Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1965: Master, please step up (Part 2)

Luo Qing Chen silently sorted through the previous host’s memories and was strangely excited.

It was something that hadn’t been seen in a long time…..an online game.

Moreover, it was an online game that made her feel nostalgic because in the beginning, she and Mu Qian Liu had met in this game.

The previous host was the daughter of the richest man in A City, with a very powerful family backing.

It was probably because real life was too boring since she was a rich young miss with everything, so there was nothing for her to do during normal days other than going to taste famous delicacies.

Coincidentally, at this time, Su Nan Nan who was also a rich miss was ‘emotionally hurt’ in this game.

Actually, it wasn’t considered much.  It was that Su Nan Nan had a crush on one of the gods in this game, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t gain the attention of the great god!

Because the great god was just…..too cold.

The previous host had been drinking and said that she would definitely get this cold man for her best friend and then decisively dump them.

It was a pity that in reality……the previous host didn’t even touch his hem when she fell into a scumbag’s ‘online harem world’!

Su Nan Nan’s male god was the number one light blade in the new server of the online game «Heavenly Mandate» who was said to have incredible skills.

Therefore, there were a lot of girls that were the same as Su Nan Nan who worshiped this god.  However, they could only watch from afar and couldn’t……play with them!

By the side of the great god, there would be many girls who were called ‘crying monsters’ on the web.

It had to be said, the previous host really was bad at games, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t a local tyrant.  The previous host directly bought thirty thousand dollars worth of coins and took the wings that all the local tyrants wore, the dark gold wings!

Even if she was a noob, if you were rich, there would be people willing to play with you even if your noobiness reached a point where it couldn’t be cured.

Since she had money, the previous host was able to easily enter the high level area of the new server.  With how bad she was, when she went into dungeons, she would always turn into a corpse.

When the men in the game saw that she was a girl and she had money, they naturally didn’t say anything.

But those girls who didn’t have money and saw that she got her wings even without skills had an illness when they saw her.

The name of that illness was jealousy!

Once they were infected, those little white flowers that only had a bit of skill and liked to act weak naturally started to spread rumours.

For example: There is a girl with some money in our guild!  She doesn’t have anything and can enter the high level dungeons, it really is a joke!

Or like: That Summer!  Her skills really are trash, but because she relies on Sun, she can enter the high level group!

Speaking of Sun, his ID was called Sun God.  He was a paladin with decent skills.

It was a pity that he only had decent skills and wasn’t a tyrant.  When the game reached max level, he only put in ninety dollars.

The rest, including the twenty eight thousand dollar wings he was wearing were all given to him by the previous host.

But no one in the game knew about this.

Although the previous host didn’t hesitate to spend money and acted slightly like a young miss, she was still a good person.

In order not to hurt Sun’s pride, she had never mentioned the matter of her paying for others, so the other people of the team never knew about this.

The previous host gradually turned from a girl with money to a girl who ‘was being carried by others’.

Of course, this wasn’t the worst thing.  The worst thing was that Sun was a complete scumbag!

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