thought like that, he felt warm.

But at the same time, why did his chest become this painful?

Even if Rachel returned to her family’s territory, would she return to the royal capital… to his side again?

Thinking that way, Louis listlessly shook his head.

No, he didn’t have the confidence...

Louis had never been this uncertain until now. If he lacked something, he only had to work hard to obtain it. If he got an unsatisfying answer, just make it until he got a satisfying one.

Louis only had that belief.

But now, he didn’t even know how to work hard to dispel his anxiety.

──Knock, knock.

“This is Cyril. Lord Theodore came to visit you, Your Highness.”

“Oh, let him enter.”

The moment Louis heard the sound of knocking at his office door, he straightened his leaning back.

Cyril’s voice from the other side of the door was faint in Louis’ head, but he reflexively replied it.

The door opened, showing his childhood friend clad in his usual black robe.

Theodore went straight into the room, not even glancing or greeting him.

After he took his spot on the sofa, he crossed his long legs and looked at Louis.

Then Theodore’s eyes slightly widened slightly widened his eyes and raised the corner of his mouth. His expression clearly stated, ‘I found something interesting.’

“Oh? What happened? You’re making that kind of face, so… it should be about Miss Rachel, right?”

“...I don’t feel like talking.”

“Wahhh, why are you sulking? Eh, are you sick? You caught love sickness?”

Theodore got up from the sofa and went to Louis’ desk. After he stood in front of the prince, he put one hand on the desk and looked straight into his face.

Louis turned away from Theodore’s line of sight.

“You’re noisy.”

“How childish. Are you having a late first love?”

Theodore grinned, making fun of him. That only worsened Louis’ mood.

But he decided to ignore this rascal for now.

Even so… first love, huh?

First love… yeah, Theodore might be true.

It was late, but Louis only realized this recently. His world changed when he took a walk in the garden of Marquis Marcel’s residence with Rachel.

The monochrome objects became colorful. The flowers reflected in her eyes were vivid, and the blue of the sky became striking.

Then all of his focus would move to Rachel’s smile.

Unable to hear the surrounding noise, only Rachel’s pleasant eyes reached his eyes.

Ahh, was this love?

His chest became heavy.

However, he certainly had that feeling.

From then on, when Louis was working, going to sleep, and eating, the girl would suddenly pass his mind.

Does she like this book?

Does she like these sweets?

Is she feeling well?

Even if just for a while, he wanted to see her face.

He wanted to meet her.

Surely, if he really thought of her wellbeing, then it would be the best to cancel their engagement as she wished… that way, she would be able to live a peaceful life.

Rachel’s position as the crown prince’s fiancée would burden the current her. She didn’t want it.

Louis still thought of himself as a man who never looked straight at Rachel before she fell ill.

There was probably someone who would notice her good points from the beginning and loved her even more than him.

Someone who could give her what she wanted, and value her. Who suited her even more.

However, even if he knew that… he couldn’t do it.

Louis couldn’t let her go.

And he hated himself for that.

Perhaps he was the one who made her suffer the most.

“Then, are you going to continue searching for the cause of her dying magic power?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I’m curious about that phenomenon, so I’ll keep helping you. But it’s better to prioritize investigating the spirit of darkness.”

“You’re right. Rachel’s life will change depending on how the church publicizes the spirit of darkness.”

“...I heard that she’s going to return to her family’s territory.”

Returning to the territory… The moment Louis heard that, he looked up and gazed at Theodore’s face.

Then Theodore shrugged, seeing through Louis’ thoughts.

“Isn’t it better for her to go there than staying in the capital now?”

“...I also think it’s a good choice.”

“Then readily send her away.”

Louis’ head became hot.

He clenched his fist and hit the desk, making a loud bang.

“I know that!”

“Oh, so you know that. You know, yet you’re afraid she’ll leave you.”

Louis’ fist on the desk trembled. But it immediately lost its power. Then Louis muttered with a weak voice, not sounding like his usual self.

“What should I do…”

“Send her away with a smile.After that, you just have to continue searching for the cause of her dying magic power for her.”

“Of course I will keep doing that.”

“It’s her choice. Still, if she is troubled, be prepared to be the first one to come to her.”

Louis looked up at those words.

At the end of his gaze was not a mischievous face, but a face of a friend who smiled in worry.

“You’re a good guy.”

“Yeah, I also think so. I would want to marry someone like me.”

Louis laughed at that. “That makes no sense. But what you said is right.”

Theodore laughed and nodded without saying anything.

Louis continued, “For now, I’ll ask the Marquis to add one of my men to become Rachel’s escort.”


“I’ll need eyes to know when Rachel is in danger, right? There’s no way I can help her right away if I don’t know that.”

Theodore’s face turned blank.

Why does he look that amazed?

Ignoring his friend, Louis started to consider who he should choose. He had a number of candidates to choose, but he took a note in his mind to pick someone who was good at his job.

How about him? Or maybe him?

Coming back to his senses, Theodore began to laugh, holding his stomach.

“Hahaha. Yes, yes. That sounds just like you.”

“...What a rude guy.”

That’s right.

For the time being, let’s support her to make her world even better.

And for his anxiety that still persisted… Louis decided to ignore it for now.

He still had a lot of things to do.

But there was one thing Rachel needed to do before going back to her family’s territory.

Realizing that, Louis decided to write a letter to Rachel after Theodore went home.

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