Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 20 - Obedient Little Luo, I’m thirsty...

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Kids are still kids no matter what, they can’t be compared to Luo Lin, an old fox who lived two lifetimes. Lin Jiadong including his followers were all students through and through. No matter how courageous, once they’re gotten arrested after things had blown out of proportions, they are definitely going to suffer.

At that instant, they began to fluster and were at a loss.

Even under the dim illuminance of the bar, Luo Lin who was standing next to Lin Jiadong could make out his ugly expression. A bead of sweat slid down his face, it couldn’t escape Luo Lin’s eyes no matter how much he tried to conceal it.

Lin Jiadong should have gotten a memorable lesson by now, so it was time for him to step out.

Luo Lin patted Lin Jiadong's shoulder and said casually: "Lin Jiadong, you’re a real man. Since you've helped me today, let me return the favor."

After he said that, Luo Lin approached the pair of skinny policemen.

Lin Jiadong knitted his brows. He had no idea what Luo Lin planned to do and stared at his back.

'Is this fellow going to carry the blame?'

Luo Lin went up to the officers and whispered in their ears. The two policemen shook their heads repeatedly and showed an expression of distress.

Luo Lin then made a phone call with a smile and soon, a man with a flat-top hairstyle came over with two followers in tow. He greeted Luo Lin and spoke with the officers in a laughing manner.

After a few words, the two officers finally nodded. They said a few words with solemn expressions before getting in their vehicle and left the scene.

The fearsome momentum the policemen carried when they arrived at the scene completely vanished, it was as though nothing had ever happened.

The inexperienced Lin Jiadong and his followers were dumbfounded after witnessing this situation.

'What is going on?'

Not only were Lin Jiadong and his gang taken aback, the cowards who had notified the police froze in place. They weren’t shocked by the officers leaving, but the fact that Luo Lin actually managed to summon Brother Da Qiang who was famous in these parts!

The gangsters in Night Market Street knew that after Baldie had disappeared, Da Qiang was the most powerful.

Earlier when Luo Lin approached the officers, he told them that he knew Brother Da Qiang and that this was a private matter within the bar. The officers were understanding but they needed Brother Da Qiang to come over before they could believe Luo Lin.

In the end, Luo Lin managed to get Brother Da Qiang over with a phone call. That man with a crew cut hairstyle was the most powerful presence in the Night Market Street right now, Brother Da Qiang!

After the officers left, Luo Lin slipped a card to Brother Da Qiang: "Brother Da Qiang, I didn’t bring cash today. Honestly speaking, there’s $6,000 in that card, is that enough to settle the problem?"

Brother Da Qiang let out a burst of hearty laughter and handed the card to his follower. After he gave the follower some instructions and turned back to Luo Lin.

"Young Master Luo, you're welcome. During Brother Baldie's time, you are my brother. Now that I’m here, you are still my brother. Don't talk money with me, or else I'll fight you!”

“Oh, right, that... I heard that your father plans to develop the Night Market Street and had already taken down half of it. Do you think you can give me some assistance so that I can continue running my business..."

Luo Lin smiled at the mention of that request. He knew that it was weighing heavily on Da Qiang's mind, otherwise, he wouldn’t have rushed over to settle the matters here.

Luo Lin smiled: "In Night Market Street, I Luo Lin only recognize you, Brother Da Qiang. Sure, I'll talk to my dad regarding this matter... but you know, they are under pressure to hasten up with the development. So regarding the stubborn households in this area, do you think you can lend us a hand?"

Luo Lin never deals a losing business. Since the stubborn households were hard to convince, then he shall let the famous Brother Da Qiang do the work, and it could possibly save them a sum of resources.

If the progress of the development speeds up as a result, then he could give Brother Da Qiang a shop since it wouldn’t be a loss-making business.

Who would dislike mutually beneficial businesses?

Brother Da Qiang chortled loudly as held Luo Lin's shoulder: "Good brother! Let's go have a drink!"

Luo Lin shook his head as he pointed toward Lin Jiadong and the several men: "Maybe next time, we have things to settle here."

Brother Da Qiang patted his chest: "Aiya, look at my memory, I forgot about this matter. Let's go, big brother wants to see who’s the blind fellow that angered our Young Master Luo!"

At this moment, the 12th VIP seat was completely silent.

Those several men stared unblinkingly as Brother Da Qiang and Luo Lin made their way over. Even though Brother Da Qiang didn’t know them, they knew him! So the moment Brother Da Qiang arrived before them, they knew that they were doomed to eat a loss.

Even though Lin Jiadong didn’t know what Luo Lin said to the crew-cut man, he could faintly make out what they discussed. Now, he knew that the most powerful person here was undoubtedly Luo Lin.

He recalled how they, a bunch of high schoolers, wanted to lend him a helping hand. However, even without them, Luo Lin would walk out of this bar with a swagger.

Not to mention that he had stabbed someone in a moment of recklessness. The sharp-eyed Lin Jiadong had seen everything when Luo Lin handed over a card to Da Qiang. He felt slightly embarrassed as he thought inwardly: 'I am definitely befriending Luo Lin.’

In regards to Miss Song, she had been holding the muddle-headed Qin Wanshu tightly by her side.

From the beginning to the end, she didn’t utter a single word. She simply stood while staring bright-eyed at Luo Lin.

Miss Song suppressed this feeling of agitation in her heart. It seemed as though her heartstrings had been stirred by Luo Lin who dispelled the crisis. Her breathing hastened, her neck turned rosy-colored.

Luo Lin and Da Qiang came to the 12th VIP seat and before anyone could speak, Da Qiang instructed: "Slap your own faces. Do it until our Young Master Luo is satisfied!"

All of them knew who Da Qiang was. One of them who often patronized Moonlight Bar eagerly greeted him with a hand over his injury:

"Brother Da Qiang, My name is Scorpion King and I follow Brother Chai. Please look at my pathetic appearance, my buddy also got stabbed. Do you think we could call this matter quits and let us leave, I guarantee never to provoke Young Master Luo ever again.”

Da Qiang nodded with satisfaction. He felt that this brat acted quite reasonable and so he turned toward Luo Lin but was met with silence while the latter protected the two girls behind him.

It was evident what Luo Lin meant. There was no need for any more words so he moved forward and slapped Scorpion face's face: "Fu*k off! If you're the scorpion king, I’m a mummy! Letting you slap yourself is letting you off easy, and you dare to negotiate with me?!”

That display made the group of men tremble so one after the other, they began slapping themselves without hesitation, causing a series of smacking sounds.

Lin Jiadong and his little followers were shocked by that situation.

'Awesome, this is the real underworld! He made the other party apologize even though they were the ones who got injured. This Luo Lin is extraordinary indeed. Even Brother Da Qiang of Night Market Street had to look at his face!'

Lin Jiadong thought that if One High's "Prince of the Underworld" goes out to play, it must look similar to what he’s witnessing at the moment.

Luo Lin knit his brows as he felt the rapid breathing of Miss Song. After he noticed that she had an unfocused gaze, he thought to himself: 'This is bad! Those scoundrels must have drugged her... I must leave quickly!'

He patted Da Qiang's shoulder: "I'll make a move first Brother Da Qiang. I'll trouble you to help us with this matter tonight, also don't forget about the things I entrusted you. I'll talk to my father, you guys should try to keep up as well."

The quick-witted Da Qiang hurriedly returned the card to Luo Lin and spoke in a straightforward manner: "Sure, I won't see you out then. Next time bring along a few buddies for a drink!" After saying that, he looked at Lin Jiadong with a look of friendliness.

Lin Jiadong and his friends were mere school delinquents. Usually, characters like Brother Dragon wouldn’t even spare them a glance yet they were treated in such a friendly manner by Brother Da Qiang of the Night Street Market.

It was all thanks to Luo Lin.


Luo Lin carefully supported Miss Song and Qin Wanshu out of the bar while Lin Jiadong and his followers followed behind. They made their way to the taxi stand in silence.

"B-Big brother Luo, you have opened my eyes tonight." Lin Jiadong wanted to yell Luo Lin's name, but when he thought about it, he wouldn’ lose anything if he called Luo Lin Big brother.

Luo Lin had given him too many surprises today. It was his first time stabbing someone in someone else's territory, and without apologizing, swaggered out unscathed under the eyelids of the other.

Lin Jiadong realized that he had much more to learn. He would collapse sooner or later courage was his only reliance. Luo Lin had truly given them a vivid lesson.

Luo Lin finally smiled after he heard Lin Jiadong calling him big brother. He knew that everything he did today had not gone to waste. He skipped useless formalities and simply took out his phone: "Jiadong, give me your number, let's have lunch tomorrow."

Lin Jiadong felt honored when Luo Lin wanted to befriend him. He pulled out his phone in a hurry and took down Luo Lin's number.

After he saved the number, Luo Lin got in the taxi. Qin Wanshu and Miss Song sat in the backseat while Luo Lin sat at the front: "Master, Jingxiang Garden, please hurry up."


In no time, Luo Lin, Qin Wanshu, and Miss Song arrived at Jingxiang Garden.

The situation felt very special, Luo Lin first placed Qin Wanshu in his bed then closed the door. After that, he carried the coquettishly-gazed Miss Song into the guest room and placed her on the bed.

Who knew that at that instant, Miss Song's drugs seemed to have taken effect. In her vague consciousness, she pressed her warm hands on Luo Lin's chest and caressed him: "Thirsty.. I-I'm thirsty..."

'My goodness, this drug is too strong!'

Luo Lin pried Miss Song's arms away and rushed to the living room to find a box of needles. The box contained several needles of various sizes. He used the flame of a lighter to disinfect the needle before entering the guest room to look for her acupoints.

Coincidentally, when Luo Lin had lost his legs during his former life. He picked up acupuncture from traditional chinese medicine clinics in order to keep the meridians in his body impeded. The long period of illness turned him into a doctor as he picked up acupuncture gradually.

The drug mobilized the hot energy within Miss Song's body. It resulted in rapid blood flow which gave rise to feelings of arousal in drunk people. That was easy to solve, he just needed to impede her meridians and let her take a cold shower.

Unfortunately, Miss Song did not cooperate.

After he applied the first needle, he couldn't find the spots for the next ones. It wasn't that he was bad at acupuncture, but the fidgeting Miss Song made it harder for him,

He unbuttoned her shirt which exposed her fair-skinned chest. No one knew if she was faking it. She kept rubbing her warm body against Luo Lin which had been drenched in sweat while muttering under his breath: "Obedient Little Luo... Little obedient... Thirsty... I-I'm thirsty..."

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