Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.11 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

"You are... You are Zhang Daoling!"

At this moment, Ghost Elder finally realized who is this person in front of him, and understood the feeling of fear. This person... is Zhang Daoling, the one who once sealed him and almost destroyed his soul!

In fact, the hatred between Ghost Elder and Mount Longhu was caused by Zhang Daoling. Back then, Ghost Elder is already a king in his territory, but when he is at the peak of his time, he suffered his first miserable defeat, even almost got his soul destroyed by Zhang Daoling. After that, his strength fell again and again. If it’s not for many years of cultivation, Ghost Elder is afraid that he would not be able to rise again. What he didn't expect is just when he is about to grow stronger once more, this damned person appeared again!

"Didn't you already know my name right from the start?" Seeing Ghost Elder glaring at him with hostility and murderous intent, Zhang Daoling felt puzzled in his heart.

Didn't this ghost know who he is from the beginning? Zhang Daoling didn't forget what Ghost Elder blurted out when they first met - he said ‘Zhang Daoling's golden coin sword’. Since Ghost Elder knew, why is he so surprised now?

Indeed, Ghost Elder knew about Zhang Daoling’s name from Bai Manman’s mouth. Just that, his knowledge of this Zhang Daoling is limited to his name and his identity as the junior of Mount Longhu. How could Ghost Elder figure that this person is from the direct bloodline of that Zhang Daoling, or even the reincarnation of that person himself?

"Time is limited, don't continue talking nonsense with him."

Lin Zisheng looked at Ghost Elder who had a shocked expression. He didn't know why Ghost Elder behaved like this right now, but he didn't have time to think about that. He was not an alarmist but they only have 1 hour. After that, Lin Zisheng might be able to still control the demon binding array a little bit, but he won’t win if Ghost Elder fought him for the control.

Zhang Daoling looked back at Lin Zisheng's rapidly pale face and immediately understood their current situation. No matter what, all he had to do was to get rid of Ghost Elder as soon as possible.

Obviously, not only Zhang Daoling felt Lin Zisheng’s struggle, Ghost Elder felt it as well. Glaring at Lin Zisheng with strong killing intent, Ghost Elder knew that the reason why he has fallen into this situation is completely because of this person. As long as he can swallow him (LZS), he won’t have to be afraid of the other person, even if this young man is really that Zhang Daoling!

It's just that while the idea is good, but it is too difficult to implement because Ghost Elder found that Lin Zisheng seemed to have a kind of air current protecting around him, and his attacks had no effect on Lin Zisheng at all.

"As long as I can control the array, no one can attack me. Similarly, there is no way to leave here either." Lin Zisheng smiled. Though his face getting paler and paler, there is strong confidence in his smile. His self-confidence came not only from his self-confidence but also his trust in Zhang Daoling. Lin Zisheng believed that Zhang Daoling can finish the enemy within an hour!

After Zhang Daoling heard what Lin Zisheng said, Zhang Daoling swiped his finger at the golden coin sword, and a smear of blood appeared on the surface. Using blood as a sacrifice to the sword, Zhang Daoling is getting serious now.

When Ghost Elder saw this, he can’t help feeling the hatred in his heart. This is the same as last time. In order to get rid of him, Zhang Daoling used his blood as an offering to the sword and almost destroyed his soul. Fortunately, Ghost Elder is clever enough and managed to escape, though with serious injuries. And now, this Zhang Daoling wanted to do it again?!

"Zhang Daoling, your luck in this lifetime is not as good as your last life!" Now that he has the girl with Heavenly yin, how could Ghost Elder be defeated like in his last life?!

Lin Zisheng instantly understood what Ghost Elder meant, and swiftly stood in front of Bai Manman to block Ghost Elder's attack, while enduring the pressure.

[Host-daren, if you save Bai Manman like this, her fate will be the same as what we saw in the plot. Then, your mission will fail!] 001 screamed after seeing Lin Zisheng's reaction. What happened to host-daren, he actually gives himself up to save the female lead?!

Lin Zisheng didn't answer 001’s words, but remained standing in front of Bai Manman with a smile on his face. Golden light appeared on his palms, blocking Ghost Elder's attack.

The current Lin Zisheng is different from the original Ying Qingxuan. Ying Qingxuan has already given up most of his vitality, so he can’t activate his bloodline at all. That’s why he will be defeated by Ghost Elder in the plot but Lin Zisheng’s strength is different from Ying Qingxuan's. 001 also realized the difference, and can't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

But Zhang Daoling didn't know this at all. When he saw Lin Zisheng blocking in front of Bai Manman, he thought his heartbeat almost stopped. There is also a faint sour-ish pang in his heart. She is just a traitor, why Qingxuan protected her with so much effort?!

After a moment's stupefaction, Zhang Daoling sensitively discovered that Lin Zisheng's face has become paler! At this moment, Zhang Daoling's actions acted faster than his mind. He rushed towards Lin Zisheng and dragged him out of the scope of the fight. As for Bai Manman, heh, she is just a bad person. How’s that matter to him?

"Are you crazy? Do you know that if you continue to block the attack, it will consume your lifespan?!" Although ghosts are not living creatures, they also have lifespans. If they exerted too much power of their lifespan, their soul will disappear.

"Can't… cough cough… can't let him get the Heavenly yin girl. Otherwise… otherwise we won't stand a chance against him..." Lin Zisheng's voice became much weaker, and he looked at Bai Manman worriedly. Of course, he is not worried about Bai Manman, but Ghost Elder increasing his power after swallowing her.

"So what if he really swallowed Bai Manman? He still doesn't stand any chance of winning." Seeing that Lin Zisheng still cared about Bai Manman, Zhang Daoling really wanted to wake him up, "Using so much to protect a traitor, is your life that worthless?!"

Zhang Daoling's words deeply agitated Bai Manman. To hear the person she admired and loved the most saying such words, Bai Manman felt like something has broken into pieces inside...

"See, they won't save you, they don't care about your life or death at all," Ghost Elder watched this scene with mockery. His eyes are full of disdain as he said, "So what if you like that person? Yes, he will never put you in his eyes."

Right now, Bai Manman looked like a doll that has lost its soul, leaving only an empty shell.

"So, give me your body ba. I will avenge you." Ghost Elder's voice is full of enticement, and he looked at Bai Manman with deep eagerness in his eyes.

As long as he can swallow this girl, he will be able to gain immense power. At that time, he is no longer a ghost, but a human being. What can Zhang Daoling as a Heavenly Master do then?

"Ah Ling, stop him!" Seeing Bai Manman's eyes become more and more unfocused, Lin Zisheng knew that Ghost Elder is about to succeed. If so, this array won’t have any effect anymore.

"It's okay." Zhang Daoling shook his head slightly. He turned to look at Ghost Elder with sarcasm in his eyes as if he is looking at someone who is trying to kill himself.

At this moment, Lin Zisheng doesn't know if it is an illusion or something else. He felt a familiar feeling from this person as if he had known this person before.

Ghost Elder laughed when he heard Zhang Daoling's words. Originally he thought that this Zhang Daoling is the person he used to know, but now it seems that he is just someone with the same name. How could that Zhang Daoling do such a stupid thing? For Ghost Elder, everything went very smoothly, except that when he is about to completely swallow Bai Manman, she awoke in the middle. However, this is not a problem at all for the Ghost Elder. With a few moves, he tore apart the soul of Bai Manman who started struggling and swallowed her.

Looking down at his brand new body, Ghost Elder has a triumphant smile on his face. Hehe, he has finally become a human. No, not just a human, but also someone who has a lot of ghostly energy on his body. If he cultivates a bit more, sooner or later, he will be able to reign over 3 realms at will! Thinking of this, Ghost Elder turned his greedy gaze on Lin Zisheng again. Zhang Daoling is no longer attractive to him. The rich smell of true dragon blood on Lin Zisheng made him felt eager instead. Originally, Ghost Elder thought Lin Zisheng had no power and possessed just a little bit of true dragon’s blood. But after obtaining the power of the girl with Heavenly yin, he understood that he had misunderstood from the beginning. Lin Zisheng is not an offspring from a human with a descendant of a race containing true dragon’s blood, but he himself is a real horned dragon - the race closest to a true dragon!

"It should be over soon." Noticing Ghost Elder’s greedy eyes, Zhang Daoling suddenly felt displeased. In his heart, he thought that this ‘person’ should just disappear as soon as possible!

"Over?" As if he heard something funny, Ghost Elder laughed out loud and looked at Zhang Daoling, "Yes, it is indeed going to be over, but the last person standing is not you!"

Only after Ghost Elder finished saying this, he felt something is wrong. He felt a tingling sensation on his body as if countless ants are burrowing under the skin. The excruciating pain caused his face to change to a painful expression, "What's going on?!"

Of course, this is not the end, but the beginning. Slowly, large purplish-red spots appeared on his body. This is...

"This is corpse spots (Livor mortis), I think you should know it." Zhang Daoling's tone is still so indifferent, but with an infuriating tone.

"Impossible, why are corpse spots appearing?!" At this moment, Ghost Elder found that he didn't know what is wrong with the body; it is decaying rapidly. What's more frightening is he discovered that his soul is following the body’s deterioration and became increasingly weaker.

"Because Bai Manman is already dead from the beginning. In fact, when she first got attacked by a ghost, she had already died under the claws of the ghost, and even her soul was mostly swallowed up," Zhang Daoling smiled as he looked at Ghost Elder like he is looking at some joke, "She is just a remnant soul I made to stay behind with a forbidden technique."

Not needing any explanation, Ghost Elder can understand what’s going on. It happened due to his negligence. When he saw the girl with Heavenly yin, he already sensed that something is wrong with her, but he was fascinated by her power so he dismissed the feeling. It's too late to regret it now...

Watching as the ‘person’ decays with the body, Zhang Daoling's face has a pity expression, "Everything is over..."

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