Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.02 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

After the Ghost Elder disappeared, the young man who fell on the ground finally gained enough strength to get up. With shaky hands, he took out an inch-long object from his arms. After the light dissipated, it turned into a golden coin sword that is about 2 feet long.

"I am saved by you again." The young man slowly spoke while looking at the golden coin sword in his hand. His tone was low, but carrying a touch of familiarity; seeming to be facing an old friend.

For the young man, this golden coin sword is indeed an old friend. His parents said before that this golden coin sword has been kept with him since he was born. For so many years, it can be said that the young man grew up safe and sound due to the golden coin sword’s protection. Gently touching the body of the sword, the young man watched as the sword gradually shrink. After the sword turned into a pendant again, the young man swiftly left. As for the platform, someone would come to help him deal with it.


"Zhang Daoling, Master Zhang, you went to catch ghosts again last night? Why are you so listless?" A spiteful voice sounded behind the young man.

The young man called Zhang Daoling turned to glance at the man and he sneered in his heart. This man's ophryon (area between eyebrows) is dark, so the man will surely get entangled with misfortune these days. Looking at the shade of the darkness, Zhang Daoling afraid the man’s bad luck will not stop unless blood is shed. He doesn't need to bother to pay attention to such a person.

But Zhang Daoling's reluctance to engage does not mean that the person will stop talking. The man even increases his ridicule when he saw that Zhang Daoling is not saying anything, "Master Zhang, you need to know how to be a person, and only clowns like to do things like grandstanding (behaving in a showy manner)!"

At this moment, a petite girl ran in from outside, "Dao, Daoling, there’s a letter for you!"

The girl's appearance is delicate, she has a pair of willow-leaf eyebrows, round apricot eyes, a small nose, and a delicate mouth. The characteristics don't look beautiful by themselves, but when combined, they strangely made a beauty. In addition to that, her pair of big eyes have a bit of shyness and timidness. It makes people want to protect her under their wings so that her life will be safe and smooth without any harm.

The spiteful man looked stunned as he stared at the girl running in. His eyes were full of coveting intentions. At the same time, he gets even more jealous. That Zhang Daoling is obviously someone who chase after fame and reputation. To make such a little beauty following after him and comes at his beck and call, it’s really hateful!

Taking the letter from the girl's hand, Zhang Daoling frowned when he saw the symbol on the envelope. It turned out to be from the Association of Heavenly Masters again, which is the third time this month.

"I got it. Thank you, Bai Manman." Although Zhang Daoling expressed his thanks, his voice is still so cold, as if Bai Manman is just a random stranger and not a beautiful girl in front of him.

"No, no need for thanks, I, I just bring it along the way." After saying this, Bai Manman's face showed a trace of blush and there is obvious joy in her eyes.

When the spiteful man saw this, strong indignance flashed in his eyes. Just as he is about to spout sarcasm again, Zhang Daoling raised his head and looked at the man, as if he is looking at something dead. The spiteful man even had a feeling that if he speaks now, he might really become a dead being.

While Zhang Daoling and the spiteful man secretly going against each other, Lin Zisheng and 001 on the other side are quarreling in the open.

[Ho ho ho host, this time it’s really not my fault, I, I, I, I, I don’t know how things will be like this!] 001's voice is a little panicked, reverberating continuously in this small and dark space.

"Hehe." Lin Zisheng didn't answer but sneered.

You have been attacked by the host’s ‘Hehe’ attack, critical damage -100,000.

[Host-daren, you have to believe me. I really don’t know that such a thing will happen, I didn’t mean it!]

After teleporting to this world, 001 realized what a big mistake it had made. It is not known what caused the error but the time the host got transmitted is 3 years earlier than the time the plot starts. When 001 wanted to take Lin Zisheng to jump into 3 years later, it discovered that the system’s transfer function refused to start, as if they are sealed by something.

"You said that 3 years ago." Lin Zisheng's voice had a soft smile, but 001 did not feel relieved. After hearing this answer, 001 became even more frightened.

001: Host-daren, please do not get blackened!

Lin Zisheng: Hehe, dream on. Die!

Truth to be told, one can’t blame Lin Zisheng for making a fuss at 001 because 3 years is really not short. No matter who gets trapped forcibly, they will sure get irritable in the 3 years, especially in such a small space with no light and sound. If it weren't for 001 is here to speak with him every day, Lin Zisheng afraid he would have suffered a nervous breakdown.

[No, host-daren, this, this time, I really found the reason.] 001 has a hunch that if it doesn't comfort its host, its dear host-daren may really be blackened.

"Last chance."

[According to the time we calculated, the power of the second male lead’s soul, Ying Qingxuan has almost been exhausted. It is impossible for him to keep on until the male lead is close enough which his soul will scatter by then. So, the world sent you 3 years earlier to ensure the progress of the plot when Ying Qingxuan's soul has just begun to collapse.]

In fact, this information is not difficult to find, but the world seems to be extremely repulsive of its existence. 001 can't contact the main system at all. If it's not the time for the male lead to appear soon, 001 might still unable to contact the main system.

[There seems to be something that can isolate my signal transmission. So, only now I can get the answer from the main system.]

"What's the next plot?" Because he is trapped here, Lin Zisheng has no way to change the plot in advance, for example, to advance or postpone the time the male lead meeting the female lead.

[Today, the male lead Zhang Daoling received a letter from the Association of Heavenly Masters, and he will come here to eliminate ghosts within 3 days. The female lead Bai Manman will come with him.] 001 told Lin Zisheng of the current world progress, hoping that he could make preparations early.

"Zhang Daoling?" Lin Zisheng was taken aback when he heard that name.

Although he didn't like to read those xianxia stories, he still heard about the name Zhang Daoling before. The legendary founder of Way of the Celestial Masters (天师道), Master Daoling, don’t tell him that he’s the male lead of this world ba.

[Yes, the male lead's name is Zhang Daoling, but whether he is the reincarnation of the founder, the main system didn’t give any answer.]

Lin Zisheng didn't continue to ask. Right now, what he needs to solve is the task. As for who the male lead is, it has little to do with him. But, this place is also quite interesting. Although it is dark all around, Lin Zisheng can see himself and 001 clearly. His current outfit is what he wore when he left the last world, and it doesn't seem to be very suitable in this world.

Ying Qingxuan has been sealed in this place for many years, probably because he doesn't remember it himself; obviously, because he is an antique-level ghost. Thinking about this, Lin Zisheng's appearance slowly changed. His androgynous face became heroic and handsome, while his short hair stretched out quickly. It didn’t stop until the length touches the ground, and his casual white shirt changed to a big red robe. Him clad in red made Lin Zisheng looked a bit devilish. The corner of his mouth is slightly curved which looks a bit flamboyant, making people feel like this person is both righteous and evil at first glance. Just that, those eyes looked clear and dazed, with a bit of confusion.

001: ...

Is its host-daren equipped with some kind of strange skills?

At the moment, its host-daren has turned into Ying Qingxuan himself, the ghost was sealed for thousands of years because of his strength and wanton behavior, and gradually forgot everything. Because the time he got locked away is too long, Ying Qingxuan emptied his heart in order to protect his mind from collapsing. That’s why his mentality is like a piece of white paper; pure and ignorant.
How did its host-daren figure it out?!

"001, what exactly is this place? How did Ying Qingxuan get trapped here?" Now that 001 can connect with the main system, these questions can be answered with no problem.

[Host is now in a red sandalwood box. There is a powerful magic circle on the lid, which seals host inside. The reason why Ying Qingxuan can be sealed is because one of his rib bones is placed inside this sandalwood box.]

Ying Qingxuan's identity is a secret in this world, but 001 managed to get the answer from the main system, which also let Lin Zisheng know how sad this antique ghost is! Although Ying Qingxuan appears human, he is not really a human being, but a horned dragon. Although he has a part of the ‘true dragon’ bloodline, he cannot turn into a true dragon. Ying Qingxuan can barely be regarded as a ‘yao’ with a nobler bloodline. Because he acted too recklessly, Ying Qingxuan was hated by many humans. In the end, he couldn't avoid the fate of his nerves pulled out and skin peeled. In order to avoid Ying Qingxuan from coming back for revenge, even his yao soul is locked inside his rib bone and sealed in a sandalwood box. All in all, in Lin Zisheng's heart, Ying Qingxuan is a sad and pitiful male ghost. Even now, when he became this male ghost, Lin Zisheng felt that his demeanor is not good. Staring at the red robe on his body, Lin Zisheng suddenly had a different idea. Ghosts clad in red are usually fierce ghosts. Can he also play the role of a fierce ghost and kill off the male and female leads? Then the world will be over just like this.

[Warning to the host, warning to the host, please don't have such dangerous thoughts. Due to host being sealed for too long, right now you can only display less than 10% of your strength. If you attack the male and female leads, your soul will be obliterated immediately.]

001's attitude is serious. It’s not to scare Lin Zisheng, but to state the facts.

After Lin Zisheng heard 001's answer, he shrugged and didn’t look too disappointed. To be honest, 001's answer is completely in Lin Zisheng’s expectation, but...

Although he can't really kick the male and female lead out of the field, he can add a little trouble to them. Perhaps because the two are about to approach, the imprisonment on Lin Zisheng has become a lot lighter, as per info given by 001. Like the data said, Lin Zisheng is now able to attract wandering ghosts with his ghostly aura to add obstacles for the male and female leads.

Raw word count : 3194


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