Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2017: Master, please step up (Part 54)

In the school broadcast room.

If there wasn’t class, there would be a song playing to relax all the students.

Guan Zi Yang walked into the broadcast room alone and snatched the host’s mic without a single word.

“Hello everyone, I am year three class one’s newly transferred student, Guan Zi Yang.”

When Guan Zi Yang’s voice came from the broadcast, Cheng Xing Xing had pulled Luo Qing Chen into the broadcast room with her.

Actually, she knew what Guan Zi Yang was planning to do.  A person with a simple brain like him would just come to the broadcast room to stir up public opinion.

But in her eyes, this method really was……a last resort.

“I believe that everyone should have read the forum post.  Actually, I won’t hide it from everyone, I was the one who made that post.”  Guan Zi Yang admitted his post on the forum without any hesitation and then added, “I just can’t accept that a teacher who should be a model for the students would actually have ideas about his students, even taking them to a hotel.”

At this time, Gong Mu Bai who was sitting in the director’s chair took a sip of coffee as a cold look appeared in his eyes.

The principal beside him immediately said, “Quickly, go to the broadcast room and catch that person for me!  Immediately expel him!”

“No need.”  Gong Mu Bai’s cold eyes looked up and he revealed a faint smile, “Our family’s Qing Chen will solve it, I don’t want to steal her spotlight.”

“Ke, ke.”  As expected, Luo Qing Chen’s voice came from the broadcast.  There was another microphone in the room and Cheng Xing Xing secretly plugged it in.

“You…..Why are you here?”  Guan Zi Yang saw Luo Qing Chen lazily leaning against the door of the broadcast room and couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous.

Without knowing why, his heart was beating fast and he had a bad premonition.

“If even a bystander like you can come, why can’t I come as the female lead?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort as her eyes were freezing cold.

Guan Zi Yang shuddered before taking a deep breath to say, “Is there anything wrong with what I said?  I took the photo with my own hands, you still don’t want to admit it?  Or do you want to say that you brought the math teacher to a hotel to study calculus?  Ha, ha, ha, does everyone believe that?”

Luo Qing Chen looked at him with cold eyes, “Naturally we didn’t go to the hotel to study calculus, we went to see our parents.”

Guan Zi Yang was stunned.  He thought that Luo Qing Chen would explain the hotel matter, but he never thought that she would openly admit it.

“It seems like you know that you have nothing to say to this!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug and said with a faint smile, “In three months, there will be the biggest wedding for the business circle of A City and Gong Mu Bai and I are the main characters of this wedding.”

When Luo Qing Chen said this, Gong Mu Bai who was sitting in the director’s seat couldn’t help revealing a smile.

This feeling of openly basking in their relationship…..it really felt good.

“You…..I don’t understand what you are saying.  Aren’t you making it official that you went with the math teacher to a hotel?”  Guan Zi Yang could understand Luo Qing Chen’s words, but he didn’t fully understand.  He could only use his evidence to make himself look better in the public.

The students of the school exploded and countless comments came in, but Luo Qing Chen didn’t care at all because their current relationship wasn’t as simple as a student and teacher relationship.

“It seems like classmate Guan Zi Yang likes to play the fool, so I’ll be even more direct!”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes had an absolute certainty to it as she said word for word, “We have a license.”

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