His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 192 - Softening Heart

The lounge was so quiet that one could hear a needle dropping. Xiao Gu’s knuckles paled as she fisted her hands. She was really afraid that Old Madam Qi might suddenly let the mother and daughter enter the family. She wasn’t afraid that Old Madam may take pity on Nee Hu but her daughter.

Shen Ziqiao glanced at everyone’s reactions. She didn’t care whether or not Old Madam Qi would leave Nee Hu mother and daughter here but she cared about Qi Zheng’s thoughts. Seeing the person that killed his mother, he must be really angry and would want to get revenge on her probably.

The mother and daughter pair looked solitary and impoverished. Even if they didn’t take revenge, as long as they chased them out of the capital, it was enough of a punishment.

She was more on guard against Bi’er.

This lady didn’t seem like she was going to give up easily.

Old Madam Qi also gradually exclaimed, “You’re right. We can’t leave Qi Family’s children wandering outside. Bi’er is also not so young anymore…”

Nee Hu was delighted inside but she didn’t dare express this on the surface. She lowered her head and continued to weep softly as if she had suffered countless grievances. All these years, it was difficult for a woman to raise her children up all alone. If it weren’t for her hope of meeting with Duke An once again, she might not even be able to hold on anymore.

Xiao Gu’s expression turned worse and worse. Hearing Old Madam Qi’s words, she hated Nee Hu’s artificial expression even more.

“Seeing that you’ve bore a child for the Qi Family, we can forget about the past. But before Bi’er gets married, you can only stay in the village.” Old Madam Qi continued to say.

Nee Hu hurriedly said, “This maid will accept any punishments.”

She’ll do whatever as long as they could be in the family.

Although there was delight in Qi Bi’s eyes, she lifted her head confusedly since she didn’t expect Old Madam to let them come back. “Old Mada, you’ll really let my mother in?”

“If you have the qualifications to become the daughter of the Qi Family, then I’ll let you guys go.” Old Madam Qi said faintly.

Duke An knitted his brows and looked confusedly at his elderly mother. All these years, the Old Madam has hated Nee Hu to her bones. Why did she easily agree today? “Mother, should we discuss this further in depth?”

Nee Hu froze. Did the duke not want her back?

Old Madam Qi said, “I’ve made up my mind. This is it. Nanny Tian, have someone send Nee Hu to the village. Arrange Bi’er in the west room.”

“Wait!” Qi Bi called out. “Where are you guys bringing my mother?”

“Sending your mother to the village for a few days. She can come back after you’re married.” Old Madam Qi explained patiently.

Qi Bi said, “I don’t want to live here. I want to be with my mother.”

She was worried about leaving Nee Hu in the village alone. Who knew whether or not this was their method to separate them and then try to kill them?

Nee Hu stamped her feet anxiously. “Bi’er, you’re the young unmarried daughter of a noble family. You naturally need to live in the duke residence. I have to depend on you to come back in the future.”

Qi Bi shook her head determined. “I want to be with mother!”

“Then you guys can go together.” Old Madam Qi curled her lips up. “To Wu Mountain’s village.”

Duke An and Xiao Gu looked at Old Madam in shock at the same time. Wu Mountain? Wasn’t...wasn’t that village part of Nee Lu’s dowry? Back then, Nee Lu loved going there for vacation.

Qi Zheng kept his head down and remained expressionless, acting really indifferent.

After sending the mother and daughter away, Duke An and Xiao Gu were also dismissed by the Old Madam. Shen Ziqiao supported Old Madam back into the room.

“Zheng’er…” Old Madam Qi leaned against the bed and looked at Qi Zheng kindly. “Do you blame this grandmother for today’s arrangement?”

“This grandson doesn’t blame you.” Qi Zheng said in a low voice. He knew what the Old Madam wanted to do.

Old Madam Qi held onto his hands and a severe glint flickered through her face. “Let me do whatever you and your father can’t do. Your hands are used to kill enemies and protect the common people of Dazhou. Not anyone can dirty your hands.”

Shen Ziqiao trembled hearing this. If she still didn’t understand, then she’d be a fool.

Old Madam had Nee Hu move to the village not to give her a chance to enter the family but to kill her.

“You guys can leave too. It’s about to be the New Years. There are lots of things that we need to prepare as well.” Old Madam Qi waved her hands and had Qi Zheng and Shen Ziqiao retreat.

Shen Ziqiao was a bit cold coming out of Old Madam Qi’s courtyard. She moved towards Qi Zheng and slipped her hands into his warm palms. “It looks like it’s going to snow again. So annoying.”

Qi Zheng held her soft hands in his palm. His icy gaze seemed to have met the warm sun and it gradually melted into a faint smile. “Jiao Jiao, do you like Minyue a lot?”

Shen Ziqiao lifted her head. “Why are you asking this?”

“I’m thinking that we might be able to live in Minyue for a while in the future…” Qi Zheng chuckled lowly.

“Hm? Ah!” Shen Ziqiao exclaimed in shock and almost pounced in his arms. “Really? You can hold a post in Minyue?”

Qi Zheng said faintly, “I’m trying…”

“I’ll cheer for you!” Shen Ziqiao said happily.

“Mn, let’s see how you’ll do it for me tonight…”

The man’s pleasant voice and the woman’s melodious voice gradually faded into the distance.

Xiao Gu returned to her room. The light was dim inside. She sat by the bed near the window and there was faint light shining in. She sat from the night and appeared unstable, her face a bit sinister.

“Madam, we mustn’t let that Nee Hu enter the family!” Nanny Su poured a cup of tea for Xiao Gu for her to calm down. She thought that if Nee Hu entered the family, the duke’s mind would be on her again. Even Old Madam Qi’s heart softened because of her words, don’t mention the duke.

“She won’t be able to come in.” Xiao Gu’s voice trembled a bit. She sucked in a cold breath. “You think that Nee Hu would even have a chance to make it inside?”

Nanny Su was shocked. “Madam, you’re saying…”

Xiao Gu laughed but her face was still shockingly pale. “You thought that the Old Madam is easily softhearted? She’s avenging Nee Lu and warning me.”

“How...the Old Madam is your aunt!” Nanny Su was surprised. Was the Old Madam really going to deal with her niece for outsiders?

“Even though I’m her niece, she’s closer to her grandson.” Xiao Gu clenched. “Don’t touch Qin’er these days. If Old Madam finds out, even I won’t be able to stay here anymore.”

Nanny Su said in a low voice, “Are we just going to allow Qin’er to give birth to the child? When the Zuo Family heard that Qin’er was pregnant, they weren’t even willing to let their daughter marry the second master. As for Imperial Consort Sun, she can’t even protect herself…”

Speaking of this, Xiao Gu was furious. Gu Daiqin getting pregnant was unexpected. Originally, the Zuo Family was apprehensive of Imperial Consort Sun acting as the go-between so they didn’t dare to say anything. But now that the Sun Family had been reported by the imperial censor and Imperial Consort Sun had lost the emperor’s favor, and even the third prince had become a cripple and never had a chance to become the heir apparent to the throne, who was scared of the Sun Family anymore? Who would care about her?

The Zuo Family casually found an excuse to reject the marriage. How could Xiao Gu not know what this meant?

“Who knows whether she’s going to give birth to a daughter or son? As long as it’s not the eldest grandson of the family…” Xiao Gu said coldly.

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