Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2083: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (57)

The entire Splendid Hall was set into a sea of flames, not to mention the room that Luo Qing Chen was in.

She knew that even if Feng Qian Che was in the Eastern Palace, he wouldn’t have been able to come through this sea of flames.

She was unwilling.  Although she had already finished the mission, she really was unwilling to die like this.

She even blamed herself for being too careless because Lan Ling Qian who had forsaken everything, she would succeed in the end even if she failed once.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Luo Qing Chen, you can trick everyone, but you can’t trick me!”  Lan Ling Qian laughed like a maniac before looking at her to say word for word, “What twin sister, who can you trick!”

The flames kept heading towards them, but Lan Ling Qian didn’t hesitate to light the match.

Her entire body was covered in the raging flames.

She bit her lip and jumped onto the bed Luo Qing Chen was lying on.

How she wanted to lie in this bed, there was Feng Qian Che’s scent on it.

“I will die with you!”

These were the last words that rang in Luo Qing Chen’s ears, she was that helpless at that moment.

She finally understood what the counterattack of the weak was.  If someone in this world was desperate for you to die, even if you escape once, twice, thrice, or four times.

As long as you were careless even once, she would succeed.

Because she didn’t care about her life and she wasn’t afraid of death, she only wanted you to die.

If she and Lan Ling Qian faced each other with swords, Lan Ling Qian wouldn’t have a chance of winning.

But she used a terrifying method to ruin her own body before coming to her side.

The pain that she felt had exceeded what her body could take.  Her mind was blank and her body was as light as snow.  There was a familiar feeling that she felt.

In the last second she thought, if she were to survive, but she were to turn into an ugly girl covered in scars, what should she do?

But then she knew that she wasn’t this lucky.

Once people felt no pain, there was only one ending.  Death.

She thought about everyone’s joy and sadness in this story.  Actually, if she looked at this matter from the angle of Lan Ling Qian, she might be the most pitiful person.

Because the person she wanted had never looked at her from the beginning.

This kind of feeling couldn’t help reminding her of the previous host, she was just another previous host.

But she didn’t have the kindness of the previous host.

She didn’t mind hurting people to achieve her goals.

In the end, she got nothing at all.

When she was about to lose consciousness, she felt Lan Ling Qian using all her strength to grab her shoulders.

As the flames burned their ways into her bones, she fought at the last second to not fall unconscious.

Because she knew that she would die if she fell unconscious.

She had to make sure that Luo Qing Chen died before her, that way she could tell that her life’s efforts and sacrifices weren’t wasted.

For Luo Qing Chen, she felt her mind become clearer and her body become lighter as her thoughts faded.

When she opened her eyes, she was greeted with a familiar scene.

[Host, welcome back to the Chaos Space.]

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