Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2082: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (56)

She closed her eyes and kept thinking of the dream that she had over the past few days as those images kept flashing in her mind.

Smoke lingering in the darkness, there was a constant heat in her chest, and she was filled with pain.

She could hear some voices over the past few days.  Some were familiar, some were unfamiliar, some were young, and some were old.

The voice that confused her the most was the hoarse voice that was deliberately kept low, hitting her heart like a drum.

She seemed to have grasped this voice and when she wanted to explore it, there was a hideous face that appeared in front of her.

She suddenly opened her eyes and her surroundings were like the dream, with a thick smoke filling the air around her.

The whole palace was set ablaze and there were screams all over.

She could feel that her body was weak and it was even difficult to breathe.

Whether it was a dream or reality, she couldn’t really tell.  There were beads of sweat that came down from her forehead.

When she was planning to use the teleportation, there was a hideous face that appeared in front of her, looking at her with a smile, “Although it was very hard, I found a chance in the end.”

This person’s voice was hoarse and low, but the face was much darker than its normal respectful appearance.

“Actually, even if there wasn’t a chance today, as long as I was in the Eastern Palace, I would have a chance.”  She said this while laughing.  She poured the barrel of oil in her hands all over herself before pouring the rest over Luo Qing Chen’s body.

Luo Qing Chen lying in bed shook her head.  She narrowed her eyes and said, “Lan Ling Qian……”

Actually, there was a bit of doubt in her voice.  How was this possible?  This white haired and wrinkled maid was Lan Ling Qian?

In just a few days, just what had she done to herself?

“You must be very curious, right?  Why did I become like this?  Ha, ha, ha, ha.”  She broke out in laughter and said, “Only when I became like this could I approach you!”

She thought that she had to be the person who was the most cruel to herself.  She had slashed her own face with a blade and then used the brand they use in prison to burn her face.

To make it more real, even her neck and hands were all scalded.

She burned it all with her own hands……

“Interesting, people who can turn themselves like this really are interesting.”  Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and found that her voice was hoarse from the smoke.

But she didn’t look scared at all, rather her eyes were filled with calm.

“You can’t look at me like this!”  She angrily roared out, “I hate those eyes the most!”

Was she not afraid?  Was she not terrified?  Shouldn’t she be panicking and screaming for help?

Why?  Why didn’t she do this and only looked at her with these mocking eyes.

She gave a cold snort and said nothing else.  Lan Ling Qian slowly took a match from her clothes and looked at her, “He is sacred and inviolable, you are a filthy person, you aren’t worthy of being his crown princess.”

“Isn’t it you who’s filthy?”  Luo Qing Chen replied with a cold laugh, “You and Rong Mu Ling already……”

“You, shut up!”  She roared out, “The things that I can’t get, you shouldn’t think about them either!”

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