Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 2

Rachel tried to raise her body up, but she couldn’t use any of her strength. Still lying on the bed, she timidly called the maid. “Sarah?”

“Oh, you've finally woken up, My Lady! You have slept for the whole three days!”

Rachel’s eyes become teary, unable to hide her joy. Sarah approached her, looking in her face. The maid looked healthier than ever. Actually, her face was even more youthful than the last time Rachel saw her.

“You still look unwell,” Sarah said with worry, her eyebrows lowered. An expression Sarah would sometimes make when Rachel was unwell.

On the way to the monastery, Sarah had a terrible complexion.

Sarah was older than Rachel by three years. As the maid who had served her since she was three years old, Sarah understood her the most.

Sarah had a kind heart. She must’ve suffered when she could do nothing but watch Rachel did deeds so vile that made her own engagement annulled.

“I've slept for three days? Why…”

“Yeah, you suddenly got a fever and collapsed. To be honest, today is your entrance ceremony, My Lady. I’m sorry, but you couldn’t go to school with your current condition.”

Sarah looked really sad, apologetic.

Still unable to understand the situation, Rachel was so confused that she didn’t know how to respond. But Sarah’s words caught her attention.

What did she say before?

The entrance ceremony?

“Umm, by ‘entrance ceremony’, you mean… it’s not about Trusseau Magic Academy, right?”

“My Lady, I’m talking about the entrance ceremony of Trusseau Magic Academy.”

Sarah’s reply made Rachel’s body heavy. Her field of vision became black and white. Faintly, she could hear Sarah’s voice. “It’s truly a shame. I thought I could see My Lady wearing that cute uniform today.”


Rachel had attended the entrance ceremony. There’s no mistake in it.

Three years ago, at the age of fifteen, she was the fiancée of the prince. She also gave the speech as the freshman representative due to having the highest magic power.

No, wait. Thinking back, she remembered that she caught a cold several days before the entrance ceremony.

But she should’ve recovered after sleeping for a whole day.

Then, why did Sarah say that she woke up after three days? And if what the maid said was true, did that mean Rachel regressed to three years ago?

Confused, Rachel checked the wound on her chest from her robe.


Her skin was pure white. With no scratch at all.

No. That’s impossible. After all, she experienced such a stabbing pain. Just remembering it made her broke into a cold sweat.

Maybe this was a convenient dream.

Did God give her a moment of peace before she went to that ‘world’? And what she received was experiencing the memory of three years ago, when she had no doubt that a bright future was waiting for her?

Rachel was so confused that she didn’t even notice that Sarah left the room before telling her “I’ll call the Mistress and the doctor.”

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