Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 20: The Puppet's Tale (7) Part 1

The bright lanterns formed a long dragon that twisted and turned without end. Beneath, people were boisterous and lively.

A wisp of breeze carried the scent of fireworks to the shipyard and came to Ah Jin's face.

She was in a trance and saw again the day she sat by the restaurant's window.

The streets were bustling and full of people.

Many tourists were standing on the shore watching the boats come and go.

The boats were lit up with colorful lights, women laughing, men reciting poems, and girls playing the piano.

In a poetic line, you watched the bridge's scenery and the people watching the view from upstairs.

All the servants were sent down in a restaurant, and the young girls chatted and joked freely.

Ah Jin took a glass of wine and walked to the window.

She looked out at the bustling crowd outside, and Rong Yi wondered what was on her mind.

"Is there something on the Princess's mind?"

Rong Yi came over and sat down by the window.

Ah Jin smiled sweetly.

"Rong Yi's words are heavy. I'm just upset thinking that I'll be back in the palace later."

Rong Yi looked at the young girl's bright smile in front of him, feeling his face slightly hot.

It should be that he had drunk a little too much wine.

Rong Yi was still stunned to hear the person in front of him asked, "What do you think about the bestowal of marriage?"

He replied in a deep voice, " A parents' order, matchmaker's words, and the Imperial Grace are all irresistible."

"Does it matter even if you don't like the person in question?"

This time it was Rong Yi's turn to laugh.

"As long as you don't like anyone's heart before getting married, you will be pleased with your future spouse after getting married."

Ah Jin looked at him. Was this person stupid? Never mind, to hear that he was not sick of bestowing marriages was enough.

As for the rest, Ah Jin did not want to bother.

Rong Yi knew that princesses were all about being given in marriage. Was it because she didn't want to?

"Is it because the princess doesn't want to be given in marriage that she's troubled?"

Ah Jin drained her cup of wine and replied, "Not really, willing or unwilling, the outcome will not change. Since it won't change, then accept it openly. Let's not talk about me. Who among all the people here can make the decision for their own marriage?"

They were not commoners.

Their marriages had too many things mixed into them: family, interests, status, and politics.

The officials' children also had a bit of choice, and they could propose marriage if the person their hearts desired was of the right status.

As for the prince and princess, it was all based on selecting candidates to give wedding.

It was tough to meet a person who was pleasing to the heart.

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