For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 2 - The Goddess' Awaiting (リア神の出待ち)

"Another fulfilling day today," I murmured.

After finishing my part-time job, I changed my clothes in the locker room. A unique smell of oil wafted from my body and clothes.

I was working a part-time job in a fast-food restaurant you could find anywhere. The earnings weren't high by any standards, but it was easy for high school students to get hired here. That saved me a lot of trouble since I didn't have to do multiple job interviews.

"Now then, let's go home..."

I stuffed my clothes in my backpack and opened the back door to go home. And what greeted my eyes was not the familiar, dreary scenery. Rather, it was a gorgeous view.

"I have been waiting for you, Tokiwagi-san."


I couldn't believe what was in front of me. Right after I went outside the building, I solidified.

This scene was oddly familiar with fans waiting for their favourite idols to exit at the stage door...

From her statement, I could tell that she was waiting for me. But honestly, I just wanted to say, "What are you doing here..."

I never thought that I would experience 'being waited on' at this age. I thought this wouldn't happen to me my whole life... But then, it was actually a scary experience.

Unexpectedly seeing a person the moment I opened the door shocked the hell out of me.

"Um, you're Tokiwagi-san, a first-year student from class D, right?"

"You're mistaking me from someone else. Well then..."

Although I was surprised by the fact that she knew my name, I didn't show it in my expression and tried to pass through herー

"I'm sorry. but I can't let you go just like that."

She caught my arm... From Wakamiya's beautiful eyes, I can sense her strong will. She definitely wouldn't let me escape.

It can't be helped...

I sighed and turned back.

"Did you finally feel like talking to me?"

"You don't look like you're going to let me go."

"I'm glad you understand."

"Then, what do you want?"

My response probably sounded unfriendly and frank.

But I couldn't help it. I could barely stand in front of a girl who had a completely different aura from me...

Someone never stared at me that intensely. Yeah, the power of the most popular girl was really scary.

She was really cute. To be honest, it's hard to look straight at her...

"Before that, could I ask for your name? Since you called my name before, it would be rude if I mistook your name." A flat, monotonous voice passed through my ears, similar to how she spoke during the daytime. "Please tell me your name."

"Tanaka Tarou."

Of course, it was a false name. Why would she want to know my name? Several conjectures passed my mind, making me shudder a little.

Maybe the baked potato I gave to her was rotten, so she wanted to complain? Or maybe when I glanced at Wakamiya, she considered it as sexual harassment?

I could only come up with such things. But in the end, both would be bad for me.

"You're lying."

She easily concluded that my silly false name was a lie. I probably should give it more thought when I made a pseudonym...

"Calling someone's name a lie is a bit rude..."

"I have confidence in my memory. I have roughly seen everyone during the entrance ceremony."

"...Eh, you remembered me at that time?"

Wakamiya had the opportunity to see all of the first-year students when she went up to the stage and made a speech as the representative of the freshman...

Realizing that, I was once again reminded that this girl was too powerful.

"Yes, I'm glad I have the opportunity to see everyone. Even so, I naturally could make a mistake as a person, so I checked it just in case. And... I'm not wrong."

"No, no. You're mistaking me for another guy. For real."

I averted my eyes. I couldn't lie if I see her in her beautiful eyes. Rather, she would see right through me.

I had such a feeling.

"The only people who would talk about the entrance ceremony as 'at that time' are the first-year students or those who know that I went up to the stage."


"While we're on this topic, it's true that you also have the opportunity to know my name from the list of names pasted during the entrance ceremony. But it won't make sense since you won't call that occasion 'at that time'. In the first place, you won't know my face just from my name."

"I see... You managed to conclude that just from a slip of my tongue."

"Fufu. That's right. Now then, do you agree on me, Tokiwagi-san?"

"Yes. I'm Tokiwagi, from D-group for eternity..."

I raised my hands and made a giving up pose. I felt like I had been completely defeated...

"D-group for eternity? I guess Tokiwagi is in D class, but saying 'for eternity' is strange, isn't it? We have class shuffle every year."

"Oh, it's a figurative expression. It doesn't concern Miss Goddess at all."

"Is that so? Right, before that, I don't like being called 'Goddess'. If you want to call me, please use my personal name."

"Ah, I'm sorry. Wakamiya-san..."

However, I felt like having others to call her as the 'Goddess' was inevitable. It would naturally slip out of everyone's mouth. In fact, she could do anything and always became the center of the conversation... how should I call her other than 'Goddess'?

"It's true that some people around me call me with that nickname, but the current me is the result of my effort. Nobody can do anything without working hard for it. However, calling me with such a nickname disregards that aspect of me, and I'm not very happy with that. Especially since I feel fulfilled with giving everything my all to achieve something."

"I see."

The words that came out of Wakamiya's mouth were surprising. I thought she would surely reply to me humbly.

Having someone who possessed everything to deny that they "weren't like that," or "didn't deserve that praise" wouldn't persuade anyone. Rather, it would sound unpleasant to those who didn't have their possession. Yes, it only sounded like ridicule.

However, Wakamiya confidently declared, "I'm working hard." For me, that reply was simply amazing.

I'm sure her hardships were something I couldn't imagine. Even so, it's a bit interesting that she said that she felt fulfilled with working hard.

I looked at Wakamiya's face with a wry smile. Her face was graceful and beautiful. But looking at each other like this made me feel embarrassed.

"Then, let's get into the main subject. What do you want from me?"

"Right, to be frank... I want to repay the favor I have received."

In the quiet town, her clear voice echoed through the back ally with no other people in sight.

I modified several things to make sure how I changed 'riakami' to 'Goddess' make sense, but I started to doubt myself. Maybe I should just leave it like that? (bitter smile)

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