Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 21.1 Rachel

Louis stared at Rachel, waiting for her next words. However, his gaze was tender, like he would accept whatever she said.

Encouraged by Louis’ kindness, Rachel looked straight at him,

Then she opened her mouth.

“I’m thinking of returning to my family’s territory.”

A few days ago.

Since Rachel could walk for a considerably long time now, she decided to have dinner in the dining room.

And when Rachel opened the dining room door, Rachel’s mother was already taking a seat there.

Her mother broke into a smile upon noticing Rachel walking towards her.

“Rachel, you came to the dining room today!”

“Yes, Mother.”

“I can’t thank the spirit and Viscount Frion enough. They are truly blessed for making Rachel be able to walk like this!”

“Fufu. I’m also very grateful to Black and Lord Theodore.”

“I can’t see spirits, but I make sure to thank and pray to the spirit every day,” Rachel’s mother said, taking out her handkerchief to wipe her teary eyes. Up until now, her mother had shed a lot of tears. Knowing that made Rachel’s chest painful.

But she could also feel her mother’s deep love for her. And that definite affection made her eyes hot.

Upon hearing another noise, Rachel turned around. Rachel’s father was standing at the door. After looking at his wife and his daughter, he slowly nodded with a smile.

“Rachel, I’m happy that we can have dinner together.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Father.”

“Ahh, looking at your face blows my fatigue away.”

Rachel’s father walked to her side, gently hugging her with his strong arms.

Then he let go of her and escorted her to the seat, pulling the chair to urge her to sit down.

“Come on, let’s eat!”

After Louis gave her a wheelchair, Rachel ate her breakfast and lunch in the dining room. However, she was already too tired in the evening, making her unable to get out of her room. That’s why she had to eat dinner alone in her room.

Therefore, it had been a long time since the family had dinner together.

All three members of the family could finally eat while laughing like this.

It truly felt like a miracle.

This was something ordinary before Rachel’s magic power depleted. Yet she never appreciated her loving parents in her previous life. And she ended up making her family sad with her silly actions.

But now, her important family was here. Rachel had fully realized that it was something so warm and gentle.

“By the way, it seems like Viscount Frion comes to the mansion every day.”

“Yes. Lord Theodore is helping me and Black to connect with each other’s magic power quickly. Since I have no more magic power, it’s difficult for me to get used to a contract spirit even after being chosen by one.”

“I see. I thought that it’s natural to have magic power. But I have reconsidered it because of Rachel.”


Rachel’s abundant magic power was inherited from her father. Her father also had a high amount of magic power and contracted a water-attribute spirit like the previous her.

Rachel’s father’s contract spirit didn’t show its appearance that much, but it was a dignified horse with wings.

By the way, the low and middle-ranked spirits mostly had the shape of animals. High ranked spirits could talk like a human child. However, one could only count the number of people who had contracts with high-ranked spirits in this country with their fingers.

Also, it seemed that the Spirit King had the appearance of an adult human. Most people in this era only knew the Spirit King from the writings.

The painting of the Spirit King on the royal castle depicted a person clad in a truly divine and beautiful light.

When Rachel’s father put his knife and fork on the table, his face slightly stiffened, his expression astringent.

“The spirit of darkness… I reported it to His Majesty. He decided to see and watch the situation before announcing it.”


“He thinks it would be better to announce it after receiving the judgment of the Holy Church in this country.”

Ahh, I knew it.

That was the first thing that passed Rachel’s mind.

She had predicted what her father said earlier to some extent.

The Holy Church was the established church of this country, and it was the church that designated the Spirit King of Light as their God.

The discovery of the spirit of darkness would be a big thing for the Holy Church, which had been deeply involved with spirits for a long time.

As the church with an influential voice in making decisions for the country which was also the place of faith for the people, it couldn’t just ignore this matter.

His Majesty probably thought that once the church announced their recognition of the spirit of darkness, the conflict between the country and the church could be avoided.

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