Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.03 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

Contrary to Lin Zisheng's expectation, Zhang Daoling did not appear immediately but only came half a month later to his sealed house-now the famous haunted house. That's right, now. Just half a month ago, only sages could feel that there seemed to be something ghostly lingering there, but in just half a month, Lin Zisheng turned this place into a haunted house. Originally, from it outside it only looked like a slightly dated residence. However, the house is now covered in a ghostly aura. Let alone at night, even when the sun is shining during the day, passers-by will speed up their pace, for fear of something unclean will attach to them.

Under such circumstances, Zhang Daoling came to this "haunted house". Of course, Bai Manman is also with him.

"Dao, Daoling, let's not go in, okay?" Bai Manman hid behind Zhang Daoling, clutching his clothes hard while looking at the legendary ‘haunted house’ with tears swimming in her eyes. She looked like she is ready to flee at any time.

"Go back if you are afraid." Looking at Bai Manman like this, Zhang Daoling frowned. He came here today not to play, but to work. From the beginning, he already said that this place will be haunted, but Bai Manman insists on following.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I… I'm just a little scared, but it's okay," Bai Manman took a deep breath and tried to show a smile. But her condition doesn't look good now, and her face is as pale as paper." I'll get used to it in a while. I, I am your assistant, right?"

Since Zhang Daoling rescued Bai Manman once, in order to repay him, she desperately restrained her fear and became his assistant; hoping to help him. But what Bai Manman didn’t know was that her presence is practically useless to Zhang Daoling. Although he didn’t like cowardly people, he dislikes ignorant people more. In Zhang Daoling's eyes, Bai Manman is obviously the one who has no self-knowledge and will only hinder him. Sure enough, after Bai Manman followed Zhang Daoling into the house, she hid behind him and firmly grasped his clothes. Although Bai Manman tried her best to restrain her fear, her body still trembled slightly.

"Go outside and wait." At least Zhang Daoling won’t have to worry about what trouble she will cause him later.

It is not the first time that Zhang Daoling has taken Bai Manman to catch ghosts, so he is extremely familiar with her ability to hold him back. As long as she stays by his side, there is a very high chance that the difficulty of the task will increase. Sometimes Zhang Daoling will sarcastically mocked internally that it’s fortunate that he is an exorcist and not a tomb robber. Otherwise, if he takes her to a tomb, he might be able to enjoy the luxury package of ‘If there’s a coffin, something must rise from within’.

"Daoling, I'm really fine, I just... want to help you."

Finally, Bai Manman tried hard to restrain her inner fear and walked out from behind Zhang Daoling. She carefully followed him and walked forward slowly. Staring at the man’s back in front of her, Bai Manman’s eyes flashed with a firm look. She must overcome her fears and must help Daoling! Bai Manman has a secret that she has never told anyone, not even her parents. The only person in the world who knows her secret is Zhang Daoling. Bai Manman is afraid of ghosts not only because she is timid, but also because she can really see ghosts.

She was born prematurely. She is supposed to born in mid-May, but was prematurely delivered in early April. It happened to be during Qingming Festival too. Born weak and arrived at the world on such an inauspicious day, Bai Manman naturally could see those ghostly things. Even after she is an adult, Bai Manman can still vaguely see things that others can't. And her physique is more likely to attract the coveting of ghosts.

Just as the two people were walking forward one after another, a gust of cloudy wind blew up. Although it is still noon at this moment and the sun is still hanging in the sky, there’s no more warmth left.

"Hihihihi, our distinguished guest is at the door, so we should invite them in."

Just when Bai Manman shuddered from the wind, a woman's sharp laughter sounded. The voice is sharp and it pierced into their eardrums. Bai Manman then realized that unbeknownst to her, a line of people is standing not far in front, no, it is a line of ghosts!

"AHHH! Ther.. there is..." Bai Manman couldn't help the fear in her heart anymore and scream.

"Shut up!" Zhang Daoling couldn’t contain his anger anymore. Although these ghosts appeared abruptly, he could still feel that the other party is not malicious. However, Bai Manman screamed out loud so he doesn't know how much trouble it will cause.

"I’m... I'm sorry." After being frightened by the ghost and getting shouted at by Zhang Daoling, Bai Manman's eyes have turned red. She didn't want to be afraid, but the appearance of those ghosts is really scary!

The leader female ghost in red looked like she was severely split by something from the left side of her neck, and the squirming internal organs are visible. The skin of the 2nd male ghost had all been stripped off, leaving only bright red muscles. The 3rd female ghost's neck was chopped off in half, and her severed head shook with her movements. The 4th, 5th... until the 7th, and this 7th ghost can no longer be distinguished its gender. ‘He’ seems to have died in a car accident, and left only a pool of squirming flesh and blood. How could Bai Manman, who is originally timid, not scream when she saw this scene?

"Hee hee, our Lord is waiting for you in the inner room. Dear distinguished guests, please come with me." The female ghost who had just spoken earlier said to the two people again and then walked in front, leading them towards the inner room.

Red clothing… laughing ghost, this ghost is generally fierce. What kind of ‘person’ can control such a fierce spirit?

On their way to the inner room, Zhang Daoling and Bai Manman could thoroughly experience the feeling of seeing a flurry of demons. Originally Zhang Daoling thought that there are only a few ghosts here, but now he realized that he thought it too positively. He doesn’t know why there are so many ghosts gathered here. Although they are obediently ‘working’ here now, there is no guarantee that the ghosts will always be content with the status quo. If they want to do anything, it will be a catastrophe for mankind!

"Hehe, my lord is inside. Dear guests, please." The female ghost has a smile on her face, but her tone is extraordinarily tough. Zhang Daoling knows that if they don't go in obediently, then today they will end up becoming a member of this haunted house.

"Daoling, I'm afraid." The closer Bai Manman gets to the door, the more frightened Bai Manman is. Now her heart is full of regret. She should have waited outside just now.

Of course, Zhang Daoling ignored Bai Manman’s words completely. Taking a deep breath, Zhang Daoling pushed the door and walked in, and Bai Manman followed. Just after entering the room, everything inside surprised both of them. Because this room is completely different from what they had imagined. They originally thought that after opening the door, they would see a ghostly dark room with no sunlight. Instead, they saw a completely different scene. No, maybe this place can no longer be called a room, but a space.

What they see is a huge lake. A covered bridge curved several times and finally reached a pavilion in the middle of the lake. In the pavilion, sits a white-clothed man. The man’s head is lowered and his fingertips are gently strumming the strings of the guqin. Although they couldn't see his face clearly, the elegance emitted from the man’s body made the two understand that this man will not be any commoner.

"What a beautiful person." Perhaps because Bai Manman didn't see the horrible scene that she imagined, she has relaxed a little. And at this moment, she even got attracted by the graceful figure.

"No matter who your Excellency is, since you have invited us, should you show us your true face?"

Unlike Bai Wei, Zhang Daoling knew that he had fallen into the opponent's illusion at the moment he entered the room. Everything he sees now is not real.

After hearing Zhang Daoling’s words, the man in white chuckled and raised his head. In an instant, the surrounding space seemed to have collapsed, shattered to powder. After a while, Zhang Daoling found himself in a dark room. The only thing that can illuminate the room seems to be the 2 joss sticks on the table. With the help of the faint light of the joss stick, Zhang Daoling looked around in the room. This room seemed to be extraordinarily empty. There’s only a pinewood table placed against the wall with a pair of joss sticks burning on it. Apart from that, there’s a red sandalwood box in the middle of the joss stick. The box is not big, about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide, but it feels unusually heavy. And hovering above the box is a human figure that is flickering slightly.

The person simply floated in the air like this, as if he is not afraid to scare the people. He rested one hand on his cheek, while his other hand pinched a lock of long hair and gently circled it with his fingertips. The person’s demeanor looked lazy and comfortable. His pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes are slightly narrowed. His thin lips are pressed lightly, but the corners of his mouth are curved in a shallow arc. The smile is not deep, but it gave people a sense of rebelliousness.

"Who are you?" Looking at the extraordinarily enchanting man, Zhang Daoling's brow furrowed deeper and deeper. Especially when he saw the flamboyant red dress on the man’s body, the guard in his heart rose to the highest alert. Ghost with red clothing is usually a fierce spirit. Although this person looked lazy and comfortable, he is by no means simple!

"This noble one is Ying Qingxuan." Lin Zisheng said lazily while looking at the young man and the woman behind him. His eyebrows are raised high, are these two the male and female lead?

They seem... very interesting.

Sensing Lin Zisheng's inner thoughts, 001 silently lit a total of 512 extra-large flame-resistant candles for the two leads in its heart.

001: Hehe, 3 seconds of silence for these 2 poor sap. Anyone who arouses the interest of its host-daren is out of the luck!

"So beautiful..." Bai Manman, who had been hiding behind Zhang Daoling, is full of admiration after seeing Lin Zisheng. She originally thought that ghosts are all very eerie-looking and terrifying, but she did not expect that there are such beautiful ghosts.

And after seeing this scene, 001 couldn't help but once again lit a row of candles for the poor female lead in its heart. Foolish human, don't you know that beautiful flowers are either filled with thorns or poisonous?

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