Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 21: Fierce Battle

The red light from the compass was to warn Chen Yu of the malevolent energy that was constantly approaching from outside the window, and the abnormal speed almost left Chen Yu without time to finish her preparations.

She turned around and picked up the linen bag filled with talismans and the compass from the table, and casually slung it on her body. She even didn’t have time to change out of her slippers before she stepped on the windowsill to jump down.

“What are you doing?” Tong Chao couldn’t help but ask suddenly, seeing the rapid change on Chen Yu’s face, and that she had grabbed a bag and was about to jump off.

Almost forgot, there’s still this guy ah.

Chen Yu reached out and grabbed Tong Chao’s arm, raised her hand, and threw him out the window, before jumping down accompanied by Tong Chao’s screams of horror.

“Are you trying to murder me?!” Tong Chao furiously questioned after he finally stabilized his body and floated back to Chen Yu again.

“Shut up if you don’t want to die.” Chen Yu pulled out an Intermediate level Expelling Talisman from her linen bag, and ran to the north of the compound almost without hesitation.

This malevolent ghost’s evil energy was so strong that Chen Yu had already perceived the danger even before she got close, which was why she couldn’t fight it in a place with lots of people. In the entire compound, there was only a small empty park north of Lou Ming’s small courtyard where she could move freely.

It was inconvenient for Chen Yu to wear slippers, so she hurriedly took them off her feet and ran forward barefoot.

Tong Chao, who thought that Chen Yu was just suddenly feeling nervous, also found that there was something wrong at this time. The little girl’s expressions and movements indicated that something was about to happen.

“What’s happening?” Tong Chao asked nervously behind Chen Yu.

“It’s up to you whether you can hold on until your Second Uncle comes or not.” As she spoke, a cloud of an overwhelmingly dark evil even blacker than the night was approaching quickly. Even if her Yin Yang eyes were not open, Chen Yu could clearly see the dense evil energy.

“What’s that?” Tong Chao suddenly felt a chill. It was strange since he hadn’t felt anything after he became a spirit.

“Run forward.” Chen Yu’s feet didn’t stop. One person and one spirit kept on running until they arrived at a house in front of the small park.

This house was where the special soldiers who protected Lou Ming resided in. At this time, He Qi, who was smoking by the window on the second floor, suddenly heard movements on the ground. He looked down and found Chen Yu. He couldn’t help but mutter, “It seems that the little girl from the Chen family likes our Third Young Master very much, they only parted ways this afternoon ah.”

Because souls had no weight, it moved faster than Chen Yu. Tong Chao felt the danger from that black aura, and after hearing Chen Yu’s instructions, he flew first in the direction of the small park. However, the black aura moved with speed that was obviously faster than him, and it arrived in front in the blink of an eye.

Chen Yu saw that the black aura seemed to chase Tong Chao directly, so she no longer hesitated and threw the Intermediate Expelling Talisman in her hand into the air.

With a thud, the Expelling Talisman collided with the darkness, turning into a blue flame before disappearing into thin air. The black energy in the air stagnated, seeming like it had just found Chen Yu’s existence, and stopped in front of her.

Can’t even see the body?

Chen Yu looked at the strong dark spirit in front of her with a shocked expression; she couldn’t even see the ghost’s body. Indeed, only a powerful ghost like this could have such strong evil energy. Holding an Advanced Expelling Talisman, Chen Yu’s hand shook a bit.


A small lump of black gas suddenly separated from the dark spirit and slammed into Chen Yu. She raised a hand that was laced with her concentrated spiritual power to block the attack, but it couldn’t match the violent and vicious aura and she was directly hit and blown away.

He Qi, who was watching from the second floor, saw Chen Yu suddenly fly out of nowhere; his expression was one of shock. He had been with Third Young Master for a long time, so he naturally knew one or two things about metaphysics. He guessed that there must be something chasing Chen Yu there.

He Qi was about to take a closer look at what happened when Chen Yu got up from the ground and continued to run back.

That’s the direction towards Third Young Master.

“Third Young Master!” He Qi was shocked. He ran back to the room and took out his radio, then quickly rushed to the window behind the house to assess the situation outside. He saw that Chen Yu didn’t run to Lou Ming’s yard, but ran to the small park beside it instead, so He Qi put his radio down slowly. [T/N: radio = walkie-talkie]

Chen Yu chased the black aura all the way to the park, but its speed was too fast and it left her behind and caught up with Tong Chao in less than a second. She saw the black aura suddenly swell up like a huge black cloth and wrap around Tong Chao’s entire soul.

With a golden flash of light, the black cloth was shaken away by a powerful spiritual force.

At the same time, in a bathing center some thousand miles away, an old man whose feet were being comfortably massaged suddenly opened his eyes.

“Mr. Lao, was my massage too strong?” the little brother who was massaging him asked carefully, seeing that the old man’s face was wrong,

“It’s nothing, continue ah.” The old man paused for a bit, before closing his eyes again and sat back down on the chair.

That little girl’s life isn’t short so she wouldn’t die. En, let’s continue my massage session ah.

Chen Yu took advantage of this gap and ran over to protect Tong Chao behind her.

“What’s that?” When Tong Chao was enveloped inside the black aura, he felt that he was almost swallowed by it.

“Get out of the way.” Chen Yu took out five Intermediate Expelling Talismans from her linen bag.

One million is gone, my heart hurts.

Tong Chao didn’t dare to be too far from Chen Yu. He understood at that moment that the target of this black aura was himself, but Chen Yu obviously couldn’t beat that aura’s speed. If he ran far away, Chen Yu wouldn’t be able to save him in time, so he decided to hang around her. Thinking of this, Tong Chao clenched the Defensive Talisman in his hand, and stood two meters behind Chen Yu with fear.

Chen Yu raised her hand and threw five talismans which formed a pentagon. They stuck themselves onto the black aura while their spiritual energy linked and emitted a light golden ray that burst out in a mere second. With a bang, the black aura churned and wafted all around, diffusing a dense and strong dark mist, before finally revealing an obscure silhouette within.

It was a very tall and big figure. This malevolent spirit was probably a very robust man before his death, but… how come this evil spirit was so full of vitality?

Even a living soul’s vitality would be very weak because of their spirit state. Nevertheless, this completely dead evil spirit still possessed vitality close to a living person. If it wasn’t because she had seen him floating around from a distance just now, coupled with the dense, dark evil energy around him, Chen Yu would almost think that he was a normal human.

“Why do you have such strong vitality?” Chen Yu held the compass in her left hand and talismans in her right hand while looking at the man inside the black mist with vigilance.

However at this time, He Qi, who witnessed blue flames and golden light burst out of thin air and forming a pentagram, was gaping with a dumbstruck expression.

He Qi had encountered metaphysics situations, and he knew that there was a Spirit Gathering Array arranged by Master Mao in the Lou family’s small courtyard, but apart from feeling very comfortable inside it, He Qi didn’t notice any other differences. Even when he accompanied Third Young Master to Imperial University every year to ward his evil spirit using propitious energy, he had never once seen the so-called evil spirit manifesting in front of his naked eyes. Even though he had been with Third Young Master for many years, except for feeling mentally exhausted from feeling the evil spirit, He Qi hadn’t really experienced one.

However, the light bursting out from Chen Yu’s spell just now was the first time He Qi had truly seen that mysterious thing visually.

“Tian Fei.” He Qi no longer hesitated and picked up his radio.

“Leader, what’s the matter?” Tian Fei’s voice came from the intercom.

“The little girl from Chen family seems to be in trouble,” He Qi said.

“What’s wrong with her?” asked Lou Ming through the intercom.

As the words “Chen Yu” fell, the evil spirit whose head was hanging low jerked up, staring straight at Chen Yu with a pair of dark eyes devoid of any light.

Chen Yu shouted “bad” in her heart, before she saw that quietly standing evil spirit suddenly turned into an afterimage and rushed towards her.

Chen Yu rolled and ducked aside.

The evil spirit didn’t bother with Chen Yu. Seeing that the obstacle was removed, he immediately rushed towards Tong Chao.


The evil spirit opened his mouth as he pounced on Tong Chao, and the previously normal sized mouth became gaped wide as it approached Tong Chao. The terrified Tong Chao could only close his eyes and scream.


Another burst of golden light flashed, and the evil spirit was bounced out once again.

Wulao, who already had his feet massaged and was now in the middle of pedicure, opened his eyes again. “Second time.”

“Mr. Lao, do you need anything else?” The little brother asked quickly.

“Nothing.” A high level Defensive Charm can be used up to three times, hope that girl can finish her matter before the third time, otherwise she could be injured. Forget it, since that girl won't die anyway, I’ll just continue my pedicure. Thus, Wulao continued to close his eyes comfortably.

A spell could only be used three times. Now that it had been used twice, once more and Tong Chao might die.

The talismans in Chen Yu’s bag were like money flowing out, flying one by one to that evil spirit, and every time one flew out, Chen Yu’s heart seemed to be stabbed with a sharp knife. It was all money ah.

One after another, blue lights lit up in the sky, as if fireworks were ignited in full bloom in the dark night. This was what He Qi saw when he ran over with five brothers.

These six people had encountered big scenes before, and it wasn’t a problem to put one of them against seven outside, but the situation in front of them now was beyond weird. They couldn’t even see the enemy; they didn’t know where to start even if they wanted to help.

At this time, the evil spirit seemed to finally realize that if this annoying Celestial Master wasn’t taken care of, he wouldn’t be able to swallow the soul in front of him. Thus, he changed his target to Chen Yu, and appeared in front of her in the blink of an eye. Before Chen Yu had time to react, he released a black mist that knocked Chen Yu away.

The evil spirit chased after her immediately while both of his hands turned into claws, aiming straight towards Chen Yu’s heart.

With a buzzing sound, the compass spun rapidly, exuding a faint golden light between Chen Yu and the evil spirit, preventing the other party from getting closer.

“Miss Chen Yu.” Seeing Chen Yu flying upside down, He Qi rushed to chase after her anxiously. Who knew that they were blocked by an invisible cyclone just two meters apart from her.

“You guys… don’t come.” Chen Yu’s eyes almost couldn’t crack open because of the violent gusts of malevolent wind.

“What are you guys doing? Go and save her!” Lou Ming’s voice suddenly came from He Qi’s intercom.

He Qi was taken aback. He turned his head to look at the house next to the park and saw Lou Ming standing there in front of a small window.

Several brothers behind He Qi rushed forward again after hearing Third Young Master’s command, but they were still blocked by that invisible wall.

“Third Young Master, we can’t get inside.” He Qi was also anxious; it was rare for Third Young Master to care so much about a person. If she got into an accident in front of Third Young Master, then He Qi didn’t dare imagine the consequences.

The distant Lou Ming was also burning with impatience. If he lost his rationality, he would be dying to rush out and save her himself. But he still remembered that the little girl told him that his evil aura would just make the evil spirit stronger.

Lou Ming felt hatred towards the evil spirit in his body once more. He clenched his fist and slammed it against the wall.

“Third Young Master,” Tian Fei couldn’t help but shout.

“He Qi.” Lou Ming forced himself to calm down. “Ask the little girl what you guys can do for her.”

He Qi immediately asked Chen Yu, who was using the compass to resist the invisible power, “Miss Chen Yu, is there anything that we can do for you?”

Chen Yu turned her head laboriously. She seemed to have heard Third Brother’s voice just now. Her eyes lit up instantly and she shouted, “I put two talismans under the coffee table in Third Brother’s living room, go and get them!”

Almost immediately after Chen Yu’s words fell, Lou Ming rushed downstairs and pulled out two talismans from under the coffee table. A red light appeared the moment the yellow talismans fell into his hand, but Lou Ming didn’t pay attention. He turned around and handed the talismans to Tian Fei. “Send it right away.”

Tian Fei didn’t dare to delay and rushed out immediately, sending them over in under a minute.

“Miss Chen’s talisman is here, what should I do with it?” He Qi asked quickly.

“Th… throw them in!” Chen Yu struggled to maintain the compass’ power.

Tian Fei threw the talismans almost as soon as Chen Yu’s words fell. The moment the yellow talismans touched the dark entity, they transformed into two blood-red sharp arrows, penetrating the evil spirit’s protective screen straight through his back.

“AAA!” The evil spirit screamed. He retracted the hands that were reaching towards Chen Yu and backed away several steps. He hesitantly glanced at Chen Yu, who had already stood up, and the miserable Tong Chao behind her, and suddenly turned into a cloud of dark energy before running away.

Chen Yu retracted the compass floating in the air, and while sighing, she resolutely said in the direction of the evil spirit, “Don’t run if you have the ability, who am I, this exorcist Xishi, afraid of?”

“Don’t make me laugh at this time.” Young Master Tong, who had just escaped from death, couldn’t help but insert a snide remark.

The onlookers nodded silently.

Author’s NOTE:

Evil spirit: That burst of golden light was really strange, I almost succeeded several times.

Wulao: Are you the guy who interrupted my comfortable massage and pedicure session?

Xishi: You knew that I was in danger but you still continued doing pedicure?

Wulao: Hahahaha… (flees at full speed)


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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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