Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1967: Master, please step up (Part 4)

The previous host didn’t even realize this after logging on the next day.

Until her apprentice added her as a friend, she said in a voice of understanding, “It’s like this!”

So it was her apprentice that knew her best.  A person that didn’t care about a mount that cost a thousand dollars, they wouldn’t be as terrible as the world said they were.

After receiving the care of her apprentice, the previous host was very pleased.

After all, in this ice cold game, there was someone who still truly believed in her.

She sent all her valuables to her apprentice and then went to delete her character.

For her, this game no longer had any meaning other than hatred.

She wanted to take revenge, she wanted to tear them apart, she wanted to expose their hypocrisy to the world!  She even wanted to go to their enemy guild ‘Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine’ to fight them.

But she knew that she couldn’t do this and those little white flowers were right about her.

In every battle, every dungeon, and every territory fight, she wasn’t any use at all.  She was a handicap.

She only wanted to be a casual player when she joined this game, browsing the scenery of the game and wearing the most beautiful clothes.

But she never thought that after meeting ‘Sun God’, she would be pulled into a battle guild.

How she wished that she could become a first class healer, but this was an illusion for her.

After deleting the game, she went out to drink at a bar, but she never thought that she would be in a car accident when she came back.

The moment before she died, the plot of the game «Heavenly Mandate» was on her mind.

If she could repeat her life, even her game life again, she would definitely become a first class healer.  The most important thing would be——

Tearing up the little white flowers and staying away from that scumbag!

[What does the host feel about this world?]

Un!  It feels like it’s challenging!  But I want to know, where is the male lead?

She had to admit that there was no male lead at all in the memories of the previous host.

Yes, not a single bit.

[The male lead’s name was on the display.  He is one of the experts in the Light Dream Server’s best guild, Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine!]

So it’s like this!  Isn’t that the guild the host wanted to join to take revenge on them?

It was seven months back, this was when the previous host had just entered a contract with Sun God and joined the Fighting the World Together’s cute girl group.

In fact, the first day the previous host joined the guild, she didn’t like the cute girl group that Sweetheart Darling led.

The rich guys were called big brothers and the girls would always flatter them.

Girls that had money were a different breed to them and they would be jealous of them!

Luo Qing Chen sat in front of the computer and looked at her character in the game.  This game felt really familiar to her and although it had been close to twenty worlds, she felt very excited to come back to it.

This time, she had job changed from the peerless Flowing Light to becoming a healer.

To be honest, she didn’t like the job of healer that much.  After all, healers could only heal and couldn’t kill people normally.

She looked at herself in the game wearing the white wedding dress with a title above her that said: Sun God·Together Forever.

This was the title that people received when they formed a soul contract with each other.

Without knowing why, she felt disgusted seeing it!  At this time, the ‘cute girl group’ of the guild spoke up.

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