Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.10 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

At this point, whether it is Lin Zisheng or Zhang Daoling, they have already understood what happened. No, maybe it should be said that ‘the other half of the shoes have finally fallen to the ground’, giving them the feeling that everything is as per expected. Although they have been telling themselves that Bai Manman is afraid of ghosts and will not have anything to do with Ghost Elder, in fact, they both guessed that Bai Manman might have done this. No, it should be said that Lin Zisheng and Zhang Daoling have decided that Bai Manman is the one who did it.

"Qingxuan, I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't do this, but I just want to protect what I want, I'm sorry." Bai Manman looked at Lin Zisheng with a pale face. She knew that what she did is indeed deplorable. But she can’t bear to watch Zhang Daoling getting into an accident.

"It's okay, I can understand." Lin Zisheng looked at Bai Manman softly. There isn’t a shred of anger on his face but a peaceful smile.

"Are you really not blaming me?" Looking at Lin Zisheng, who seemed to be not angry, Bai Manman's tears fell and she asked, "Qingxuan, you have forgiven me, right?"

Lin Zisheng nodded. He still had a gentle smile on his face to tell the other party that he did not blame her at all, "Yes, I forgive you." Because selfishness is human nature. Acting on your own selfish desire which hurts others, isn’t that what humans do most often?

Hearing what Lin Zisheng said, Bai Manman hugged her body and began to cry, her whole body felt limp. Although she forced herself to do such a thing, how could there be no guilt in her heart? And now, she heard that Lin Zisheng is not blaming her, that’s good. Bai Manman sat on the ground trembling for a long time before gaining a little strength. Then, she slowly stood up and looked at Ghost Elder beside her, "I have done my part, why don't you let Daoling go?"

Seeing Zhang Daoling is still standing in the formation, Bai Manman only felt heartache. Although the formation is aimed at Lin Zisheng, it didn’t mean that Zhang Daoling is not affected, at least being in the formation won't feel any comfortable at all.

"Let go? When did this Elder say to let him go?" After hearing Bai Manman's words, Ghost Elder looked at her funnily with a smile in his tone, as if he had heard some funny joke. He continued, "Zhang Daoling is a Heavenly Master (exorcist), the enemy of this Elder. You ask me to let him go? Right, I’ll let him go so he can come after this Elder later on?"

Right from the beginning, Ghost Elder has never thought about letting Zhang Daoling go, but he didn’t expect the other party (ZDL) to be so stupid. His prey actually sent himself to the door. Originally, Ghost Elder only wanted to catch one (LZS), but the other party had to offer him a buy 1 get 1 free. Why wouldn’t he accept it?

"You! You went back on your words!" At this point, how could Bai Manman not understand that she has been used by Ghost Elder? Originally, she thought that as long as Lin Zisheng is captured, she and Daoling would be able to live happily. But now, she simply ‘helped other people to make their wedding dress’ (English equivalent - cat’s paw)!

"Ghost talk, ghost talk..." Lin Zisheng looked at the two who had made a deal and raised his eyebrows slightly, there is a slight sarcasm in his clear eyes. The sarcasm is not strong, but because of his clear eyes, people can't help but feel ashamed, "How can you believe the ghost's words?"

Isn't the saying ‘try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice; go for wool and come back shorn’ practically talk about Bai Manman’s situation right now? She originally thought that as long as she did according to the transaction, she would be able to stay with Zhang Daoling for a lifetime. But now, the fact is she can't get anything out of it and end with Zhang Daoling hating her. Because in his eyes, she is a traitor.

"What you said is not wrong," Ghost Elder did not refute after hearing Lin Zisheng's words. "How can you believe the words of ghosts? From the olden time, isn't ghosts the best at telling lies?"

Ghost Elder stood outside the formation and looked at Lin Zisheng with a smile on his face, "Now, I’ll give you a chance. Tell me if you have any last words. You can make any request like even if you want revenge and want to kill this person (BMM), I will help you."

After hearing what Ghost Elder said, Bai Manman's eyes are full of disbelief. Why could he say such a thing?

"Still don’t understand? There is no difference between dealing with ghosts and asking a tiger for its skin. Moreover..." Lin Zisheng glanced at Bai Manman up and down, and then said with a pity, "In fact, he never thought to let go any of us from the beginning. Heavenly yin girl is also a rare treasure."

A yin girl is someone who is born in a yin month and year. If their birthday coincides with the Qingming festival or Zhongyuan Festival (Ghost Festival), then the girl’s yin aura will be even stronger. Then, she is no longer a yin girl, but a heavenly yin girl. This kind of body is also a rare tonic, so how could Ghost Elder give up?

After Ghost Elder heard Lin Zisheng's words, his expression became serious. If Lin Zisheng didn't know anything, he could rest assured. But now Lin Zisheng mentioned about Heavenly yin girl, that means he knew everything?

"You know about Heavenly yin girl?" Ghost Elder had a sullen face, and his gaze is murderous. He should have thought about that. Since this person has the true dragon’s bloodline and has activated it, then he must have gained the inheritance of the true dragon!

"Naturally." Lin Zisheng still has a shallow smile on his face, but at this moment, he is no longer standing stiffly on the ground. Lin Zisheng slowly floated in the air just like how he acted outside the formation, seemingly unbound by the influence of the magic array.

"You knew what formation this is!" Ghost Elder's tone is affirmative, not a questioning tone. By now, he understands what happened. Ghost Elder originally thought that his strategy worked and he had the opponent in his hand, but now it seems that the situation is completely the opposite. It seemed that he got outwit by Lin Zisheng by an unexpected move.

"Of course I know what the formation is. Bai Manman didn’t tell you that I’m from the Association of Heavenly Masters? The crime scene photos here must be delivered to me right away upon discovery. How difficult is it for Mount Longhu to recognize a formation?" The person who answered this time is not Lin Zisheng but Zhang Daoling.

How could Ghost Elder not know that these two people were acting together just now?! Ghost Elder knows that the current situation is very unfavorable for him. If he forcefully fights 2-on-1, he will not win. Hence, ‘avoiding confrontation’ is the most correct choice. He’ll just make do with the Heavenly yin girl today. Although she is not as good as Lin Zisheng and his true dragon bloodline, but she is still a great tonic. After swallowing the Heavenly yin girl, he will be able to go against these two people! Ghost Elder's gaze flickered. He moved to grab Bai Manman and escape from the two people away. When they meet next time, he’ll see who is the final winner.

It’s just that before Ghost Elder could act on it, the formation at Lin Zisheng’s feet suddenly expanded, covering Bai Manman and Ghost Elder. The next moment, black shadows suddenly seeped out from the lines of the formation. When all the individuals are shrouded, the black shadows disappeared, and everyone in the villa disappeared, leaving only the bloody formation on the ground.

"This..." Zhang Daoling is a little confused, looking at the void around him. Where is this place?

"This is the inside of the Demon Binding Array. Maybe I should say this is the real form of the Demon Binding Array." Lin Zisheng explained in a low voice. Now sure why, Zhang Daoling thought he heard a hint of depression in his voice.

"Hmph, I didn't think you actually dragged us into the array," Ghost Elder's voice sounded endlessly proud, "I thought you are a clever person, but I didn't expect to be so stupid, don't you know..."

In an instant, Ghost Elder who wanted to say something froze on the spot, looking at Lin Zisheng incredulously, "Where is the qi of yin in the formation?! Why did it disappear?!"

At this moment, Ghost Elder discovered that something is wrong with the array. Since the Demon Binding Array is used to seal ghosts, the creator won’t let the ghosts die so easily because sometimes, death is a liberation. In order to keep the sealed ghosts ‘alive’ in the array, the inside of this magic array is full of qi of yin, which can guarantee that the ghosts will not dissipate.

And in this array, Ghost Elder attached some of his spirit essences, so the array should belong to him. After absorbing the qi of yin in the formation, the whole demon-binding array will completely obey his command. At that time, Ghost Elder can use this array to refine Zhang Daoling and Ying Qingxuan. But he didn't expect that things would go completely different from what he had imagined, this place didn’t listen to him at all.

"Are... are you looking for this thing?" Lin Zisheng stretched out a hand, and a drop of red blood appeared on his fair palm. If one looks closely, the drop of blood is lightly shrouded in a dark aura. This thing is the essence of Ghost Elder’s spirit.

"How did you find it?!" Ghost Elder thought his strategy is quite hidden that they shouldn't be able to find it!

Lin Zisheng chuckled and shook his head, "I have been sealed in the Demon Binding Array for thousands of years. You think there will be anyone in this world who knows this Demon Binding Array better than me?" Lin Zisheng's face looked a little pale at this moment. Although he said that he understood the formation, but it is still quite troublesome to suppress it.

Zhang Daoling slowly stood in front of Lin Zisheng after seeing Lin Zisheng’s gesture. He stared at the black shadow not far away who has a bitter expression on his face. A small golden light slowly emerged from Zhang Daoling’s palm. The light spot becomes bigger after floating out of his palm and finally becomes a 2-foot-long golden coin sword.

"Ah Ling, you only have an hour. If you can't finish him within an hour, then you will have to fight while being crushed by the yin energy." The pressure coming from all directions made Lin Zisheng felt like he might get crushed at any time.

"En, got it." After saying this, Zhang Daoling faced Ghost Elder not far away and said, "The grievances between you and my Mount Longhu for so many years should be settled today!" Next, Zhang Daoling's domineering aura ascended steadily. For an instant, it seemed that the young man in front of Ghost Elder is not the Heavenly Master with a poisonous tongue, but more like the Master Zhang who created the Dao of ZhengyiZhang Daoling.

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