Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2006: Master, please step up (Part 43)

“Humph, he, he, he!”  Cheng Xing Xing replied with a cold laugh, “This classmate, do you look in the mirror when you go out?  Do you not know what you look like?”

Luo Qing Chen sitting beside her silently gave her a thumbs up and thought: Truly worthy of being her deskmate, she definitely was arrogant when facing this kind of person.

“What are you arguing about!”  The teacher angrily roared, “Are you here to study or fall in love!”

“Teacher, I can study and fall in love!”  Xia Tian Xin sat down beside Guan Zi Yang and squeezed out his deskmate before saying with a smile, “Teacher, we won’t affect the studies!”

“You’re already at the bottom, of course you won’t affect anyone.”  Luo QIng Chen looked up with eyes filled with disdain.

Bullying her deskmate, did she ask her?

“You…..”  Xia Tian Xin glared in Luo Qing Chen’s direction.

It was a pity that she had small eyes and no matter how much she glared, they weren’t threatening.

“What are you arguing for!”  The teacher was furious.  When her voice fell, her voice cracked at the last word.

She wanted to scold them, but there was a cold voice that interrupted.

“Teacher Xu, class is almost over.”  Actually, Gong Mu Bai had been leaning against the wall by the door, looking at Luo Qing Chen the entire time.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]

That clean school uniform, that shoulder length hair, those curly bangs, and that soft makeup…..

Without knowing why, he felt that this world was very beautiful when he looked at her.

He couldn’t help feeling that he was lucky to appear when she was eighteen.

He inexplicably didn’t like anyone being fierce with her, he wasn’t even willing to let the teacher be angry.

She was surprised by this sudden affection, looking around before meeting his deep eyes.

“Ah, I’m really sorry.”  The head teacher’s voice quickly turned soft and she said, “These students are too difficult to teach, I’ve wasted teacher Gong’s time.”

“It’s fine.”  Gong Mu Bai narrowed his eyes to look at Guan Zi Yang and Xia Tian Xin, “There’s no need to teach them if you can’t teach them.”

Xia Tian Xin turned in the direction of this voice and her heart kept beating fast the moment she saw Gong Mu Bai.

“So handsome!”  She muttered in a low voice, but Guan Zi Yang beside her heard this.

“Eh, eh, eh, your boyfriend is here, what are you looking at?”  Guan zi Yang who was already upset with Gong Mu Bai felt very displeased when he heard Xia Tian Xin’s mesmerized voice, so his tone became bad.

“You…..Why are you so fierce……”  Xia Tian Xin pursed her lips and looked at him with an aggrieved look, “I came all this way to surprise you, but not only did you not welcome me, you’re this fierce!”

Guan Zi Yang clenched his fists, but he couldn’t say the bitter words in his heart.  He just weakly said, “I didn’t make you come.”

“You two, what are you muttering about!”  The head teacher glared at them, “Come to my office, I want to see if I can’t fix you!”

Without Guan Zi Yang in class, Luo Qing Chen felt that the air became much more fresh.

Then seeing the great god during class, it was simply…..a kind of enjoyment!

She heard that Guan Zi Yang and Xia Tian Xin had been lectured for two hours at the office and only when Guan Zi Yang promised that they wouldn’t affect the others in class, the head teacher allowed them to not transfer classes.

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