Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1988: Master, please step up (Part 25)

[Guild] Summer: ……

Luo Qing Chen felt a bit embarrassed like she had been picked out!

Cheng Xing Xing didn’t feel embarrassed at all as she continued criticizing Fighting the World Together.

[World] Little Star Shining Bright: There will always be a place for people!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

With all this ridicule, the three plastic sisters couldn’t sit still anymore.

As the contracted of Sun God, Cute Darling gritted her teeth and planned to use all her meal money for tomorrow to buy several horns.

She was so angry that she sent several messages at once!

[Horn] Cute Darling: If I am a sunflower, then you are always the sun in my heart.  [Sun God’s profile].

[Horn] Cute Darling: A certain someone doesn’t need to be jealous!  So what if you have high battle power?  So what if you have the skills?  No one wants you still!

[Horn] Cute Darling: So what if you win?  If the most important person in your heart doesn’t love you, that truly is sad!


When these horns were sent, even a fool would know who Cute Darling was talking about.

But everyone seemed to have some thoughts about what she said.

After all, the one who broke the contract yesterday wasn’t Sun God, but rather Summer!

[World] Thinking of Autumn Wind: Did I remember wrong?  Wasn’t it Summer who broke off with Sun yesterday?

[World] A Small Bear: You’re not wrong!  It’s her brain that isn’t good!

[World] Our Memories: I’m laughing to death!  The sun and a sunflower, aiyo!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!


When Sun God saw his contracted being laughed at like this, he was filled with even more rage!

Before yesterday, he was the first class god that many girls in the game loved!  Why did he suddenly become someone that everyone mocked!

No!  It can’t be like this!  His character couldn’t collapse!  He had to pamper Cute Darling and become the image of a good man in the game.

[Horn] Sun God: Wife, love you!

[Horn] Cute Darling: Husband, I love you too!  Let those poor worms with no contracted envy us!

[World] Fairy Darling: Cute is right!  I feel sorry for those people who suck up to experts but can’t get them!

[World] Sweetheart Darling: Supporting Cute!

Seeing all these hypocritical words in world chat, Luo Qing Chen felt disgust as her arms were covered in goosebumps.

When she was about to angrily go to the cross server channel, that girl named Blossoming went to the horn channel first.

[Horn] Blossoming: The plastic sisters are here again!  I finally understand the words of the ancestors, things that are alike gather with one another.

Seeing Blossoming’s horn, Luo Qing Chen revealed a smile as she quickly typed something on her keyboard!

But before she could send it, there was a popup that appeared on her screen.

[Player Admiring the Moon invites you to his party!  Accept/Reject]

Luo Qing Chen clicked accept and then there was another popup that appeared.

[Player Admiring the Moon has summoned you to his side!  Accept/Reject]

Party summon, to where?

She wasn’t nervous when she clicked accept, just a bit confused.

But when she appeared by Admiring the Moon’s side, she felt her hand cover in a cold sweat.  She took a deep breath as her heart started beating fast.

Her mouse couldn’t help coming to the name on the map in the upper right corner: Contract Land.

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