His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 20 - Like

Shen Ziqiao found herself to be in a difficult situation.

Sheng Peiyin wanted her to hate Liu Yunmeng, but if the Old Madam finds out Shen Ziqiao doesn’t like Liu Yunmeng, she would definitely have Shen Xiao marry Liu Yunmeng no matter what.

Such a difficult situation...

Just what did she need to do in order to prevent Sheng Peiyin from having her way and from annoying the Old Madam?

Female side leads that don’t cause trouble make bad female side leads.

Lately, Sheng Peiyin has been seeking Liu Yunmeng frequently. Although she didn’t frequently mention Liu Yunmeng, Sheng Peiyin would mention her from time to time. She complimented and praised her. If Shen Ziqiao was herself from the past, she would have hated hearing any praises to women who wanted to marry Shen Xiao. How could she endure listening to Sheng Peiyin praise Liu Yunmeng? Shen Ziqiao should be hating Liu Yunmeng. She should be insulting her by now.

Could it be that Shen Ziqiao really likes Liu Yunmeng? Sheng Peiyin was suspicious.

The two both had their own thoughts. Coincidentally, Old Madam Shen and Lady Shen had met previously at the Thousand Buddha Temple. What more, Old Madam Shen had gifted a jadeite bracelet to Liu Yunmeng.

Old Madam Shen was extremely satisfied with Liu Yunmeng. A gentle and warm woman like her would be easy to control. Even if Liu Yunmeng didn’t sit in the same boat as her, she would be easy to grasp, unlike Old Madam’s previous daughter-in-law. Although she was stubborn and competitive, her eldest son liked her no matter what, even though their opinions were still divided.

Recalling Shen Ziqiao’s biological mother, Xiao Pan, saddened Old Madam Shen.

“What did you just say?” On the way back to Shen Family from the Thousand Buddha Temple, Old Madam Shen wasn’t sure why she had recalled events from the past. She didn’t even pay attention to her conversation with Mama Li.

Mama Li kept her voice contained and repeated, “This mama heard from Miss Liu’s maid that the Third Miss had visited the Liu Family a few days ago.”

Old Madam Shen asked, “So what?”

“I heard...that the Third Miss likes Miss Liu a lot. The latter had even gifted the Third Miss a jar of dried plums.” Mama Li said, “They seemed to get along well.”

“Does she know that I met Miss Liu?” Old Madam Shen’s expression became serious and her tone turned chilly.

Mama Li continued, “She probably knew a long time ago. Otherwise, why would she go with Third Miss Sheng to meet Miss Liu? I heard from Cui Ping that they plan to view the lotus flowers in a few days.”

When Old Madam Shen heard this, the prayer beads in her heads broke.

“It seems that if Miss Liu marries into the home, she will be on the same side as the Third Miss.” Mama Li continued. She didn’t want the Third Miss to live a good life because, if the Third Miss did, then she and the others that serve the Old Madam won’t live good lives anymore.

“Humph.” Old Madam Shen coldly humphed. An ominous person is an ominous person. She had everything to worry about.

Upon returning to the Shen Family’s House, Old Madam’s expression turned gloomy at hearing that Sheng Peiyin was at Shen Ziqiao’s place.

Shen Ziqiao seemed to have changed because of Sheng Peiyin.

Sheng Peiyin visited to talk with Shen Ziqiao about Old Madam Shen meeting up with Liu Yunmeng at the Thousand Buddha Temple.

“...I originally wanted to visit Sister Yunmeng, but I heard she went to the Thousand Buddha Temple.” Sheng Peiyin glanced at Shen Ziqiao’s expression and continued. She heard from the servants of the Liu Family that she went with Lady Li.

Hearing from Shen Ziqiao that Old Madam Shen would be going to Thousand Buddha Temple today as well, she hurried to Shen Family to get some information.

“What a coincidence. My grandmother also went, as well,” hearing Sheng Peiyin’s words, Shen Ziqiao absent-mindedly responded. She was in a pretty good mood as she practiced her calligraphy.

Sheng Peiyin told herself to keep calm, calm, calm. She mustn’t let Shen Ziqiao see through her intentions. “You do not seem nervous at all?”

Shen Ziqiao smiled and asked, “Why should I be nervous?”

“Old Madam specially went to visit Sister Yunmeng today. Did you not know that?” Sheng Peiyin said.

“So what?” Shen Ziqiao mumbled. She believed that Old Madam Shen would definitely like Liu Yunmeng, but she wasn’t sure if Shen Xiao would like her.

This straw bag! Did she really think that, if she didn’t want Liu Yunmeng to become her stepmother, Old Madam Shen will let her have her way?

Sheng Peiyin was so angry that she wanted to knock Shen Ziqiao’s head open in order to see her thoughts.

“Third Miss, the Old Madam is back. She knows that Third Miss Sheng is here, so she ordered someone to bring some iced fruits over,” Cui Liu announced with a smile, as she lifted the curtain and carried the tray over.

“Thank the Old Madam for me,” Shen Ziqiao replied.

Sheng Peiyin said, “Old Madam is too polite. I will personally visit the Old Madam to thank her later.”

Shen Ziqiao placed the brush pen down and half smiled at Sheng Peiyin. Then, she walked to the table to grab a slice of watermelon. So sweet! “I have not gone to pay respects to Grandmother in a while.”

Not only had the bumpy ride on the horse carriage tired Old Madam Shen out, but then her chat with Lady Liu at the Thousand Buddha Temple had also lasted for quite the while. Once she had returned, all she had wanted to do was to rest. Hearing that Sheng Peiyin was at Shen Ziqiao, she forced herself to keep her head up so that she could order someone to bring some fruits over. While she was at it, she wanted to find out what the two girls were talking about.

Before she got her reply, Sheng Peiyin and Shen Ziqiao arrived to pay respects to Old Madam Shen, hand in hand.

“Grandmother appears to be in high spirits today. I have not been here to pay respects to you in awhile,” Shen Ziqiao smiled as she said this. When Shen Ziqiao and Sheng Peiyin entered the room, they saw Old Madam Shen laying against the lounge chair in exhaustion.

Mama Li peered at her through the corner of her eyes. What is this gaze? How did Old Madam appear to be in high spirits in any way?

Sheng Peiyin bowed and asked, “Old Madam, have you been well lately?”

Old Madam Shen faintly gazed at them and asked, “How do you girls have time to visit today?”

“Old Madam sent someone to bring us fruits. If we did not visit to pay respects, how is that acceptable?” Sheng Peiyin replied with a smile, “Old Madam, shall I massage your leg?”

“I dare not accept. Third Miss Sheng, please have a seat.” Seeing that Sheng Peiyin was clearly trying to please her, Old Madam Shen felt better.

Shen Ziqiao sat on the wooden chair and swayed her legs. She sat in an improper position. “Grandmother, did you just return home?”

“Yes, I went to the Thousand Buddha Temple,” Old Madam Shen answered. She glanced at Shen Ziqiao from the corner of her eyes.

“The Thousand Buddha Temple is a great place,” Shen Ziqiao commented with a chuckled.

Old Madam Shen continued, “I would have returned home earlier, but then I met Liu Family’s Sister-in-Law and Lady, so I got delayed.”

“Grandmother, you met Sister Yunmeng?” Shen Ziqiao asked with shock. However, she also muttered to herself, “As it turns out, Sister Yunmeng went to the Thousand Buddha Temple. No wonder Sister Sheng couldn’t find her.”

Once Sheng Peiyin heard Shen Ziqiao, she knew that the earlier conversation hadn’t gotten through to her.

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