Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 2

San Qi found a suitable task for a newbie, Campus Youth Pain Series.

Yu Jin, their client, whose parents divorced when she was a child. She was an introverted, timid, and self-absorbed person. Her appearance was average, and she had a mediocre academic performance.

Usually, her mother was so busy at work that she had no time for her, so she sent her to a residential high school and would come home once a week.

Her personality, Yu Jin, didn't have any friends at school, and her roommates didn't want to talk to her. Thus Yu Jin was singled out.

When it came to what a rebellious adolescent child needed most, it was naturally presence, attention, and recognition.

When these were not available to parents, teachers, and society, they turned into overreacting teenagers, internet addicts who got satisfaction from the game.

Unruly teenagers used violence to vent their emotions and enjoyed the attention of their classmates.

Yu Jin, who was the "odd one out" in the class, got unruly teenage girls' attention.

Her timid character did not bring trouble to their first bullying, so there was the second, third …

Long-term bullying led to Yu Jin's depression, and the last straw that broke the camel's back was Yu Jin's crush.

It was trumpeted by the only student who said a word about it.

Followed by jeers from classmates, the teacher's warning and her mother's scolding finally made the cowardly girl decide to do one of the bravest things in life, she committed suicide.

Yu Jin's task was simple: no longer being bullied, being a good student, being admitted to a university, and a school confession.

San Qi transmitted the plot to Ah Jin, "The first newbie quests tend to be easy, so go ahead and try it out for practice."

Ah Jin nodded, "Let's get started."

When she opened her eyes again, it was in Yu Jin's classroom, the second and third classes.

Ah Jin massaged her aching head.

"You'll get a headache from accepting memories now because your soul isn't strong, but you won't after you get stronger." San Qi's voice sounded in her ears.

In memory, today was the day of the week to return home. All the kids in my class ran away because they were in a hurry to get home from class.

Li Xue stayed on duty today, but she was in a hurry to get home, so she ran to Yu Jin, dropped a line to switch days.

She ran away whether Yu Jin wanted to or not.

Li Xue was the only one in the plot who had a few words with Yu Jin.

She looked at the empty classroom and the dirty floor. It gave her a sense of trance back to her childhood.

She started to pack her bag and was getting ready to go home, and as for duty, whoever loved to do it.

This was when a bad girl came into the classroom, Xie Nan, the gang leader who bullied Yu Jin.

After Yu Jin committed suicide, Xie Nan was walloped, grew up overnight, quit the gang, studied hard, and got into a good university.

Xie Nan was scolded for poor performance in sports training, and now she had nowhere to vent her anger and saw a punching bag in the classroom.

She instantly found an outlet.

"Yu Jin, why don't you leave? Do you want to see me as a joke?" She said and threw up the nearest book.

Ah Jin dodged off to the side and looked at her with a blank expression.

Xie Nan was even more furious, "How dare you to dodge, you've got a lot of nerve!"

As she said that, she quickly walked towards Ah Jin.

Ah Jin smoothly picked up the paper cutter from the pencil bag, grabbed Xie Nan's hand, and held it over her neck's aorta.

Xie Nan was stunned.

"What are you doing? You're sick. Let go of me!"

The strength from her hand made Xie Nan wonder, was this battered bag was usually this strong? Xie Nan couldn't break free.

Ah Jin looked at her indifferently, "Kill me today if you can, or get out of here later!"

"You think I wouldn't dare?"

"Do you dare? Then you do it."

Ah Jin pressed her hand harder, and a blood mark instantly appeared on her neck.

Xie Nan was terrified, "You're insane! Get off me. You're really sick!"

She used her empty hand to forcefully remove Yu Jin's hand.

Ah Jin lifted her hand in response to the situation.

"I am mad, driven mad by you. Even a rabbit will bite in a rage. If you ever bully me again, I will die in front of you, die in front of your home and die in your bed."

With a hard shove, Xie Nan had pushed back two steps and knocked over the chair. It made a loud bang.

Xie Nan gasped and came back to find a paper cutter still in her hand, with a bit of blood on the knife, which she immediately threw away in shock.

Xie Nan felt that she had been tricked, and when she wanted to hit Yu Jin, she found that Yu Jin had already reached the classroom door.

If she had used more force just now, she would have really died.

It was with her own hands, even if she killed herself.

Anger had been replaced by fear when Xie Nan thought of this.

The school uniform behind her was soaked through.

"Stupid! Unlucky!" Xie Nan cursed and packed up her things to go home as well.

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