Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2051: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (25)

Power?  Status?  Money?  Love?

These four things, he had given every single one to her.

He could plant pear blossoms all over the Rong Manor for her, he could give her many opportunities in the court, he could divorce his wife of three years who had done nothing wrong for her!

No!  It wasn’t divorce, it could be said that he killed her.

“Peng!”  The door was suddenly knocked open and Luo Lin walked in in an imposing manner.

There were pear blossoms all over the ground and there was a strong pear blossom fragrance in the air.

Rong Sen and madame Rong quickly followed along, afraid that Luo Lin would hurt their son.

It was difficult for them too.  Their son had done something wrong and killed the daughter of their family friend.

But he was still their son and they weren’t willing to trade a life for a life.

“Rong Mu Ling, give me back my daughter’s life!”  Luo Lin angrily roared out as he took the sword from the guard beside him, heading in Rong Mu Ling’s direction.

He just gave a cold laugh and drank his wine before shattering the jug on the ground, “Come!  I owe her this.”

“Don’t!”  Madame Rong came forward to stop Luo Lin, looking at him with tearful eyes, “Great scholar, let my son go!  I’ll pay for Qing Chen’s life.”

As soon as her voice fell, madame Rong took the sword from the ground and planned to cut her neck.

“Mother!”  Rong Mu Ling quickly took the sword from her hand and said in a cold voice, “Hasn’t her body not been found yet?  If she really is dead, I’ll pay you with this life, but don’t make it hard on my parents……”

“Pa!”  There was a crisp slap across Rong Mu Ling’s face.  Rong Sen said with trembling hands, “I told you not to marry that woman and you wouldn’t listen.  When she danced all those years ago, others might not know, but I do.”

After many years of being an official, some people could tell what others were thinking with a single glance.

Not to mention that when the empress invited her to the palace, she had kowtowed to thank them before never coming back to the Rong Manor.

Whether it was madame Rong or him, they regretted saving Lan Ling Qian from the brothel all those years ago.

Raising a tiger that brought disaster to the Rong Family!

“Father, don’t say it……”  Rong Mu Ling took a deep breath, “It was all my fault, it’s not related to her……”

“Ling’er……how can you still defend that woman at this time?”  Madame Rong cried out in a tearful voice, “She came back to your side with evil intentions and you…..Ai……”

Rong Mu Ling’s heart died.  He looked at the pear blossom tree not far away and gave a self deprecating laugh, “If your heart doesn’t collapse, how could you know pain?”

He spent his entire life loving one person, but she kept slashing his heart riddled with wounds.

Actually, he couldn’t feel pain anymore.  Because as the new and old wounds came together, his heart was numb……

Under this commotion, Luo Lin gradually calmed down.  Rong Mu Ling was right, the corpse of his precious daughter hadn’t been found yet, so that didn’t mean that she was dead.

Instead of wasting manpower blocking the Rong Manor and being unable to kill Rong Mu Ling, it was better to send people out to find his daughter.  Maybe there was a chance……

“From this day forth, our two families will end our relationship.”  When he left the Rong Manor, he looked at Rong Mu Ling with red eyes, “Since you have given your divorce papers, she is unrelated to you whether she is alive or dead.  But if she is dead, I, Luo Lin will have you buried with her.”

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