Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.04 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

Lin Zisheng blinked and looked at this girl who is shyly looking at him with blushing cheeks. A strong disdain flashed deep in his eyes. If they are following the progress of the plot, this Bai Manman should already have a good impression of Zhang Daoling at this moment. Then why is she looking at him(LZS) like a blushing maiden?

[Host-daren, the information given by the main system is only the general direction of the world/plot and not the exact progress.] 001 seemed to sense Lin Zisheng's thoughts so it explained to him.

Although the main system understands everything in this world, it can’t narrow it down to everyone specifically, especially concerning emotions.

[Moreover, the perspective of each world is from the perspective of the female lead.]

Hearing that, Lin Zisheng finally understood the off feeling he felt after experiencing 2 worlds. According to the information given to him by 001, although the white lotus in every world is not likable, they will not end in a tragic end. But in reality, the white lotus he saw is much more disgusting than the information given! Right now, he understood that the information given by 001 is entirely from the perspective of the white lotus. Hence, there won’t be any too negative information about the female lead, so it will inevitably be somewhat different from what he sees.

"Are you really... a ghost?" Although Lin Zisheng's transparent body could be seen through the candlelight, Bai Manman still couldn't believe it, because it was the first time she saw such a beautiful ghost.

Lin Zisheng did not say anything but continued to float in the air; staring at the two people indifferently.

Just when Bai Manman wanted to say something, Zhang Daoling spoke first, "Why are you here, and how long have you stayed here?"

"I don't remember." Lin Zisheng's voice sounded a little low. It echoes in this somewhat empty place, "Really... it's been too long."

After Zhang Daoling heard such words, a slight emotion flashed on his face. He could feel that what this ‘person’ said is true because the sadness on his body is truly undeniable.

"Have you ever thought of leaving here?" Perhaps it is because of the dead-like loneliness from this ‘person’, Zhang Daoling relaxed his guard and subconsciously asked this question.

Lin Zisheng blinked after hearing the question. With a bitter smile on his face, he replied, "I have no way to leave..."

The slightly sad voice made Zhang Daoling and Bai Manman feel a touch of pitifulness in their hearts.


Early in the morning, the sun shone into the room through the gaps in the curtains. Lin Zisheng stared at the young man lying on the bed who had not yet woken up, with a smile on his face. This is Zhang Daoling's bedroom. The layout inside is very similar to that of his(ZDL) personality. It is clean, simple, and has a very direct feeling, but it doesn't make people feel uncomfortable. Thinking of what happened yesterday, Lin Zisheng still felt a little amused. Exorcist and ghost are on opposing sides to each other. Yet, this person decided to take him in after hearing what he said. Didn't he know that the yin aura emitted from a ghost could erode humans’ souls?

[Host-daren, Zhang Daoling's body is very special. He has an innately pure yang body that no evil things can approach.] 001 is very sure about this because this kind of bloodline can be redeemed in the points shop.

"Are you trying to say that I’m actually not a ghost?" Lin Zisheng floated to Zhang Daoling's side, lying in front of the bed with both his hands on his chin. Then he stared intently at the person who is still sleeping.

As expected of the male lead, his appearance is really exquisite. He doesn’t appear to be feminine at all even though his appearance is exquisite. It is a kind of handsomeness that is mixed with a soft feeling, which makes people feel very comfortable at first glance.

Perhaps because Lin Zisheng's gaze is too ‘hot’, the sleeping Zhang Daoling couldn't stand the strength of that gaze, and slowly opened his eyes. Just that he saw an enlarged face after he opened his eyes and it shocked him.

"You, why are you here?!" Daoling usually slept alone, so to see a big face suddenly appearing in front of him, it is a miracle that he didn't get scared to some mental illness.

"You brought this noble one back yesterday." Lin Zisheng blinked. His eyes are full of innocence as if to say, it was you who brought me back so why are you asking me such a question?

Zhang Daoling pinched his eyebrows. Of course he knew that he brought this person back, but the question is, "Why didn’t you go to sleep? Don't you know that people scaring people will lead them to their death?"

What Zhang Daoling couldn't think of is that after he finished saying this, a sad expression slowly appeared on Lin Zisheng’s face. Then he replied after a moment, "This noble one... hasn't experienced how it feels like to sleep for a long time."

Unlike people, ghosts don't need to sleep. To them, sleep is an extravagant experience.

At this time, Zhang Daoling had understood his mistake and wanted to say something to remedy it. But he realized that no matter what he says, it seemed so powerless. And so, after Zhang Daoling cleaned up the room and ate breakfast, he hurried to the classroom. To Zhang Daoling's expectation, the person who had been asking for trouble with him did not come today.

"Daoling, morning." Not long after Zhang Daoling entered the classroom, Bai Manman also walked into the classroom, "You..."

"Ying Qingxuan." As if knowing that Bai Manman hadn't remembered his name, Lin Zisheng repeatedly his name to her.

"Qingxuan, morning." Hearing Lin Zisheng's answer, Bai Manman narrowed her eyes and smiled. Receiving a reply from him made her feel very happy.

Bai Manman's appearance is very good, at least it’s a bit better than Bai Wei from the previous world. So when she smiled, she looked even more beautiful, making everyone in the classroom look at her. Some are to admire her beauty, but more is to stare at her in fear.

Just now...who is Bai Manman greeting?

At this moment, many people recall Bai Manman's nickname - Ghost-eyed Witch. According to many people, they said that Bai Manman seems to be able to see ghosts. So... was she saying hello to a ghost just now? Thinking of this, everyone started to feel uncomfortable. To think that there are ghosts in the classroom in broad daylight. This, this is simply too terrifying!

Just as everyone is whispering about the presence of ghosts in the classroom, a person walked in from the door. It’s the person who had been at odds with Zhang Daoling. Today, as soon as he entered the door, he heard people talking about strange things. In his heart, he believed that all this are just Zhang Daoling's act of sensationalism. Hence, he felt disdainful and asked, "Master Zhang, what is it today? You brought a ghost to class?"

Hearing the familiar voice and tone, Zhang Daoling wanted to ignore it as usual. He has seen so many people talking to him like this. The more he argues back, the more intense the other party will be. The best way is to deal with it coldly, to exude a strong feeling from the heart that says ‘I don't want to have anything to do with you, so stay away from me’.

Lin Zisheng on the side is staring at the stupid-looking bitter man in amusement and mourned for him in his heart. Didn’t he know that the exorcist in this world is the least person to provoke? Although they are low-key, it doesn’t mean that they have no means to do something to other people.

"Ah Ling, don't you want to teach that person a lesson?" When Lin Zisheng saw Zhang Daoling looking resigned, he started to doubt whether Zhang Daoling is a Holy father?

"There is no need to pay attention to this kind of clown," Zhang Daoling said. After hesitating a few minutes, he then added, "If you want to play, he’s yours as long as you don't kill or cause permanent disablement on him."

Come to think about it, Zhang Daoling is indeed annoyed to see this person yapping around!

In class, everyone is sitting in their seats. Only one person is floating in the air, looking at the bitter man with serious disdain. The person’s yang qi is almost gone, and the aura on his body is quite chaotic. Obviously, he is no longer a virgin. Moreover, having more than one person’s aura on his body made Lin Zisheng understand that this person's private life should be quite rotten.

For Lin Zisheng, dealing with such a person couldn't be easier. He doesn't even have to do anything terrible. He just floated beside the man for a while, and then blew a ghostly breath. Although ghost energy does not kill people, it has a very interesting effect which is to make people suffer from bad luck. It’s the kind where even drinking water can get something stuck at your teeth, or a simple fart can cause one to sprain their waist. In short, it is very unlucky.

Zhang Daoling raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw the thin black air pervading the bitter man. It seemed that this ghost that he brought back is not simple. Normal ghosts can’t control to that degree when they use ghost qi, but Lin Zisheng can master it very well. That little ghost qi can both teach the man some lesson but at the same time, he wouldn’t be able to find out that his bad luck is caused by ghosts.

All in all, right now both Lin Zisheng and Zhang Daoling only need to watch the show.

Finally, after the whole morning, Zhang Daoling fully understood the extent of the effect brought by the so-called bad luck. During the lunch break, one person and one ghost went to the rooftop to eat lunch.

"Ying Qingxuan, how did you die?" Zhang Daoling asked while eating lunch.

For a ghost, it is very impolite to ask them how they died. So after Zhang Daoling asked the question, his heart was full of regret. It is very cruel to make someone who has died to recall how they died. However, to his surprise, Lin Zisheng slowly replied after a short moment of silence, "Actually, I can't remember things as it has been so long ago. My only memory is being locked in that small box. In here, I was sealed and motionless. In that environment, how could I still remember things so far away?"

Truth to be told, Lin Zisheng didn’t lie as he is speaking out the emotions from the real Ying Qingxuan’s heart. Because people are greedy for his flesh and blood, he was caught. His nerves were pulled out, his skin was peeled, and then he was sealed in a tied box. As for other people, no one bother to help.

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