Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2077: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (51)

It suddenly became silent as even the two guards who had come to take Lan Ling Qian away had stopped.

Feng Qian Che had his hands behind his back as he stared at the woman in front of him with cold eyes.

After a few seconds, he said with a cold snort, “There is something that I, Feng Qian Che, want to tell everyone.  I will always love the person that I love and if any of you want to hurt her, you have to kill me first.”

His voice was very cold, so cold that it froze people to the core and made them shiver.

The empress sitting on the side looked at Lan Ling Qian with a sad look.  She wanted to say something, but she didn’t dare say it in the end.

She knew better than anyone what the crown prince’s temper was like.  If he wanted to do something, there was nothing that he couldn’t do.

It was the same with the people he liked.

That matter of that night in the Eastern Palace let everyone know that the crown prince had already chosen his crown princess.

It was the great scholar’s second daughter, Luo Qing Qing.

Of course, there were some people who still thought that Luo Qing Qing was Luo Qing Chen, but so what?

If the crown prince was willing to marry her, there was no one in the world that could stop him.

She was up all night and she slept until the afternoon of the next day before getting up.

Hong’er informed her to come to the main hall where Feng Qian Che had set up a banquet to entertain Luo Lin and madame Luo.

She dressed casually, wearing an ancient style dress with butterfly and cloud embroidering, combing her long hair into normal buns.

“Quickly come over.”  Feng Qian Che couldn’t help being stunned when he saw her, but then he revealed a faint smile.

Madame Luo rushed over to hug her as she said, “Daughter!  My daughter……”

Her eyes couldn’t help turning red at that moment.

Feeling pity for all parents of this world.  The previous host had been the darling daughter in their hands since she was young.

Then when she married, her life became like hell.  They knew in their hearts, but the previous host didn’t say a thing and she was a good girl, so she wanted to swallow all the suffering so her parents wouldn’t worry.

So in the end, when she received the divorce papers, she chose to die.

“Mom, I’m alright……”  She took a deep breath and gently patted madame Luo’s back.  Her voice had a bit of a tremble in it as she said, “I’m back……”

“The child is already back, don’t be like this.”  Luo Lin knitted his brows, “The crown prince is watching!”

For Luo Lin, what he had experienced over the past few days was like a climax.

Not only was his daughter alive, she had even unknowingly become the crown princess.

That crown prince was Feng Qian Che!  The cold Feng Qian Che who never put anyone in his eyes, the person who had never had a lover.

“Sir Luo, it’s fine……”  Feng Qian Che gave a chuckle before looking at him with a look of respect, “The madame probably just misses Qing Chen.”

Luo Qing Chen heard this and helped madame Luo to the table, but she didn’t forget to give a snort as she said, “Feng Qian Che, tell me, when did you figure out my identity?”


“Guang dang!”

Luo Lin and madame Luo both took a cold breath.  Luo Lin was so scared that he even dropped the chopsticks in his hand.

His daughter…..how could…..how could she talk to the crown prince like this!

Not to mention his daughter, even he as an official that had been in the palace for many years, he had never seen anyone who had dared to address the crown prince with his surname.

When he wanted to reprimand his daughter, Feng Qian Che spoke first……

“Don’t be angry!”  Feng Qian Che patted her head in a doting manner, “It’s a long story.  I’ll definitely truthfully tell you everything after we finish eating!”

“You sure?”

“If there’s half a lie, I’ll be disposed of as per Luo Family law!”

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