Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 20: The Puppet's Tale (7) Part 2

The next day after returning to the palace, the Emperor summoned Ah Jin to inquire about the Lantern Festival.

Ah Jin acted like a little girl who had never seen anything before, excitedly described to the Emperor what she saw and heard at the Lantern Festival.

The Emperor asked her if she had made friends with anyone, and Ah Jin described the people she had befriended.

"The little princess of the Prince's Mansion is lovely and lively. Miss of the Marquis of Qinghe is gentle and considerate. Miss of the Government Minister's family is sincere and generous. They are all excellent playmates."

His Majesty asked again, "What about the gentlemen of each family?"

Ah Jin also replied, "The first son of the Prime Minister's family is steady and mature. The youngest son of the General is honest and simple. The youngest son of the Minister of Rites is gentle and courteous. The son of the Marquis's Family is also an elegant and humble person."

The Emperor was relieved to see her talk freely.

It didn't seem like she was getting a taste of love, so he didn't stop her from going out to play.

For the next two years, Ah Jin lived happily like an immortal.

Half a month away from the palace, day after day, running out to play crazy.

The Empress even couldn't stop her.

The Empress blocked Ah Jin's entrance just after returning to the palace before even changing her clothes.

When the Empress looked at Ah Jin's outfit, she was furious.

Her black hair was done in a man's hair bundle.

She was wearing a man's light blue tunic, a man's jade pendant at her waist, holding a folded fan, and her stride was bold, which was not a bit of a princess.

"Spread the word of this Empress. From today onwards, the princess is not allowed to leave the palace. Whoever dares to let the princess out of the palace will be severely punished."

Ah Jin was dumbfounded, "Mother!"

The Empress was furious. "You don't need to say much. This Empress has already talked to the Emperor. From today onwards, the Emperor won't ask too much about your affairs. You can learn the rules in the palace."

Ah Jin resisted, "The rules I have already learned them. No need to learn them again."

The Empress was unmoved, "Having learned the rules of the palace before, now you have to start learning in-laws and daughters-in-law, management chores, and rules between husband and wife. You are going to be a grown woman next year. These must be learned. You will be taught by Zhang Mama. She has done extremely well."

Ah Jin bit down, "Yes, daughter obeys."

The next day, Zhang Mama brought the rules to hand over, which woke Ah Jin up from her sweet sleep.

A day later, Ah Jin felt that she was already a dead fish.

It seemed that it was time to move in for help.

Ah Jin wrote to Qin Lei, asking him to find some folk entertainers whom she would let into the palace to perform.

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