Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 19 - When the time calls for it, do it!

TL-ed by weiisnothere

The little fellows next to Lin Jiadong had taken note of Luo Lin’s actions and nodded in approval: 'That’s a man alright!'

"Jiadong, should we help if he's in trouble?"

Lin Jiadong simply smiled at that question: "Let's watch and see what happens first."

After drinking an entire bottle of wine, Luo Lin’s throat felt a little uncomfortable. They were high in alcoholic content, and not mixed with other liquids.

Were it not for his high attainments in Taiji Palms, he would’ve undoubtedly gotten tipsy.

Luo Lin let out a burp and carefully exhaled it. After that, an indifferent smile climbed up his face: “Buddy, would you like to drink half of it first and leave the other for later?"

After drinking a third of the bottle, this person couldn’t hold it anymore. The group of men drank a lot earlier, and now that he was taking in the high-purity alcohol, it might turn into a matter of life and death.

In the beginning, he had a wishful thought that if Luo Lin drank slower, he could find a topic to chat about and use the opportunity to sneakily pass the wine to his partners. Who knew that Luo Lin was a wine ‘killer’ that was unfazed even after chugging an entire bottle.

The confidence of those men vanished once they noticed Luo Lin’s condition. If this continued to play along then everyone would get drunk. From the looks of it, Luo Lin seemed to be determined to fight to the death.


When they were sorting out their thoughts, the person who competed with Luo Lin threw up. Nasty fluid gushed out from his mouth and splattered onto the floor, causing the others to flee.

"Oh? Mister, this isn’t very polite of you, You've only drunk a little yet you threw up so much... Do you take me for a pushover because I’m young?"

That person had no energy to give Luo Lin a response. He was so drunk that his ears buzzed, even his entire body was splayed across the floor like a puddle of mud.

His buddies beside him quickly supported him, they couldn’t stand it anymore. They glared ferociously at Luo Lin: "Rascal, what are you saying? We toasted you because we respect you. You fu*king drank like you want to die so who dares to drink with you?"

"So you guys aren’t drinking anymore? Very well then, I’ll bring my people away. I'll fight whoever dares to stop me." After saying that, Luo Lin held Qin Wanshu with one hand, and Miss Song with the other.

Luo Lin's actions rendered them speechless to the point that their faces turned green.

They could tell that this little fellow was here to wreck their plans. They underestimated him earlier, but if they allowed him to leave, then they would be letting him off too easily!

"You can’t leave, our brother became like this because he drank with you so you should give us an explanation."

Luo Lin raised his brows.

'Haha, starting to be shameless huh?'

'Alright, I'm getting a little hot-tempered now after drinking. My hands are starting to itch so please pardon me.'

Luo Lin wasn't in a rush. He left Qin Wanshu in Miss Song's care.

The tipsy Miss Song was feeling extremely light-headed and was breathing heavily. Despite that, she knew that Luo Lin came to save them, so what she needed to do now was to listen to his instructions.

Miss Song supported Qin Wanshu with a little difficulty and subconsciously hid behind Luo Lin. She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but the faint scent of tobacco on Luo Lin's body shook her mind.

"Thump! Thump!" Her heart raced.

The youngster in front of her was no more than 20 years-old, yet his silhouette seemed so tall and reliable. It would make anyone wish to fall asleep in his embrace.

"Little friend, are you going to give us an explanation? Otherwise, don't even think about leaving."

"An explanation? What explanation? Am I the one who calls the shots or are you the one who calls the shots?"

The remaining 7 sober men whistled at his response. They could tell Luo Lin was starting to threaten them.

This was better because it meant that there’s no need to drink anymore. Since their faces had been torn, any pretense became unnecessary.

'7 versus 1, this Luo Lin person is going to eat a huge loss.'

"I'll give you 2 options." A man with a tiny scorpion tattoo on his face stepped out from the group. He tugged on the gold chain around his neck in a pretentious manner and questioned:

"Either we discipline you, or you let us discipline you. Little brat, which one will you pick?"

"I choose the third option." Luo Lin's gaze turned cold, "You people can fu*king home and play with your own balls."

Before he finished speaking, Luo Lin grabbed a wine bottle and smashed this person's head.


The wine bottle shattered with a bang, causing the Scorpion-Tattooed Man to shriek while he held his face. Blood poured out from his head, and his eyes turned red from anger: "Fu*k! Beat this person to death!"

The customers in the bar all looked toward their direction, those who didn't frequent this place exchanged glances of dismay. However, no one dared to ask what happened. This kind of situation occurs daily in Night Market Street so there was nothing strange about it.

Even though Luo Lin was young, his methods were ruthless. The remaining 6 froze briefly before breaking into a rage!

What kind of joke is this! Despite being around the streets for so long, it was their first time encountering such a fearless brat.

If they don't teach him a lesson, then how would they face other people in the future?

These people weren't cowards. Since the other party had taken actions, not to mention someone on their side was bleeding, they should do the same.

The group of men grabbed wine bottles and swung it toward Luo Lin's head. The latter had prepared for this and retreated a step backward, narrowly avoiding the blow while he protected Aunt Qin and Miss Song who were behind him.


Luo Lin kicked at the incoming bottle and the sound of glass shattering sounded. Luo Lin was instantly drenched in wine, but his wet hair made him appear more fearsome than before.

They noticed Luo Lin possessed some skills but they didn’t break out in a panic, instead, they began to play dirty. One of them broke a bottle and sneakily approached Luo Lin, blending in with the retreating customers in hopes to stab Luo Lin in the back.

However, the sight of him doing that was witnessed by Lin Jiadong who was seated in a corner of the bar.

"Jiadong! They’re playing dirty!"

"I saw it!"

Lin Jiadong coldly raised his brow. Without an ounce of hesitation, he rushed toward Luo Lin’s direction. Just in case, he also grabbed a wine bottle and scuttled through the moving crowd.

Without uttering a word, he ruthlessly stabbed the person who was trying to play dirty in the waist!


This person screamed like a pig being slaughtered. He released the bottle in his hands and covered his bleeding waist. With a paled face, he stared at Lin Jiadong who appeared out of nowhere with shock evident in his eyes.

When he noticed that Lin Jiadong was only a young-looking brat, he thought inwardly: 'I can’t offend such a fearless little fellow. These fellows will kill anything that blocks their way! They have a total disregard for consequences.'

"What I hate the most are treacherous people like you!" Lin Jiadong threw the bloody shattered bottle on the floor and calmly lit up a cigarette. He waved his hands and 4 followers rushed forward, standing behind Lin Jiadong with solemn expressions.

At this time, Luo Lin was the most taken aback! He planned to shout for Brother Da Qiang who was in charge of this bar, but he never had he expected a "Cheng Yaojin" to rush out of nowhere.

TL Note: Cheng Yaojin - A famous general in Chinese history

Lin Jiadong was young but he had a remarkable momentum. Even after stabbing someone, he remained calm and leisurely lit up a cigarette while four fearsome lads stood behind him.

After uttering such a ruthless sentence, he coldly watched everyone on the scene appearing like a big mafia boss.

Luo Lin smiled at this sight.

'This kid is pretty sarcastic, calling that person a backstabber after backstabbing him like a pot calling the kettle black. He doesn’t even let the other party scold him. His methods are pretty fu*ked up but... I love it!'

He looked rather young in appearance. If he works alongside Wang Liang and Liu Wanchuan under him, then it would be like owning a tiger that had grown wings!

Before Luo Lin could even speak, Lin Jiadong walked up to him: "I know you, you're Luo Lin. We are from the same school, I'm Lin Jiadong, a first-year."

Lin Jiadong introduced himself while he handed Luo Lin a cigarette, helping him light it up in a respectful manner.

Lin Jiadong wasn’t the type of person to fawn over someone. He only respects people who are deserving of it. Luo Lin's actions had completely changed Jiadong's perception of him.

He had given Luo Lin a fitting assessment in his heart:

'When you need to bluff, then just bluff. When you need to straighten up and act like a man, then act like one. As a man, one must be able to bow and submit, as long as things can be done beautifully, then it’s all worth it.'

Luo Lin was someone destined for big things.

Just as Luo Lin wished to befriend him, Lin Jiadong also wished to do the same..

After the two of them shook hands, Luo Lin smiled: "You’re the leader of the fearless first-years Lin Jiadong? What a coincidence buddy, we finally meet."

Lin Jiadong laughed: "Let's stop chatting, how do we clean up this mess!"

Lin Jiadong's words reminded the remaining six guys.

When Lin Jiadong appeared out of nowhere with a bunch of followers, they became terrified, someone even sneakily phoned the police. Now that things had gotten to this point, they dared not fight anymore.

'These little fellows are too fearless!'

"Little fellows aren’t you guys acting a little too much? Two of us are bleeding, do you know that this counts as a criminal offense?" The eldest in the group stepped out.

At the moment, he had no other ideas other than one thought: 'Hold them here!'

The police had already been tipped off so he mustn’t allow these brats to leave. Two of their group members were bleeding so that was sufficient evidence to throw the youngsters behind bars for a few days.

'I have connections in the police force, with a greeting and some money, these youngsters will be received 'hospitably' in prison.'

‘They’re just a bunch of kids. No matter how fearsome they are in fights, in regards to schemes, how could they compare to us adults?’

Luo Lin seemed to have noticed something from this person's eyes. He paused for a moment before patting Lin Jiadong's shoulder: "We need to go now."

Lin Jiadong wasn’t comparable to Luo Lin in their consideration. He was still young and lacked experience.

Since matters had expanded to this degree then so be it, but never had he expected these pretentious fellows to get the cops involved.

He turned to Luo Lin with furrowed brows: "I've been watching you since the beginning. These guys are too much, hurting two of them is letting them off cheaply. Buddy, don't you want to give them a memorable lesson?"

Luo Lin had already thought of several ways to deal with the situation so he wasn't flustered in the least. He wanted to see what Lin Jiadong would do so he asked: "How do we do that?"

Lin Jiadong's brows jumped: "They harbored bad intentions and dared to play tricks on women so we should discipline them ruthlessly. We don't have to go too far, just let them leave an arm behind."

Luo Lin smiled after listening to his words. He thought that Lin Jiadong was worth cultivating, but his methods were too extreme just like an untamed wolf, an extremely bloodthirsty one at that!

However, Luo Lin didn’t dislike this aspect of him. Luo Lin had the confidence that he could educate him.

Luo Lin was going to say a few words but a clamor came from the bar entrance which attracted his attention.

'What a coincidence, the police move pretty quickly... It's only been a few minutes so they must be local policemen.'

The instant the group saw the police, they waved their hands hurriedly: "Police officers, over here over here!"

The police officers saw this and walked over to them.

Lin Jiadong realized that things might have taken a turn for the worse. Police have arrived so things inevitably got blown up.

He shot a cold glance toward those men: "Are you guys still men? This is just a small matter and you called the cops? Do you know the rules at all?"

"Rules?" The leader of the group flashed a cold smile, "Once you're behind bars, the police uncle will educate you on the rules!"

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