Quick Transmigration: Rescuing The Blackened Male Lead

Chapter 196: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (12)

He turned around with a slight frown, feeling a little vexed about having to take this troublesome thing back. However, when his eyes met with the cat’s stare, his brow smoothed out.

Even he himself wasn’t aware that once you’ve broken your own rule once, there would definitely be a second and third time, until you just give up and indulge.

Shen Mubai watched him enter the bathroom. Half an hour later, he still wasn’t out, so she just played on the tatami for a while and talked to the system. “Sure enough, nobody can resist a cute furry animal. Now, I’ll be able to sneak into his heart.”  

She happily rolled around, dreaming up all sorts of wild fantasies about her future days.

The system just coldly replied with two words. “Haha.”

By the time Jiang Yiran came out, it had almost been an hour. However, he was still wearing the same thing as before, so Shen Mubai seriously had no idea what he spent such a long time doing in the bathroom.

It was dinnertime, so he poured some cat food into the cat food bowl in the living room. When Shen Mubai approached him, she smelled the slight scent of disinfectant on the other’s body.

Her whole body turned stiff.

She forgot about the male lead’s mysophobia. That meant she couldn’t lick his hand, lick his face, rub against him cutely, ask for a hug, ask for a kiss, or ask to be raised up high- none of that would be allowed! With no way to raise his affections, she wouldn’t be able to make progress!

Then when she looked at the cat food, she made a crying sound.

She sprawled out on the ground, having nothing left to live for. Shen Mubai refused to eat cat food- she wanted crayfish, dried fish, and crab!

Apart from the cleaning nanny coming in for periodic cleanings, even cooking ingredients were arranged to be dropped off at the door. Jiang Yiran evidently didn’t like and even rejected the idea of strangers intruding on his life. As such, even though it was troublesome, there were some things he could only do himself.

For example, Jiang Yiran was clearly good at cooking. Shen Mubai could smell the food’s drool-worthy fragrance and felt even more disgruntled.

She looked at the cat food again. She originally thought that becoming a cat was already miserable, but didn’t expect that the even more miserable thing was having so much good food displayed in front of her but not being able to eat it.

After enjoying his dinner, Jiang Yiran gracefully wiped his lips with a napkin before standing up, finishing the rest of his work.

The whole time, Shen Mubai was just sprawled out on the ground drooling. She sighed in despair when she thought of her own empty belly.

She didn’t sense Jiang Yiran approaching her until the other pushed a tin of canned cat food in front of her. She raised her head and let out a little meow.

The faint smell of beef filled her nose as she stared at the tin, using all her willpower to resist.

Jiang Yiran glanced at the untouched cat food and didn’t say anything, just turning around and going up to the second floor.

In the end, the hungry Shen Mubai gave up her integrity and lowered her head to eat.

Bite after bite, she suddenly discovered…

It turns out canned cat food was actually pretty tasty!

One can was just enough to make her full, but Shen Mubai still wanted to continue licking the empty can, secretly thinking about when she would be able to eat dried fish again.

When Jiang Yiran came downstairs to turn off the living room lights, she hesitated but still decided to test the waters.

She tip-toed behind the male lead on her soft pawpads. When he was about to enter the bedroom, she gave two meows before cocking her head, blinking cutely as she stared at him.

And then...

Shen Mubai was ruthlessly rejected.

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