Befriending the Most Powerful Person

Chapter 22.3

[The plug in can hide Master’s figure but not Master’s smell. The youth can probably detect Master because his sense of smell is sharper than most Zergs as a result of his blindness.]

Shao Ci: “...” Why does it feel like he’s just been tricked twice! Furthermore, the “adorable”, “obedient” youth actually turned out to be blackened! This was going way too far!

“This is the sacred ore that’s been passed down through the Imperial Family for millennia.” The youth said slowly: “It can change a Zerg’s physique, isn’t it magical? I just said it casually but I didn’t expect you’d actually come. However, what I didn’t tell you earlier was that you need to pay a high price to use it…”

Shao Ci looked at him in astonishment. He didn’t think that the normally silent youth could actually have times where he spoke so much… wait a moment, his point he was focusing on seemed to be a bit off...

“The price is, if the transformed person doesn’t have sex with the Imperial Family within three years, they’ll die.” The youth continued.

Shao Ci: “Eh?!”

What the hell was with this R-18 manga setting! The original plot never mentioned that, ok?! Actually, when he thought carefully, the male lead really did papapa with several princesses so… it might be true. Plus, the youth has no reason to try and trick him… so that means it’s probably the truth.

Suddenly, Shao Ci really felt like he had just jumped into a huge pit. If he had known earlier, he would’ve just obediently continued as a gardener. Sooner or later, he would’ve gotten the gene improvement drug anyways. What ‘learning from the original text’s male lead’, he didn’t have the male lead’s fate!

The youth laughed and hugged Shao Ci from behind, his lips moving to Shao Ci’s ear: “The only one who can help you is me. Do you want to become mine?”

Shao Ci’s whole body felt like it was going to break as he hastily said: “But you’re just a kid!” How in the world did the Zerg teach their youth, letting such a young kid say such horrifying and shocking words.

“Not necessarily.” The youth raised his hand and pressed the ore.

A shocking thing happened: the moment the youth’s palm made contact with the ore, his body swiftly grew bigger. In less than a breath’s time, the other’s slim hand had already grown bigger than Shao Ci’s, his golden hair dangling down.

Shao Ci was completely dumbfounded. Last time in the apocalypse, somebody absorbed a whole pool of strengthening fluid to instantly grow bigger, but what was happening now! Does this sacred stone also have some instant growth effect?

[Beep, beep, beep- detected a stronger character… according to the system rules, the capture target will be replaced. The current target is Caesar.]

Shao Ci: “???” Holy shit, wait a moment, is the system saying this man is actually the Emperor?! Isn’t this a bit too melodramatic? Hurry up and tell him it’s just a name...

“Now it’s time to formally introduce myself.” The other’s voice echoed by Shao Ci’s ear with a smile: “My name is Caesar, have you heard of it?”

It was this instant that the sacred stone’s transformation finished and Shao Ci could finally move his body. He turned his head and saw an astonishingly beautiful but sickly looking young man.

His long, golden hair was bound back with a black ribbon with just a few strands drooping on his chest. The reason why he appeared sickly was because of his incredibly pale skin and dark, soulless blue eyes. However, it was obvious that he wasn’t nearly as weak as he appeared on the surface.

The suppression under the other’s strength and bloodline made Shao Ci stiffen in Caesar’s embrace. When he thought of how he had actually taken the Emperor to be an unloved prince and even casually used his healing power, he really wanted to just jump off a cliff.

Before, the system even specially reminded him that it was useless towards minors, but Caesar wasn’t a minor, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Something probably happened that time....

Running into an unfavored prince while working in the Imperial Palace as a gardener, of course such a melodramatic thing would never actually happen!

...Although running into the Emperor as a gardener was even more melodramatic.

“Don’t be so afraid, I really like you.” Caesar’s finger trailed down Shao Ci’s back. After being transformed by the stone, Shao Ci’s body was far more sensitive than before, causing Caesar’s finger to send a tingling feeling down his spine.

Shao Ci’s mind was in chaos. Now that his healing ability was exposed, he wouldn’t be sent into some research institute to be dissected, right?

[The mission resets daily. Today’s mission is: heal the target once. Good luck!]

A slight smile was on Caesar’s face as he spoke: “I won’t bother about how you bursted in here without permission, but the price… What do you think about becoming mine? Isn’t it a good deal?”

It was certainly a good deal. If others knew that they wouldn’t be punished for going into the Imperial Palace’s forbidden area without permission and could even pick up the beautiful Emperor, the forbidden area would probably be crammed with people wanting to burst in.

Right now, Shao Ci was fine with anything as long as he wouldn’t be dissected. Besides, the system’s already changed targets so there was nothing he could do. He was just about to agree when Caesar looked like he could no longer endure and suddenly bit down on his neck. His slender, fair hand was even more direct, moving to a place on Shao Ci’s lower half that could not be described.

Shao Ci started to panic and struggled fiercely, but his strength had no way of contending against Caesar’s. In that moment of imminent peril, an idea suddenly struck Shao Ci and he directly used his healing power on Caesar.

Caesar paused for a moment and it was unknown where Shao Ci suddenly got the strength, but he managed to struggle out of Caesar’s embrace and fall down to the floor. Blood still seeped out of the bite on his neck, pulsing with a dull ache.

“F*ck!” This wasn’t even a problem about his chastity anymore. Just now, Shao Ci thought he was about to die!

“Ah…” Caesar appeared like he had just woken up, his voice apologetic as he spoke, “Every time I use the sacred stone to transform, I would lose control of my body for a few moments. Just now, I was really too happy so I lost control… but your blood really is delicious.”

Caesar looked like he still wanted to continue, a light flush appearing on his pale cheeks.

Shao Ci: “!” You going out of control can kill somebody, ok?!

“I’ll be careful next time.” The guilty expression on Caesar’s face could move anyone as he reached out to Shao Ci, “I won’t hurt you again.”

Shao Ci subconsciously took a few steps back. He still felt a little traumatized from what happened earlier.

“You won’t forgive me? You clearly accepted my apology so easily last time… is it because you’re still mad that I tricked you?” Caesar seemed to turn a little sad. If it was somebody else who saw this, they probably definitely would’ve long rushed up to comfort him.

But these days, Shao Ci was already used to his face so his beauty didn’t have much of an effect anymore. Especially when he thought of his frightening experience just now, he suddenly wanted to run away.

Before, even if he wasn’t willing and wanted to run, Shao Ci still bore with it because they were the system target.

But after experiencing shock after shock, Shao Ci didn’t care anymore and directly crawled up from the ground, staggering a little as he got up, before bolting straight outside.  

He didn’t dare to look back and see Caesar’s expression.

Caesar stood up expressionlessly as he listened to the sound of Shao Ci’s footsteps disappear. He reached out to touch the stone which shined brightly on one side of his face. His beauty could make a person suffocate.

“Don’t you know? As long as you’re on this planet, you can’t escape…” Caesar’s lips curled into a smile, “But it’s also important to give the prey a chance to breathe.”


Shao Ci rushed out without being stopped by anyone. He saw the sky had turned dark and sat down, gasping a little for breath.  

In any case, he achieved his goal of shedding his low level Zerg identity… but what should he do with Caesar!

If the target was just a slag man, Shao Ci wouldn’t feel so conflicted. In any case, slag men were just scummy with emotions. However, being with Caesar felt like he would get eaten!

Whatever, he can think about that problem tomorrow...

Xing Ye sighed as he slowly walked out, releasing a little breath when he saw Yi Silei’s plane.

Although Yi Silei was a bit love addled, at least he wouldn’t eat people. Actually, it’s not too bad...

“What happened today? It took so long for you to come out…” Yi Silei frowned and grabbed Shao Ci’s hand.

Shao Ci’s hand felt like it was zapped by an electric current as he subconsciously flung the other’s hand off.

F*ck, he forgot that the system changed the target and how much it would hurt if he touched the former target! Shao Ci felt like he was going to go mad.

“No, I…” Shao Ci hastily raised his head, wanting to explain only to see Yi Silei looking at the mark on his neck.

“What’s this?” Yi Silei’s eyes turned cold as he moved forward, trapping Shao Ci in the corner and questioning him: “Who left this mark?”

“!!” Shao Ci saw his gaze and almost directly kneeled down on the floor. The shock he suffered earlier must’ve really been too big, he actually forgot about the bite Caesar left on his neck! Furthermore, it just had to be f*cking discovered by Yi Silei, that love maniac!

F*ck, he really wanted to kneel down.

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