Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 20 - First confrontation, Who are you?


“Don’t pretend anymore, I know you’re awake.”

Helping the man change his medicine, Ling Jingxuan coldly stood from the side and watched him. The naked upper torso laying on the straw was very sturdy. It wasn’t that kind of Mr. Muscle sturdy, but the fit and sexy appearance of a mannequin. Every inch of muscle had a supple and strong wheat color. With a little more he would be fat, with a little less he would be skinny. Pairing with it was a healthy face with lines as sharp as a knife. With handsome facial features, the man was undoubtedly a sexy charming person. Even with his eyes closed it would still attract the hearts of women. If it wasn’t for the situation with the original owner, maybe his heart would also be tempted. People love beautiful things, isn't that right?

“Who are you?”

Opening his eyes, dark peach blossom eyes gave out a burning radiance. Losing a lot of blood made his face pale but it did not lessen the sharpness from his eyes. Ling Jingxuan couldn't help but to let out a whistle. Those pair of eyes undoubtedly added on a special effect to his handsome features, like adding the finishing touches to a painting of a dragon. In it’s decoration, the man’s loftiness was like the sky and earth turning upside down, strong, sharp, extravagant.

“Before asking other people, shouldn’t you first tell them your name? Or is this the way you treat your benefactor who saved you?”

Exclaiming in admiration, Ling Jingxuan did not forget that he was a bit cruel and coldblooded. This kind of man, better to watch from afar. If he was disrespectful then… then better to just forget it ba. He still wanted to live for a few more years.

For a split second, bewilderedness flashed through brilliant black pupils, immediately afterwards was deep as the sea. The man didn’t respond to his question, rather he continued to stare at him without even blinking. A blank mind informed him that he forgot everything including his own name. But from the conversation he heard yesterday as he was dazed, he knew that this thin weak elegant man in front of him, the one claiming himself as his benefactor, seemed as though their relationship was not light.

“Who are you?”

He asked again. Perhaps the man did not detect it  himself but his tone carried an unquestionable command. Some things, even if he forgot, it would not disappear. This was an innate assertiveness.

“You’re not going to tell me that you forgot who you are ba?”

A flash of confusion keenly ran through his eyes as well as an unconcealed defense. Ling Jingxuan swept across the cloth on his forehead, sharp eyebrows faintly creased together.


“D*mn it!”

The man didn't even finish speaking when Ling Jingxuan squatted down and grabbed onto a hand. A slim and handsome face carried a cold gaze, after a long while his lips curled and said, “There's a blood clot in your brain. Probably from hitting your head, it caused you to lose your memory. This is your stuff, it’s best if you remember quicker. Afterwards, get lost as far as you can.”

Throwing away his hand, Ling Jingxuan in passing grabbed onto a raggedy cloth at the side and threw it on his body. Inside there was a jade pendant and a heavy embroidered pouch. On the pendant was the word ‘Cheng’ carved into it, probably has something to do with his name. As for the stuff inside the embroidered pouch, he simply had no interest in taking a look. Currently he only hoped that he would quickly remember who he was, answer a few questions for him, then finally roll back to his original world.

“Wait, who exactly are you? What relationship do you have with me?”

Seeing he was going to leave, the man instinctively propped himself up. If he didn’t remember incorrectly, yesterday it seemed like they said, they had children?

Footstep stopped, Ling Jingxuan slowly turned around, his face carried a look of cold alienation and ridicule. “Look clearly at the cloth in your hand. Seeing that I am a countryside village man, how could it be possible for me to have relationship with you?”

With one glance you could tell that rag was something of high quality. Most likely his status was also not simple. His intuition told him that if he continued to have some kind of relationship with this man, afraid his future would also not be good.

“Then the children…”

The man frowned and had an urge to blurt out, but Ling Jingxuan codly snorted and interrupted him. “It seems you overheard the conversation between my parents and I. It doesn't matter if you lost your memory or not, I will only say it once. The children are mine, nothing to do with you. It’s best if you firmly gain your memories back for me, otherwise…”

Ling Jingxuan did not continue talking,only threw him a murderous look as he turned around and left. If he really dared to snatch his children from him, he didn't mind killing him. The two buns were his sons, if anyone had any plans with them, then he would fight with his life! If God blocked him then kill God, if Buddha blocked him then kill Buddha! (1)

The man was not scared by his threat at all. He waited for after he left then endured the pain as he propped himself up. Slender fingers flipped through the purple bundle that Ling Jingxuan threw at him. From the smooth texture of the cloth it wasn’t hard to see that it was valuable. But his gaze did not loiter on the outer surface too much, from inside the bundle he pulled out a dark green transparent jade. On one side was the word Cheng engraved into it. His finger unconsciously rubbed over this word and his mind suddenly flashed through many scenes. But the speed was too fast. When he wanted to see them clearly, those scenes had already vanished from his mind.

Intuition told him, this pendant was tied very closely to his identity. The hand holding the pendant couldn't help but get tighter, soon after he pulled out something from the bundle that looked plain and simple. Nevertheless it was still a gold embroidered pouch. From within pulled out a carving of a tiger made of black jade.


Seeing that jade carving, his head that was aching dully suddenly felt like it was being stabbed by numerous needles. It hurt so bad he couldn’t help but throw aside the jade carving, holding his aching head he yelled softly. Ling Jingxuan who had returned with one hand was holding a huge crude bowl. Indifferently, he swept his gaze over the jade pendant and carving thrown to the side. Some kind of assumption crossed his mind and his eyes couldn't help but go dark again. But he didn't say anything and simply put the two bowls in front of him.


When he was preparing to get up and turn around and leave, the man, tormented by pain grabbed onto his wrist with great strength. Ling Jingxuan for a split moment felt that his own wrist was about to break. The man didn’t even notice his own lack of control, he raised his head and said, “Who exactly are you? Tell me your name.”

Deep and sharp eyes intensely and overbearingly dug into him. Even if he didn't remember, why would he still care about this.

“Ling Jingxuan!”

Forcefully shaking off his hand, Ling Jingxuan looked at his already bruising wrist. His voice became even more like icy hail, every word made the person freeze over even more.

“Then you are my…”

“Life saving benefactor!”

The man’s inquiry was coldly interrupted by Ling Jingxuan again. Ignoring his frowning face, Ling Jingxuan after he finished speaking turned and left. But what he did not know was the man’s gaze kept following him, until he could no longer see his figure.

“Ling Jingxuan…. ma?”

Don’t know how long had passed, the man finally took his hand back, muttering the name as he laid down. Lips curving, he didn’t realize that on his own face appeared a smile.

  1. If God blocked him then kill God, if Buddha blocked him then kill Buddha: A phrase that means that no one is able to stop him.

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