Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2012: Master, please step up (Part 49)

She felt a bit aggrieved.  She had always thought that doing everything she could to transfer to this school and giving him a pleasant surprise would make him love her more.

But she never thought that not only would he not care more about her, he was even more distant.  It was as if he wanted to distance himself from her, which made her sad.

“Don’t bother me.”  Guan Zi Yang knitted his brows.  He took out a pack of cigarettes from his bag and picked up the envelope before heading out the door of the classroom.

Xia Tian Xin’s sharp voice came from behind him, mostly cursing him, but he didn’t care at all.

No, he couldn’t wait.  He had to take action first or he wouldn’t have a chance.

Guan Zi Yang chose to skip the last two classes in the morning and went to find an internet cafe near the school.

Opening the form, he wrote a headline and uploaded the blurry pictures that he took, as well as adding in a watermark.

[Shocking secret]  Is there a relationship between student and teacher in our school?!!

Due to the taboo nature of the topic, he attracted everyone’s attention as soon as he posted it.  People from all over turned into detectives, looking for the truth of the matter behind this so-called ‘student teacher love’.

When Cheng Xing Xing saw this post, she immediately recognized Luo Qing Chen in the blurry picture.

She quickly called her, but she never picked up.

It wasn’t until after lunch that Luo Qing Chen turned on her phone after getting home.  As soon as she turned it on, Cheng Xing Xing’s phone call came through.

“Qing, Qing!  Quickly look at the forum, there’s your picture!”  Cheng Xing Xing seriously said, “Although the math teacher is handsome, you can’t……Right when there’s the university exams……You can’t do this!”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows as she said, “I got it, I’m hanging up first.”

Luo Qing Chen hung up without another word and quickly went onto the forums.  The most popular post was the one that Cheng Xing Xing told her about.

Although it was a bit dark and the face couldn’t be seen clearly, she knew that the person in the photo was her.

Moreover, this was from last night when Gong Mu Bai took her to the Royal Hotel to see his parents and held a birthday party for her.

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows.  She tried to guess who would do this and then there was a fat face that appeared in her mind, Guan Zi Yang.

She was normally a low key person at school and didn’t have any enemies.  For an enemy to appear now, it was most likely Guan Zi Yang.

But…..she didn’t have any evidence.

“Di, di, di.”  With the sound of a text arriving, Luo Qing Chen turned to see the name: You Are My Sunshine.

Since the previous host’s phone hadn’t been cleaned yet, she could still see the chat that was still there from before.

It had to be said, this message really sounded…..a bit disgusting!

It also proved that the previous host really did like Guan Zi Yang if she was hurt by a game.

——You Are My Sunshine: I’ll be waiting at the Cat Demon Cafe near your house tomorrow night at six, it’s related to the post on the forum.  If you don’t come, I might post the clear pictures tomorrow.  I don’t want others talking about you, so you should come!”

“He, he.”  Seeing Guan Zi Yang’s text, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help muttering, “Do people need to be this shy when threatening people?”

She narrowed her eyes and quickly replied with two words: No time.

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