Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 21 - The Man’s Identity, Inform the Little Buns


If he didn’t see wrong, that piece of black jade should be… the legendary tiger tally ba? Recalling that there seemed to be someone that called him prince, in addition with that ‘Cheng’ word on the jade pendant, don’t tell me that he was the Qing dynasty’s only general, Prince Cheng?

Elegant eyebrows suddenly furrowed and Ling Jingxuan powerlessly held his forehead. His heels turned around and went towards the backyard. Yesterday when he had time he taught the little buns a few three character classics and two words. Seeing their high spirits, he put some silt in the backyard. Currently the two were using a twig to focus on practicing.

“Xiao Wen Xiao Wu.”

Their young profiles had revealed a sense of seriousness and concentration. Ling Jingxuan’s bit of gloominess vanished. Why was the man’s identity important? He gave birth to the sons, they would always be his. Rather than let his imagination run wild, it would be better to think over how to make more money and quickly improve their home’s economic situation. At the end of the year the two buns would be five years old, he should send them to a private school to study.


Hearing him call for him, the passionate little bun threw aside his branch and threw himself into his embrace. Compared to him Big bun was more shy, only turned his head around to say “Dad”, and immersed himself and began to concentrate again on his sketch.

“You ah, look how earnest your brother is. Xiao Wen stop for a moment, I need to tell you guys something."

Lovingly touching the Little bun’s nose, Ling Jingxuan carried him with one hand and walked towards Big bun.

“What’s wrong?”

Suspiciously looking at him, Big bun knitted his eyebrows and threw aside his branch. As long as it wasn’t about money, everything else was not a problem.

With Ling Jingxuan’s experience, how could he not see what the big bun was thinking?

Because of this, he could only shake his head. Who let his little bun be so poor ne?

“Xiao Wen Xiao Wu, I know you guys are only five years old. If switched to a normal family, perhaps you would still be spoiled by parents ne. It's daddy that isn't good, let you guys at such a young age shoulder too much pressure and burden of life. Don’t say anything yet, listen to me finish speaking first ok?”

Restraining the disorderly thoughts inside, Ling Jingxuan talked as he pulled the two buns to the back of the house and sat down. Seeing their dry and slim cheeks, distress creeped up in his eyes. Looking at their little sword eyebrows slowly knit into a frown, Ling Jingxuan soothed them then continued to talk seriously. “Things that have happened have already happened. Daddy isn’t blaming oneself, I’m also not asking you guys to pardon me. Today the reason why I am saying so much is because you guys have matured very early and are sensible. You can already distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong and can use your brains to reflect over a problem. That's why I've thought about it and decided to tell you guys first. The man that we saved… it's very possible that he might be your father.”

After spreading out the bedding, Ling Jingxuan finally spoke out about his re-evaluation. Meanwhile, long and narrow phoenix eyes were carefully sizing them up, afraid that they would collapse or refuse to accept it. After all they were only five and that man never appeared once. It would be normal if the children revolted, but, contrary to his expectation, the two buns were very tranquil. One bit his lips, another felt wronged and his mouth twitched, as if they already knew.

Thinking about the quarrel with his parents yesterday, Ling Jingxuan rolled his eyes. Pulling their hands to hold onto each other he said, “I don't want to conceal it from you guys, his identity is not simple. The earlier you guys know the better. In case in the future… long story short, you guy’s hearts have many things in it. Currently because he hit his head rather hard he temporarily forgot who he is. Just treat him as an ordinary villager ba.”

As for the future, Ling Jingxuan was not stupid. He was also not overly arrogant. If the man’s identity was really as he thought it was, afraid that it would be very hard to protect them if he only relied on his current capability. But.. a dash of murder intent ran through his eyes. All things were not absolute, only if the little buns were not willing, he definitely would not let him have custody of the children.

“Don’t want him, only want daddy…”

Big Bun abruptly threw himself into his embrace and spoke, choking with emotions.

“I also don't want. Daddy, daddy…”

Upon seeing this little bun also cried. Two buns, one left one right cried into his shoulders.

Ao ao!

“What the f*ck… stupid dog, still not letting go…”

Ling Jingxuan couldn't help but be startled. Soon after, he realized that they misunderstood him. He was just about to palace them when two wolf cubs appeared from who knows where, one left one right bit onto his trousers. Although it didn’t hurt, but Ling Jingxuan couldn’t help but emit black lines all over his face, flung his leg and threw them off.

Ao ao…

Two wolf cubs rolled on the ground twice before giving joyous expressions and charging over again. Ling Jingxuan helplessly sighed. Don’t know if it's because he killed their mother, the two cubs when they saw him would yip, it really was a bit annoying, but..

“Xiao Hei, that is daddy. Not allowed to bite!”

“Da Hei be obedient, quickly let go of daddy!”

The little bun in the middle of grieving at the same time forgot to cry. He stooped down to pick up the wolf cub and pacify them. The wolf club gradually calmed down. Ling Jingxuan sighed, after a long time he finally lifted his head and said, ”Xiao Wen Xiao Wu, I didn’t mean that I didn’t want you guys. I believe that you guys also know that daddy isn't the same as other people and can give birth to children. You guys are born after daddy was pregnant for ten months. In my eyes, you guys are my motivation. Whoever dares to touch you guys, I dare to want their life.”

Saying the final bit, Ling Jingxuan’s body aura suddenly changed. A slim and weak body burst furth an astonishing killing aura.

“En, dad, we don’t need any father, having you is enough.”

Knowing that his aura was very frightening, the two buns were not afraid. In the plump eyes of the Big bun was a firm resolution. It did not have the slightest bit of immaturity and ignorance that a five year child should have had. Little bun holding a wolf cub to his chest deflated his lips and timidly acted spoiled. “Me too, only need daddy and big brother.”

But actually he really did want a father. Like that no one would curse at him for being a bastard anymore, but… if he had to pick between daddy and his father, he would always pick daddy.

“Hehe… I know, we also shouldn’t think too much. Daddy is only telling you guys, don’t want to conceal everything from you. Ok, you guys go back to practice writing, I also need to do some work.”

Ling Jingxuan rubbed their heads and stood up. In his previous life he was a homosexual. Confronting a women, it simply would not stand up. So of course he could not marry and have a child. Do he didn't know how to raise children and also didn't know how to interact with children. The two buns were very mature for their age and also very intelligent. He basically was viewing them as adults, even though he also did not know if doing it like this was right or not.

“Daddy, he… if there's nothing wrong with him then we should have him leave ba.”

Tugging on his clothes, Big Bun was a bit choked as he spoke. It was very obvious, this was his thinking.


It wasn’t that he didn't see his undisguised complaint, Ling Jingxuan did not straighten out his meaning. Because, he also didn't know what he should do with that man. This situation… just let nature run its course ba.”


JADE: Sorry, been a bit too busy to update recently! Also, the wolf cub's names mean Little Black and Big Black.  

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