Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1921: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 24)

After being so agitated, Fang Xiao Qing’s tears began coming down.

Novels said that men would have a strange desire to protect women.  When a beautiful woman was crying in front of a man, no man would be able to resist.

Actually, it wasn’t just Fang Xiao Jing who heard this before, He Jin Nian heard the same.

His heart wasn’t moved at all, rather he found this a bit funny.

After all, the person closest to the truth was no one other than…..him!

“I don’t think you need to explain to me.”  He Jin Nian coldly looked at her, “After all, we don’t know each other.”

Every one of He Jin Nian’s words seemed cold, as if there was a chill that kept people thousands of miles away.

“No, I have to explain!”  Fang Xiao Jing desperately shook her head and there were still tears on her face as she bit her lip to say, “I like you, I’ve liked you since we first met!  Can you accept me?”

When Fang Xiao Jing first saw the post online, the first thing she thought was to take the lead!

She had to distance herself from Xu Ze Yan and the best way to do so was to start dating!

In her eyes, He Jin Nian was the only one qualified to fall in love with her!  She really didn’t care about the other men.

She took a bet, using her beauty to create this chance.  Even if she lost, at least she would leave a good impression on He Jin Nian.

After all, she didn’t want him to misunderstand the relationship between her and Xu Ze Yan!

“Sorry, I don’t like you.”  He Jin Nian said in a calm voice that didn’t give off any emotions.

As soon as his voice fell, he turned to leave, but Fang Xiao Jing grabbed his arm.

“Do you…..not believe me…..”  She lowered her head in aggrievement and said with red eyes, “I really have nothing to do with Xu Ze Yan, those photos are all fake!”

Why?  When she put down her pride like this to confess, she received such a cold treatment?

In the past, it wasn’t like she didn’t see people confess to He Jin Nian.  Although he rejected them, it had never been this cold.

Why did He Jin Nian feel so cold to her, like she was his enemy……

“I don’t dare to say what is between you and Xu Ze Yan.”  He forcefully shook off her arm and turned to look at her with cold narrowed eyes, “But the photos are definitely real.”

Fang Xiao Jing was surprised.  Seeing the firm look in his cold eyes, she said with a bit of agitation, “I know why you are saying this!  Luo Qing Chen is your good friend, but you shouldn’t lose your mind over a bunch of composite photos for a friend.  If she’s wrong, she’s wrong.”

“Oh?”  His dark eyes had an endless chill as he said, “I really want to know why you say that she’s wrong, what is wrong?”

He wasn’t willing to say anything bad about her, so how could this girl named Fang Xiao Jing do so?!

“I……”  Fang Xiao Jing’s eyes flickered before she took a deep breath and said, “As the saying goes, nothing can come out of nowhere.  Xu Ze Yan made that post because of her……She clearly has a boyfriend and she tried to hook up with you!”

Without knowing why, when she said those final words, she didn’t have any confidence…..

After all, the other person that Xu Ze Yan was complaining about in his post…..was He Jin Nian.

“I’ll say three things, listen well.”  He Jin Nian’s eyes were extremely cold at this time as his deep eyes started right at Fang Xiao Jing, “First, she has no boyfriend right now.  Second, no matter who’s at fault, it isn’t her.  Third, the photos aren’t fake because I took them.”


“Oh!  Right!  There’s no reason for my protection.”

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