Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 2 Luoyang Ancient Village (NPC)

"Stop looking and let’s go. First, we need to find a place to settle. It's getting dark." He Yong called a person out and said, "Li Xin, please tell the newcomer about the basics."

Li Xin looks like a girl in her twenties, with shoulder-length hair. She looks ordinary but has big eyes. She nodded in response.

Lou Fan glanced at the gloomy sky. The watch on his wrist showed that the time is 17:28. The surrounding trees are rich and lush, it didn't look like the weather in October.

"We are a team made up of Level 6 members, the other team is made up of 5 Level 1 members, and you are the newcomers." Li Xin led the 10 newcomers to walk at the end of the group and pointed to the other 5 people outside of their team. Without any delay, she began to explain the basics about this world. She is doing this task for the first time, as they usually teamed up with higher-level teams before. Seeing many people eager to ask questions, her expression darkened, "Don't interrupt, I will tell you the basic situation first. Then you can ask if you have any questions. Time is running out."

Li Xin's crisp voice sounded behind Lou Fan, and Lou Fan listened while observing the surrounding environment and the 9 people in front of him.

"This is a parallel world. The places we go might exist in the real world, but it is definitely not our world. There are all kinds of unexplainable things that can happen here. Anything can be encountered, gods, spirits, demons, and ghosts." There is a hint of fear in her tone. "What we have to do is to survive in this mission world and complete the mission so that we can return to Lazuli Town and continue with the next mission."

Seeing the expressions of the people, Li Xin waved her hands, "I know. You want to know when you can go back to the real world. The answer is I don't know. Every 5th level is a hurdle. The highest level in Lazuli Town is at Level 16, but everyone at that level has... disappeared."

"Isn't that means it’s impossible to get out of this world? There is only a dead-end for us?" Someone wailed.

Several people even cried.

"No, someone has done it and left. His name is still displayed on the ranking board in Lazuli Town." Li Xin’s words obviously gave everyone great hope, but there is only a wry smile on her face. "I’ll continue to say this. Most of the worlds are spiritual/supernatural worlds. The thing you brought to this world is your life-saving weapon. Of course, if you are lucky, you can find other weapons in the mission world. This is your 1st world. Just surviving is fine. The next game will be your real first game after you become Level 1. Each mission world will have 2 teams plus newcomers. The fewer the newcomers, the more difficult the mission. The number of team members ranges from 5-7 people. Since there are 10 newcomers this time, the task is not difficult."

[Banana: Sorry to break immersion but lemme explain a bit about the setting. There is a town when survivors will return to every time they finish their task in the mission world, it is called Lazuli Town/琉璃仙居. Every time survivors survived a mission world, their level will raise by a level. Meaning, Level 1 survivor has survived 1 world, which is the world they survived as newcomers. In every mission, there will be 3 teams to do the mission - 1 high level team, 1 lower level team, and 1 newcomer team. Newcomer’s mission is always to just survive xxx days while other teams have a more specific mission.]

Lou Fan raised his watch, and the task displayed on it stated: Survive for 10 days.

Li Xin stopped her explanation and took a sip of water from her backpack behind her. "The watch on your hand has a time display. The countdown is the time limit for this mission and the task will also be displayed on the watch. If the task is not completed within the specified time, your ending is the same as those people who didn't leave the station just now. "

The mist-like blood explosion of the 3 people earlier still makes people feel lingering fear, and everyone engraved this reminder in their mind.

"You have to bring something in the mission world back to Lazuli to exchange for points, which can be used to buy food and drinking water. Of course, you can also bring back the food you found directly, but the storage conditions are limited. You must prepare your own food before you leave for every mission because you can’t be sure if you can find any food in the mission world later."

At this moment, He Yong's voice sounded from the front, saying that he had found an abandoned farmyard. Li Xin said, "If you have any questions, please ask later", and trot to the front. The team leading the way is the Level 6 team that has 5 members, while the Level 1 team members followed behind silently. There are 2 women in that team who looked very scared and they shivered all the time. The other 2 men looked very nervous, as they keep looking around like a scary enemy is approaching. Only 1 person is calm and relaxed in that team. He is carrying a long cloth bag behind his back, which should be a weapon bag. Everyone else is waiting in place so Lou Fan walked towards the person and stood beside him. Stretching out his hand, Lou Fan greeted, "Hello, my name is Lou Fan."

Qin Tan looked at the slender and well-proportioned hands in front of him, which has callus on the fingertips. He stretched out his hand to hold it. His(QT) hand is broad and powerful, and there are callus in his palm. Their hands barely touch before they separate.

"Qin Tan."

Qin Tan’s voice is low and it matched his whole personality very well. Tall, strong, with sword-like eyebrows and bright eyes, his body exudes a compelling temperament, like a black panther waiting for its prey in the dark night, and it can deliver a fatal blow in the quiet.

On the other hand, Lou Fan formed a sharp contrast standing beside Qin Tan. He had been staying indoors for a long time so his skin is quite fair; his body slender and elegant. His eyes have distinct black pupil and the white of the eyes making his eyes looked clear and beautiful. His whole person has a calm temperament, which makes people feel at ease with him.

Lou Fan likes to deal with this kind of straightforward people, "I want to ask you something."

Qin Tan made a gesture to let Lou Fan continue.

Lou Fan chuckled slightly, "I want to see the content of your mission."

Qin Tan looked surprised for a moment, and he stretched his wrist out. Lou Fan leaned closer to see, and it showed the task content: Find Yu Erniang in Luoyang Ancient Village.

“Yu Erniang… ,” Lou Fan repeated. He thanked Qin Tan and went to look at this ancient village again. This is a quiet and peaceful ancient village and it is located in a hilly area. The houses are different in height, smoke rises slowly from the chimneys.

"You're welcome." Qin Tan followed Lou Fan's gaze. Looking at this beautiful picture of the countryside shown in front of them, he whispered, "What you see may not be real."

Lou Fan looked thoughtful and is about to ask something when He Yong's voice came from ahead of him, "Follow me and get settled first."

A group of 20 people walked to a deserted farmyard. Fortunately, although it is deserted, it is not dilapidated. The houses here have stone structures, and the roofs are made of tiles, which are strong and durable. It is getting dark, a bonfire was lit in the room, and Qin Tan coincidentally sat beside Lou Fan.

He Yong stood at the center, holding a stick in one hand and writing/drawing on the ground. His face looked a bit blurred by the fire, and his curly short hair is parted on both sides of his face.

"Everyone will go out tomorrow morning to inquire about Yu Erniang, don't miss the slightest clue. From early observation of this world, it should not be too dangerous this time. Newcomers can also go out and help to find information. Of course, if you are not willing, we won’t force you."

He Yong’s gaze flicked from the Level 1 team and the newcomers. His tone sincere as he added, "As someone with more experience, I just want to remind you that the most important thing is to improve your strength as soon as possible. The stronger you are, the longer you will live. Take advantage of the simplicity of the mission world to get more experience."

"Okay, take a rest early and we will start looking for the target tomorrow." He Yong made a concluding remark and took his team to the other side to discuss further.

Lou Fan glanced over at the Level 6 team, then turned his gaze back to the Level 1 team on Qin Tan's side. He observed for a long time and found that the Level 1 team didn't look like someone is taking the lead at all. It is a mess, which is very different from the Level 6 team.

"Your team does not have a captain?" Lou Fan asked, sitting next to Qin Tan.

Qin Tan seemed to have heard a joke and glanced up at the other 4 people. "No, we are a randomly assigned team. I'm also considered a newcomer. In Lazuli, team members can go as a team or get randomly assigned." He spread his hands helplessly, "Those are very cautious in the train earlier and didn’t discuss anything or come up with a leader."

Lou Fan nodded, it turned out that a team could be randomly assigned. Anyone who comes to such a world will have fear and confusion. Just after surviving from a mission world as a newcomer and then entering another world again, they will have inner fear. However, the absence of a captain means that in the event of an emergency, the team members will be frantic, which is not good.

After He Yong’s team of 5 finished their discussion, they gathered the rest together and began to assign the task of a night vigil. 20 people are divided into 10 groups, a group of 2 in each shift and Qin Tan took the initiative to form a team with Lou Fan. Lou Fan poked at the fire with a wooden stick. Qin Tan walked around in the yard and then came in and sat down beside him. He took out a pack of compressed biscuits from his backpack and asked, "Would you like some?"

Lou Fan is actually a little hungry, but knowing that food needs to be bought with points, he planned to go out early in the morning to find something to eat. Since someone is offering some to him, he forgoes the pleasantries and tore open the packaging.

"Thanks, I'm lucky to meet kind people."

The ‘kind’ Qin Tan also tore a bag and pursed his lips. For a while, except for the occasional firewood crackling in the fire, there is only the sound of people eating.

It is a safe night. After He Yong woke up everyone in the morning, there are still people who swore out from the discomfort. When they realized that they are no longer in the real world, they rubbed his stomach in frustration.

"For the sake of caution, a Level 6 team member will bring along a Level 1 member and 2 newcomers. We will inquire separately and come back to share the news at noon."

He Yong assigned the task and picked a Level 1 team member and 2 newcomers at random. Coincidentally, Qin Tan and Lou Fan happened to be selected by He Yong, together with another newcomer who is a girl. The four went out after choosing a direction to go. The scene they saw along the way made them feel that it is no different from an ordinary village. Children running and playing in groups, and old people walking by with baskets and farm tools on their backs are all very common scenes. Lou Fan looked at them seriously, keep thinking they looked a little strange. He thought about it, but he couldn’t pinpoint where is the strange point.

"Are you an archery athlete?"

He Yong's voice pulled Lou Fan's thoughts back, and he turned his head, "Are you asking me?"

He Yong looked pointedly at the bow in Lou Fan’s hand, the meaning in his eyes is very clear: Who else holds a bow here?

Lou Fan raised the bow in his hand, "Just an amateur, not professional. But I just got the bow, I still don't know where to get arrows."

He Yong went silent for a moment. This man has a good spirit weapon and is also very calm. He has a lot of room for growth. If he(HY) maintains a good relationship with this person now, maybe it will be helpful in the future. Thinking about it this way, He Yong said, "According to my experience, your bow may not need arrows to be used. You can just shoot directly by drawing the bowstring. All the weapons we bring in from the real world are called spirit weapons."

"I don't need arrows?" Lou Fan thought, and suddenly an unbelievable thought flashed in his mind, "You mean, my arrows will appear automatically? Would it be inexhaustible?"

He Yong laughed out, "How is it possible? Of course there are restrictions. There used to be someone whose spirit weapon is a g-u.n, and his restriction is 10 bullets."

Lou Fan immediately took out his bow and put his hand on the bowstring. He imagined that there is an arrow in his hand. As soon as he loosened his fingers, a stream of light flew out and then disappeared into the wall. An arrow really appeared! But there are only 10, huh? Lou Fan enviously looked at the Tang sword carried behind Qin Tan. This kind of weapon is more reliable.

Raw word count: 3095


Banana: Btw, the word Erniang has 2 meaning. It either means the step-mother/second wife/concubine or the younger brother's wife. In this case, this lady with the name Yu is the younger brother's wife. But the word is too long to be used so we will continue to use the word Yu Erniang.

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