Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1912: Hello, my mister confidant (Part 15)

After all, it was only 30% affection, so she had some understanding.

Perhaps it was just goodwill between friends or his special identity as a confidant.

In short, He Jin Nian still wasn’t at liking her yet, not to mention love.

It was a black and white zone between friendship and love, perhaps it was because of this…..that there would never be loss.

In the apartment complex outside the school, Luo Qing Chen had rented a rather luxurious room.

It was said that the landlord was a billionaire who always worked abroad.  The house was divided into two floors and each floor was one hundred and fifty meters.

Such a luxurious house, it should be said that it should be several thousand dollars in rent if not ten thousand, but Luo Qing Chen only paid five hundred a month.

Moreover……co-tenant hadn’t arrived yet.

Why was it so cheap?

The rental agent had told her that the landlord was eccentric.  He believed that this room was equal to a home and he only rented to the people it was destined to.

The previous host had felt like she had won a lottery ticket when she rented this place.

Today she was a bit worried that she might be kicked out.

In her memories, the previous host got closer to Xu Ze Yan and moved in with him.  Then after they broke up, she and He Jin Nian rented this place together.

This was what happened in another world, she felt that these things wouldn’t happen here anymore.

When she opened the door, she dragged He Jin Nian inside.  She threw him onto the sofa with all her strength before turning on the air conditioner while sweating.

He Jin Nian slept very well.  He didn’t go crazy or vomit on the way, he just silently followed without making a sound.

She poured a cup of water and took a small stool to sit in front of him.  Seeing his almost perfect face, her lips couldn’t help curling.

Why did he look so good?  Whether it was the outline of his face or those lips, people couldn’t look away.

Could it be……Could it be that in another world, whether it was the time or place, as long as there was He Jin Nian, the previous host’s own light would dim?

He Jin Nian might have robbed her of her brilliance, but she would never admit that this youth who was as clean as a piece of white paper was that dazzling.

Luo Qing Chen drank a few mouthfuls of water and after feeling her stomach settle, she went to take a bath.

She had actually drank two cases of beer tonight and if it wasn’t for the fact that she practiced drinking in all those other words, she might have fallen into Chen Ying Ying’s hands tonight.

But it was a good thing…..she won.

She lived on the second floor and she normally wouldn’t go on the first floor unless she went out.  After all, the first floor was to be rented to someone else and it didn’t belong to her whether legally or in terms of her rental contract.

But she had to borrow a sofa today since she had to bring He Jin Nian home.

After all, she didn’t have the strength to carry him from the first floor to the second floor!

After taking a shower, she felt much more clear headed.  The smell of the shower gel cleansed her mind, dispelling the exhaustion and alcohol from her body.

She wanted to take out a blanket for He Jin Nian after showering, but when she came downstairs, she stood there with a stunned look.

Why was there no one on the sofa?

What was going on!?  Did He Jin Nian wake up?  Did he go home?

All these questions filled her mind as she quickly ran to the sofa on the first floor.  However, when she reached the first floor, she entered a warm embrace.

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