Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1963: Side story: Some people are like rainbows, only understanding after meeting them (Part 3)

Actually I should thank Chen Li because when I needed help the most, he appeared by my side.

Although he did some very dumb things later, I didn’t fire him.

Did you think that the reason I didn’t fire him was because he was someone who was with me while I was hiding?

Then you’re very wrong.  I didn’t fire Chen Li because my wife…..didn’t agree!

Of course, her becoming my wife was something that happened long after.

After all, when I was in America, it was a kind of delusion.

The three years for her was like a snap of a finger, but every day was like a year for me.

I wanted to catch my enemies as soon as possible every day, but I knew that the faster it was, the less calm I would be.

However, I couldn’t control myself.  It was hard to sleep every night when I was in hiding and only in the few seconds of sleep, I would dream of her.

That pure white school uniform, that brown plaid skirt, that long hair that went to her shoulders, and the faint smile.

It really was warm in the dream, so warm that I didn’t want to wake up……

Finally, the heavens didn’t let me down and I found decisive evidence.  It turned out that my parents didn’t just leave me money, they also left evidence of bribes and threats of violence from those competitors.

In the end, I managed to catch them up and used the connections my parents left behind to start over.

Actually…..that wasn’t hard, or at least it wasn’t hard at all for me.

Half a year later, when the company had the ability to go public, there were of course people who asked me why I named the company QC.  During those times, my lips couldn’t help curling.

Because she was a dazzling queen in my eyes, just a warm beam of light that shined into my life.

And I was the one whose greatest wish was to put that crystal crown on her head.

Of course, it had another meaning which was that QC equaled Qing Chen.

In her name, I was able to bring out endless fighting spirit and work hard.

I hoped that when I could see her again, I would be dazzling, so I could match her.

Before coming back, I had secretly investigated her current job.

Actually, when I had sent the people who killed my parents to jail, I was thinking of ways to find information on her.

But I knew at that time that since I didn’t have any domestic connections, it was impossible.

My original phone number, I had thought that it had been shut down……

When I went to get that number again, I learned that someone had been helping me pay for three years.

Truly good……Luo Qing Chen really was a very, very good girl…..

After investigating, I knew that Sakura was only a second rate magazine in A City and she was just one of the editors in chief.

I suddenly felt that this didn’t match her.  Such an excellent person was only an editor in chief, did they not have eyes?

I bought that company without another word to create an excuse to approach her.

Facts proved that this excuse was quite good……

In that conference room, when I saw her surprised expression, when I saw everyone’s surprised expression, I felt strangely happy.

She just wanted to be dazzling and I was willing to let her be that way forever.

I just wanted to be a shadow because then I could keep chasing her……

Like the shadow chasing light and dreams……

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 32/100]

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