Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 22: Miserable

Chen Yu walked to courtyard’s entrance under the escort of seven big men.

The door of the small courtyard was open, and Lou Ming was standing behind the door, looking at Chen Yu with worry.

“Third Brother.” Chen Yu smiled and walked a few steps forward, stepping into the courtyard gate.

Lou Ming looked at Chen Yu carefully. Her ponytail was scattered, her hair draped messily down her back, her clothes were stained with mud and grass, and her face was a bit dirty, but she seemed to be in a good state of mind nonetheless. When Lou Ming was just about to sigh a breath of relief, his eyes stopped suddenly at Chen Yu’s feet. He immediately frowned. He strode over, bent down, and picked Chen Yu up horizontally.

The big men around them were startled before they each looked up at the sky, pretending that they saw nothing.

“...” The still frightened Tong Chao watched this scene speechlessly. Does this group have problems in their brains? Their acting is too rigid ah.

“Third Brother?” Chen Yu was suddenly picked up by Lou Ming; her whole face was stupefied.

Lou Ming ignored Chen Yu. Instead, he took her into the house with large strides. When he put Chen Yu carefully on the sofa, someone immediately brought a medicine kit over.

“Some water and towels too,” Tian Fei whispered to the person next to him.

The brother who had just delivered the medicine kit immediately went and brought a basin of water and towels.

“Where are your shoes?” Lou Ming asked with a frown.

Chen Yu hooked her dirty feet and explained, “I came out in a hurry, didn’t have time to change my shoes.”

Looking at the little girl’s innocent expression, Lou Ming couldn’t help but sigh. He moistened the dry towel, wrung it out, and handed it to Chen Yu. “Wipe your face first.”

After hitting the ground several times, Chen Yu knew that her face must be dirty. She smiled embarrassedly, and took the towel to wipe it casually.

Lou Ming rinsed the towel, wrung it out, and lifted Chen Yu’s feet that were hanging down on the floor.

Chen Yu was startled. She quickly retracted both of her feet, hid them under her butt, and said in panic, “I… my feet are all right.”

Lou Ming looked up and saw that the little girl was helpless and embarrassed. He went silent for a moment before handing the towel in his hand to Chen Yu and said, “You’ve injured the sole of your foot. Wipe it clean first, I’ll help you put on some medicine.”

Chen Yu breathed a sigh of relief and took the towel to wipe her feet.

“Hiss…” Chen Yu accidentally touched the wound on her sole. She couldn’t help but inhale a mouthful of cold air.

With a frown, Lou Ming reached out and directly pulled Chen Yu’s injured foot, holding it in the palm of his hand to examine it carefully. The wound was about two to three centimeters long. Although there wasn’t much blood, it was covered with sandy soil.

Lou Ming took out an alcohol cotton ball from the medicine box beside him and said, “I’ll help you clean up your wound, it’ll hurt a bit.”

“It’s too troublesome ah, it will be fine after two days. When I was in the mountains, my feet were often cut by stones but they all healed by themselves,” Chen Yu said indifferently.

Lou Ming’s gentle breath suddenly became cold. He silently looked at Chen Yu.

Chen Yu didn’t know why but she was suddenly persuaded. “That… won’t it heal faster if it’s cleaned up? Hahaha… then clean up, clean up ah.”

Lou Ming’s breath slowed down. He took the cotton ball to help Chen Yu clean her wound, but Chen Yu couldn’t help but twitch a little when the alcohol touched it. She secretly complained, How can cleaning wounds hurt more than getting injured?

“Miss Chen Yu, please have something to eat.” Don’t know when Tian Fei brought out a lot of snacks and placed them in front of Chen Yu.

Chen Yu immediately became overjoyed. Finally, there’s food to soothe this pain ah.

“Thank you,” Chen Yu smiled and said.

“You’re welcome.” After receiving Third Young Master’s commending expression in his eyes, Tian Fei withdrew silently.


A ringtone from her phone suddenly blared from the linen bag. Chen Yu had put her phone inside it during the fight before.

She took out her phone and found Tong Wei was calling her, so she immediately answered it.

“I’m here, is Tong Chao still safe?” Tong Wei hurriedly asked before Chen Yu could say anything.

“He’s alright, although I’m going to die soon.” Thinking of how many talismans she had lost, Chen Yu felt that she was about to die from heartache.

Lou Ming’s hands that were cleaning her wounds stiffened. He raised his head and glanced at Chen Yu. After confirming that she was only complaining casually, he lowered his head and continued to clean.

“It’s good, it’s good.” Tong Wei breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that his nephew was alright.

Is this person selectively deaf? How come he only listens to the first half sentence?

After explaining the matter, Chen Yu hung up the phone and said to Lou Ming who was dressing up her wounds, “Third Brother, I want to go out for a bit.”

“Going out for what?” Lou Ming’s face was full of disapproval.

“Tong Chao’s uncle…” Chen Yu finally realized at this time that Tong Chao didn’t seem to be inside the house, and she looked around in surprise. “Where did Tong Chao go?”

Lou Ming thought for a while and quickly guessed Tong Chao’s identity. “Is Tong Chao the male ghost during the day?”

“Yes,” Chen Yu said. “That guy’s probably blocked out of the yard. I’m going to get him and search for his Second Uncle. It cost me so many talismans but I only charged him two million, what a big loss ah.”

Her heart felt distressed as she said this, and her face was full of pain.

“So he’s the one who provoked that thing tonight?” Although Lou Ming couldn’t see the black energy, it didn’t prevent him from guessing.

“That’s right, I know Tong Chao’s a big trouble so I won’t bring him back.” The more Chen Yu thought about it, the more annoyed she became, but two million could make up for the loss anyways, Chen Yu thought as she prepared to get up from the sofa.

“Don’t move.” Lou Ming held Chen Yu down, and he turned his head and said to Tian Fei, “Go and bring the people in.”

“Third Brother, it’s better for me to go out,” Chen Yu stopped him. “Tong Chao’s Second Uncle is also a Celestial Master. You have such a strong aura, I’m worried that you’d get targeted.”

“No one dares to set their eyes here except you,” Lou Ming said lightly.

“How can it be the same? I just want to rub on the spiritual energy here, it won’t hurt you, but others are different ah,” Chen Yu said in a serious manner.

After listening to Chen Yu’s words, Lou Ming’s calm face suddenly bloomed into a smile. He raised his hand and rubbed Chen Yu’s hair. “Don’t worry, it will only be at the courtyard’s gate, I won’t let him come inside.”

“Third Brother, you haven’t washed your hands yet.” Chen Yu retracted her body back in disgust.

Lou Ming stiffened, but he rubbed twice even more vigorously. “It’s your own feet anyway.”

Tian Fei knew that Chen Yu agreed to this, so he went out to get the people, but he was suddenly stopped by Chen Yu shouting from behind when he was walking to the door. “Assistant Tian, my money, don’t forget ah, my money, two million, he must pay me ah, otherwise I’m gonna lose so much today.”

“Miss Chen Yu, please be rest assured, I promise to complete the task.” Tian Fei made a military salute to Chen Yu, then turned around and went out.

After a while, Tian Fei led a black car over. When the car stopped at the entrance of the small courtyard, Tong Wei saw Tong Chao standing close by while looking inside the courtyard constantly. He immediately ran over with a smile, although his mouth was cursing, “Smelly boy, where did you go these past few days?”

“Second Uncle?” Tong Chao finally saw his Second Uncle. He rushed over in excitement to give him a hug, only to pass through his body.

“Are you stupid?” Second Uncle Tong was disgusted. This smelly boy had been floating for two weeks without realizing that he was a ghost.

Tian Fei saw that Tong Wei was speaking into a mass of air. Although he couldn’t see it, he understood that Tong Wei had already found his nephew, so he walked over and started asking money for Chen Yu. “Mr. Tong.”

“Assistant Tian.” Tong Wei immediately turned around and looked at Tian Fei politely.

“Since you have found the… soul that you’re looking for, can you settle the bill?” Tian Fei had lived for so many years, and it was the first time that he arrogantly asked for money. Furthermore, it was quite a big sum of money. I have to say, this feeling is terribly good.

Hearing about the bill, Tong Chao immediately remembered Chen Yu, so he said aloud, “Second Uncle, you ask how Chen Yu’s condition was. She’s the Celestial Master who called you before. She was injured just to protect me.”

Tong Chao originally wanted to go in and see by himself, but he couldn’t enter the perimeter for some reason, so he could only stay outside the gate.

Upon hearing this, Tong Wei immediately asked Tian Fei, “How is Celestial Master Chen?”

Tian Fei was dumbfounded for a while, only to realize that the other party was referring to Chen Yu, but this 'Celestial Master Chen' seemed inexplicably inconsistent with Miss Chen Yu's image.

“Celestial Master Chen is okay, just a little tired. That’s why she entrusted me to settle the bill with you,” Tian Fei replied with a smile.

“Okay, I’ll immediately transfer two million to Celestial Master Chen.” Second Uncle Tong was wealthy, this little bit of money was nothing in his eyes.

Tian Fei suddenly recalled how Chen Yu wailed that she was losing money, his eyes flashed brightly as he smiled and said, “Mr. Tong, the thing that came tonight was unexpectedly powerful. To protect your nephew’s soul, our Celestial Master Chen used a lot of talismans, not to mention that she was injured.”

Tong Wei was taken aback, he didn’t react for quite a while.

“Second Uncle, you transfer one million more, that girl suffered a lot in order to protect me.” As the only bystander of the fierce battle just now, Tong Chao still felt a lingering fear.

Hearing what his nephew said, Tong Wei immediately nodded his head in understanding. In fact, after he knew that the evil spirit who devoured souls had been here, Tong Wei felt that he might not see his nephew again. In the end, not only was his nephew alright, he was also very healthy. His soul wasn’t weak at all, and he looked as if he just went out of his body. This was quite a big surprise ah.

He was shocked just now not because of money, it was just that he was surprised how such a superb and high-level colleague would be so… cough… straightforward.

“Thank you for Celestial Master Chen’s care. I’ll transfer one million more.” As Tong Wei said this, he took out his phone and transferred an extra million to the account that Chen Yu had given him before.

Tian Fei didn’t think that his casual sentence would increase the income by another million. His heart was frightened and flabbergasted, although his face was still flat as a pancake.

At this time, Chen Yu, who was eating to replenish her energy, heard her phone’s prompt sound and immediately took it out to check.

“Two million, one million, three million in total.” Chen Yu looked with an incredulous expression. “They gave me an extra million.”

“You happy?” Lou Ming teased.

“En! In fact, I wanted to increase the price, but I was embarrassed to ask because the price was agreed upon in advance. But, they voluntarily gave me more, I’m so happy ahhh~, ha ha ha…” Chen Yu smiled foolishly while holding her phone.

Sure enough, a little money grubber.

After Second Uncle Tong had confirmed his nephew’s condition, he was about to turn around and leave when he heard a voice from the radio on Tian Fei’s body. “Brother Tian, the payment is confirmed.”

“Got it.” Tian Fei replied to his teammate, and turned his head to meet Second Uncle Tong’s complicated expression. He said with a smile, “Mr. Tong, you can leave with your nephew.”

What do you mean? I can’t leave if I didn’t transfer the money or the bank was delayed? Such a “secular and down-to-earth” Celestial Master. Second Uncle Tong had lived for decades and this was the first time he had met someone like this.

Tian Fei pretended that he couldn’t understand the other’s expression and made a polite “the exit is that way” gesture with a smile on his face.

Second Uncle Tong once again felt that it was his first time being pushed away like this since he became a Celestial Master. They didn’t even let him inside. No—they didn’t even open the courtyard gate. Uncle Tong, who was inexplicably aggrieved, turned to his car. Tong Chao looked at the yard behind him hesitantly with a trace of worry, and followed his Second Uncle into the car.

There was an unexpected one million more in her bank, Chen Yu laughed happily.

Author’s NOTE:

In the assistant’s dormitory, several assistants were discussing the matter just now.

Chen Peng: Ha... self proclaiming herself as Xishi, such a blind confidence.

Assistant A: It seems that there are only a few women in the Heavenly Master’s circle.

Assistant B: Say, just now, didn’t Third Young Master carry Xishi like a groom carrying his bride?

Cheng Peng: Where does she look like Xishi?

Tian Fei came back from his shift while laughing stupidly: This grandpa’s words worth thousands of gold ah...


Their interactions are so cute ah~ 〔´∇`〕

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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