His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 191 - Ruthless

Old Madam Qi already knew that Qi Zheng wasn’t seriously injured but the worry in her eyes was genuine. Qi Zheng sat besides her and patted his back to let Old Madam know that he was really okay.

“As long as you’re okay.” Old Madam Qi looked at Shen Ziqiao and exclaimed, “Thankfully, Jiao Jiao took good care of you.”

Shen Ziqiao’s face flushed. She could hear the teasing tone in Old Madam’s words. She lowered her head in embarrassment. “Husband just recovers quickly.”

Qi Zheng almost laughed out loud.

Watching as they were chatting happily and ignoring the mother and daughter, Xiao Gu was delighted.

Back when Duke An chased the mother and daughter out of the city, he already ordered them to never come back into the city again. Who knew that decades passed and this Nee Hu had forgotten everything. It was one thing that they entered the city but they even thought about meeting Duke An. She stopped them a few times and they’ve thought of begging Old Madam.

Okay, I’ll let you in. See if you can persuade the Old Madam to let you guys stay in the capital.

Back then, Nee Lu’s death had always been in the Old Madam and Qi Zheng’s load of worry. These years, the Old Madam had treated her like a stranger so did they think that they’d treat them amiably? Dream on!

Although Xiao Gu was unhappy with Qi Zheng’s recovery, she was still really happy that Nee Hu had been neglected.

When Shen Ziqiao was talking to the Old Madam, she peered at Nee Hu mother and daughter from the corner of her eyes.

This Nee Hu...looked really charming and weak. She was like a pitiful white lotus but she was old. However, glancing at her figure, she was still attractive. One could tell how beautiful she was when she was young.

She was probably like her daughter. She had long brows with a delicate nose, and smooth skin. Different from Nee Hu, this young woman acted stubborn. She seemed to object against Old Madam’s indifference.

If it weren’t for this Nee Hu, Qi Zheng wouldn’t need to act stupid for over a decade nor would he resent his father. Xiao Gu wouldn’t have become his stepmother. What exactly was this Nee Hu relying on? How dare she beg the Old Madam?

Likewise, Nee Hu had been observing Qi Zheng.

Although she wore a timid expression, there was no fear in her eyes. She was only curious and...jealous of Qi Zheng?

Qi Zheng was actually not a fool...When she made inquiries in the past, she heard that Duke An’s eldest master was a fool. Who knew that not only wasn’t he a fool, he was this handsome. He was also really similar to Duke An when he was young. If her son hadn’t died, he probably would’ve been as old as he was. He would’ve been more handsome than Qi Zheng and even more like Duke An too.

Thinking of how her son died tragically, Nee Hu hated him extremely much.

Back then, she wanted to kill Qi Zheng, not her son...

Watching as Old Madam Qi was still talking to Qi Zheng, Xiao Gu said to Nanny Su, “Have someone quickly take these two away. Don’t let them disgust people.”

Nanny Su looked at Old Madam Qi and then responded, “Yes, madam.”

Nee Hu’s expression stiffened. If she was chased out, Xiao Gu won’t let her for sure. She had been wanting to chase her out of the capital in the past. She’d probably force them into despair.

“Old Madam, seeing that my daughter is Duke An’s child, please let us live.” Nee Hu kowtowed hard, her voice weak but extremely pleasant to the ears.

She heard that Nee Hu used to be an actor in the past so she had a really pleasant voice. If someone else was to say this, it wouldn’t hold much effect. But coming from Nee Hu, it sounded desolate and pitiful. One couldn’t help but be moved hearing this.

Old Madam Qi looked up and indifferently at Nee Hu. She didn’t bother to conceal the disgust for this woman. “Back then, I’ve already given you a chance. Why did you have to come and seek death again?”

Nee Hu glared harshly at Xiao Gu. “Old Madam, if it weren’t for this woman instigating me, this maid wouldn’t have done that. All these years, this maid has been living in blame. This maid caused the death of the duchess…”

Xiao Gu’s gaze flickered and she was furious, “Nee Hu, stop spewing nonsense. When had I seen you before?”

“You haven’t but your nanny had. That day, Duke An wanted to send my children and I out of the capital and it was your servant that seeked me out to request the madam to let us stay. They even said that the madam has a kind heart and had wanted to see me for a long time. As long as I admitted defeat, the madam will naturally let me stay. Who knew…”

“Yet, seeing that the madam didn’t want you guys to enter the residence, you carried your son and threaten to commit suicide by banging your head against the wall. The madam ignored your threat so you went along with your plan. Who knew that your son died as a result. As a consequence, the madam was also startled and was sick ever since. Right?” Old Madam Qi’s gaze turned stern. She had found this strange. Nee Hu was willing to be a mistress for all these years so why did she suddenly request to meet Nee Lu? As it turned out, Xiao Gu had instigated her.

Though she had long been suspicious that Xiao Gu was behind this, she was always with her. She had no opportunity to do so. It turned out that she neglected people by her side.

Xiao Gu was shocked. How did Nee Hu recognize Nanny Su? “Nee Hu, you have no evidence. I didn’t even know you back then.”

“How dare you say that? I still recall the day when you accompanied the madam to Huguo Temple. I had already gone out of my way to avoid the madam but you just had to bring her over to meet with me. You had ulterior motives. You’re the one that caused the madam’s death.”

“You…” Xiao Gu was furious. No, this wasn’t it! How did Nee Hu find out everything? She had done this really secretively. Even Old Madam hadn’t seen through this so how did Nee Hu find out?

Old Madam Qi looked coldly at Xiao Gu.

“The Lord is back!” A maid hurriedly reported.

Duke An walked in large strides. His refined and cultured expression face was now dark. He didn’t even look at Nee Hu.

When Nee Hu saw Duke An, her eyes teared up, different from the sharp tone she held towards Xiao Gu. As for Nee Hu’s daughter, she looked coldly at him. The expectation in her eyes had slowly vanished and turned calm and quiet.

Rumors of Duke An mising his children and wanting to pick up both her and her mother must’ve been purposely spread.

“Father!” Qi Zheng and Shen Ziqiao greeted.

Shen Ziqiao was wondering in her heart that Nee Hu must be waiting for Duke An. Now that he was here, shouldn’t she start the show?

Duke An sat on the other side of Old Madam Qi and glanced sternly at Nee Hu who was staring pitifully and tenderly at him.

“Duke…” Nee Hu moved forward while kneeling, tears falling down her beautiful face.

Xiao Gu clutched the handkerchief in her hands nervously. Would Qi Silin feel pitiful towards Nee Hu, this old minx, after seeing her? Back then, if it weren’t for Nee Lu’s death, he was even reluctant to leave that woman. Now that Nee Lu was dead, Qi Silin didn’t feel as guilty as he did anymore. He might really end up having feelings for Nee Hu again.

“Who allowed you to appear in the capital?” Seeing Nee Hu, Duke An recalled the resentful gaze his wife gave to him with tears streaming down her face. She didn’t even say anything to him on her deathbed.

When Nee Lu was alive, he was a playboy and fooled around with women. He didn’t think that his heart would ache after losing a woman. Up until Nee Lu closed her eyes and left only a handkerchief in which she wrote ‘regretful of the past’ in blood. He found out that it wasn’t because he didn’t feel bad but because he never lost anything.

That day, he lost his wife and his favorite son.

Nee Hu looked at Duke An teary-eyed. “Duke, this maid...this maid can’t bear to leave your child wandering outside...so...so I came back to the capital.”

When she said this, she lowered her head to reveal her fair neck and acted really pitiful. She clutched the jade pendant hung on her waist tightly. That was the jade pendant Duke An had gifted her that year when they pledged their love.

The woman had been by his side for so many years. How could Duke An not know what she meant? She said that she wanted to bring their daughter back to the Qi Family but in reality, she was trying to tell him that she missed him.

In the past, he might’ve been moved. But now, he wanted to exchange Nee Hu for Nee Lu so badly so why would his heart soften? How could he possibly still have feelings for her?

Duke An looked at Qi Zheng to see him expressionless as if this had nothing to do with him. Ths child...still resented him right?

If he continued to be nice to Nee Hu, he was sure that Zheng’er would move out of the Qi Family tomorrow.

“Who allowed you?” Duke An’s gaze turned icier.

Nee Hu had never seen such an indifferent Qi Silin. She lifted her head, almost unable to keep crying. “This maid clearly heard...heard that you wanted Bi’er back.”

Duke An was too lazy to ask her where she got this from. He turned to say to Old Madam Qi, “Mother, you can make the final call.”

When Qi Bi heard Duke An’s words, she knew that no matter what, she and her mother wouldn’t get anything much. She suddenly stood up and tugged her mother up as well. “We originally didn’t play on begging you guys for anything. After all, we lived quite well all these years. Someone suddenly came to our home and said that the duke wanted to meet us but it seems like we’ve been used. Since this is the case, we won’t appear in the capital anymore. Our lives have nothing to do with the Qi Family either.”

Old Madam Qi slammed the teacup on the table hard. “You have quite the attitude. You’re really unyielding.”

Xiao Gu knitted her brows. This lady seemed to be telling the truth but who would go and say something like this? She naturally wanted them to never appear in front of Qi Silin. Qi Zheng...no, impossible. Qi Zheng hated Nee Hu to the bones so how could he let her in the Qi Family?

Could she have been used too?

Qi Bi glanced at Old Madam Qi. She could only gamble now. As long as she could leave the capital. If she really stayed...

Who knows if she could still survive?

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