Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 20 - Setting out[OW]

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Su Ling watched the news while eating breakfast.

"That smelly Omega is actually a top student! He got the first place in the written test!"

"Too powerful! Could it be the scores were wrongly marked? Didn't he give up one of the interviews? How could he get 65 points?"

"Perfect scores from the other 2 Areas plus full marks from the additional questions, amazing!"

"The person who said he won’t be able to enter the university, come out to get beaten!"

Su Ling took a sip of milk, swiped the screen, and paused when he came across a reply.

"His pheromone smells unpleasant because of an abnormal factor, and that’s not his original smell. To nickname the patient by his pain, this is terrible behaviour, and your character is worrying."

This reply with golden colour ID was particularly conspicuous among the list of blue colour IDs. Su Ling noticed the colour first, then he saw the name - Doctor Ni An. He was a little surprised because he didn't expect Doctor Ni An to come out to help him. The netizens were no less astonished than him.

"Wow! An account with verified name, this is really Doctor Ni An."

"Doctor Ni An's words is totally right!"

"Su Ling is so pitiful, having abnormal pheromone is already very pitiful, and yet he was ridiculed."

"I heard that his pheromone has been bad since he was a child, and has been isolated by his classmates."

"With such horrid learning environment, he still managed to get good grades, it's really amazing!"

"Top student Omega!"

Su Ling looked at his new nickname being copied and pasted over and over,  he stopped reading and closed the news interface. Next, he opened the address book and sent a message: “Thank you, Doctor Ni An.”

When he walked out of the dining room, he received a reply from Doctor Ni An: "You're welcome, I know about this too late. If Liheng didn't contact me, I wouldn’t know about it. You were wronged."

Su Ling paused and thanked him again. He returned to the living room and sat down next to Gu Liheng. After Gu Liheng sent a message to his assistant, he turned to look at Su Ling and met Su Ling’s eyes.

Su Ling's eyes bent in joy, "You contacted Doctor Ni An?"

Gu Liheng nodded, "He is an expert in pheromone field and is the most suitable person to come forward."

Su Ling felt warm in his heart. Although his male god usually looked serious and unsmiling, he is a very good person. And because Gu Liheng regarded him as a friend, he(GLH) considered things for his sake and took the initiative to help him.

Su Ling smiled and said, "Thank you."

Gu Liheng: "You're welcome, it’s no trouble at all."

Su Ling: "Is there anything wrong or need to amend in my travel plan?"

Gu Liheng looked at him appreciatively and said, "You did a good job, just that there is some information that is not available online. I asked someone to add extra details in your plan. The finished version will be out soon."

Su Ling couldn't help sighing in appreciation, "Feels relieved to have you with me."

Just then, Domi came in while pushing a large box. It walked past the living room and headed toward the room that stored their travel supplies. Curious, Su Ling asked, "What else did you buy?"

Gu Liheng: "Medicine, treatment device and food."

Su Ling laughed, "It seems that I just need to bring myself."

Gu Liheng: "Do you still have anything to do?"

Supporting his chin on his hand, Su Ling thought for a while and said, "If there is no result in the Silver Mist Forest, we will have to go to other places and the time used in between will not be short. The deadline for filling in the university application form is July 8th. I will most likely not be in Belle City at that time."

Su Ling raised his eyes to look at Gu Liheng, "I will have to fill in the form first, but I don’t know much about the universities in the city. Do you have any suggestions?"

Gu Liheng: "What kind of university do you like?"

Su Ling thought for a while and said, "I want a university where I can learn real knowledge and can be creative. The university should be open-minded, and has top-notch spiritual plant major."

Gu Liheng tapped his bracelet and transferred general information of 3 universities to Su Ling, "These 3 universities are good."

In the list, two of them are public universities, and one is a private university. They have trained many excellent spiritual plant specialists, material harvesters, and perfumers. Moreover, their students have won many awards in various interstellar competitions. All 3 schools are excellent. After reading it carefully, Su Ling recorded down the unique code of the private university.

Gu Liheng saw that and asked, "Do you like the Saint Rose University?"

Su Ling nodded and tapped at the interface of his application form, "En, all of your recommendations are very good, and the location is strategic as well, but the Saint Rose university has the highest amount of scholarship."

Though Saint Rose has the highest scholarship, its tuition fee is the highest among the 3 recommendations as well.

Gu Liheng: "...Are you short of money?"

Recalling about the money he has in his card, Su Ling shook his head: "No, but not rich either."

Su Ling decisively filled out his application form, and then sent a screenshot to Lin Meng. Since 10 am, his communicator has never stopped ringing. All were calls from the admissions offices of various schools. He politely indicated that he has already filled his application form. By noon, the news regarding the form has spread out, and his communicator finally quieted down. After lunch, he asked Gu Liheng: "What is your personal ID number?"

Gu Liheng asked curiously, "Why do you need it?"

Su Ling: "To buy tickets ah."

Thinking of Gu Liheng's identity, and that rich people must have never bought tickets before, Su Ling explained, "Silver Mist Forest is pretty far, so the fastest way is to take the intercity suspension shuttle. And buying tickets requires personal ID number."

Gu Liheng: "No need to buy tickets, I have arranged for our transportation."

The next day, Su Ling was dumbfounded as he watched a circular aircraft slowly landed over the back garden. This arrangement is a bit too great!

After the black aircraft landed, the door on both sides of the aircraft belly popped open. Tall Alphas in camouflage clothes jumped down, 2 from each exit. The men stood by the aircraft, while a red-haired Alpha strode to Gu Liheng. With a smile that reveals a row of gleaming white teeth, the man waved his hand and greeted, "President Gu."

Gu Liheng nodded and gave a brief introduction: "Su Ling, this is Hua Cheng[1], the second captain of the Leopard Mercenary Corps."

Su Ling looked at Hua Cheng curiously and greeted, "Hello."

Hua Cheng greeted him with a smile, and asked Gu Liheng, "Can we set off now?"

Gu Liheng nodded.

Turning his body sideways, Hua Cheng gestured at the aircraft and said, "Please."

Su Ling followed Gu Liheng to the aircraft, and one of the Leopard Corps members jumped onto the aircraft to lead the road for the two. Su Ling discovered that printed behind their camouflage uniform was a leopard roaring with an open mouth, with a fierce aura.

The interior of the aircraft is very spacious. The members of the leopard introduced the areas to them as they walked past.  "Here is the resting area, we have a total of eight rooms, and the middle two rooms are reserved for you. This is the dining room, and that is the leisure area."

"It takes about 2 hours to reach Silver Mist Forest so you can rest first in your room."

However, instead of going back to their room to rest, the two went to the dining room. Su Ling reviewed what Gu Liheng taught him last night about how to use the communication tools, weapons and treatment devices.

Gu Liheng finished reading his review and praised, "You learned well."

Su Ling smiled, "You taught well," and asked, "Are they going to follow us all the time?"

Gu Liheng shook his head, "They mainly provide remote assistance. High-grade spiritual plants have a high IQ, so a crowd will make them wary."

Su Ling nodded, he was worried about this as well. Although the materials of the Grade S spiritual plant seemed unreliable due to many different opinions, the common points to caution were quite reliable.

Two hours later, the aircraft landed on the flat ground 10 kilometres away from the Silver Mist Forest.

After lunch, Hua Cheng drove a hovercar down from the aircraft, sending Gu Liheng and Su Ling nearer to the forest. The car drove on until it reached the area that it couldn’t proceed anymore and stopped. Gu Liheng and Su Ling got off the vehicle and Hua Cheng reached out from the driver's seat, "Call me if you need help."

Gu Liheng nodded.

Su Ling glanced at the compass from his bracelet, and after determining the direction, he walked into the forest with Gu Liheng. There were many obvious footprints inside the outer layer of the forest, it was apparent that many people have entered the forest before. Upon entering the forest, the visibility was very low, and it was quite humid, just as what the data says. After walking southward for 2 hours, Gu Liheng realized that Su Ling is panting, so he said, "Let’s take a break."

Su Ling nodded, touched the stud earring, and took out the spiritual plants Lopseed and Baby’s breath. The plants seemed very happy. They rubbed against Su Ling's hand, then waved their branches and leaves as if they were dancing. Refreshing and cool scent radiated from them, greatly reducing the heat and fatigue from Su Ling’s body. Su Ling leaned against the tree trunk and looked around, observing the movement around him. All of a sudden, his gaze met a pair of brown eyes of a wild beast, and his heart instantly tightened. Subconsciously reaching his hand, Su Ling gripped Gu Liheng's arm. His voice was stiff as he said, "Wild beast."

Gu Liheng followed Su Ling’s gaze, and took a step forward, half blocking in front of Su Ling. After he observed for a while, he said, "It's okay, the beast only came to smell the fragrance, and it has no intention of attacking."

Su Ling stared at Gu Liheng’s back and instantly relaxed. But soon, he couldn't help getting nervous again because he found that more and more beasts were approaching. Not good!

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[1] 花城/Hua Cheng : If this name got you pausing on your track, then yes, it’s the same name with someone in red clothing from a famous novel hehe. But that aside, giving the name ‘Flower City’ to a guy seemed pretty weird to Banana.

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