Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1944: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 47)

He was more anxious than anyone during these three years because he knew that someone was waiting for him……

His father was called He Yu, a very powerful entrepreneur.  When he was still a minor, he had already built his world in A City.

Then he and He Jin Nian’s mother went to America to develop.

His peers were jealous and they killed them.  His parents had been shot and he had spent three years collecting evidence, while also making a comeback with his own power.

Finally, in the third year, he had accomplished both of these things.

The assassin hired by the peers had been caught in another case and had confessed who the masterminds of the previous case were, allowing him to get revenge for his parents.

During these three years, there were many reasons why he didn’t contact her.

The main reason was for her safety…..

A peer that could kill someone out of jealousy, he must have watched him more than anyone else.

In the early days of his business, he and his father’s confidants had been forced to lay low.

It wasn’t because they had no money, it was to avoid being assassinated.  During those days, the few words that he couldn’t say were never told to her.

“Kou, kou, kou.”

“Come in.”

He put down his phone as his lips revealed a smile that was hard to hide.

The person who came in was a middle aged man in his early forties named Chen Li.

He was a bit surprised when he saw He Jin Nian, but then he said, “I’ve never seen president He in such a good mood, it seems like you’ve missed your home country.”

“Un, I’m finally home.”  He looked up with a bit of a dark glow in his beautiful eyes, “Did something happen?”

“It’s about Sakura Magazine, the market research into their recent years of business and their market potential…..”

“No need.”  He Jin Nian narrowed his eyes as an absolute tone filled his voice.  He said with a grin, “No matter what kind of data there is, I’ve already decided to buy it for a high price.”

In these three years, Chen Li had always been with him.  He had to admit that he was better than his father and he always made fast and accurate decisions in front of major choices.

But buying Sakura Magazine this time was a bit ‘willful’.

Moreover, this company wasn’t even in the top ten publishers in A City.  The division of labour on the board of directors wasn't clear and their data was all mediocre.

If this company was in America, it wouldn’t even be able to compare to their weakest subsidiary.

He didn’t understand why He Jin Nian wanted to buy this company and he wanted to buy it at a high price.

But QC was completely owned by He Jin Nian alone, so even if he had his doubts, he could only ask once and not ask again.

“Understood.  The information has been gathered and the president of Sakura wants to sign the contract as soon as possible.”

“Un, tomorrow.”

“......”  Chen Li was surprised again, but then he gave a nod, “Alright.”

Perhaps he had doubts before, but now he had no doubts at all.

After all, Sakura was the first company that He Jin Nian was this decisive in buying.

There must be some other reason, one that he didn’t know about.


The next morning, He Jin Nian signed the contract with the owner of Sakura at this hotel.  The owner was smiling and flattering him the entire time.

He Jin Nian just revealed a faint smile from time to time until he said, “Our company has many talented people and a person who can recognize talent, she was even able to become an editor in chief in her early twenties……”

“I know.”  He Jin Nian cut him off by saying, “She’s very excellent.”

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