Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 19: The Puppet's Tale (6) Part 2

The remaining few people naturally would not let the fun go unseen, and a group of people headed off to the Guest House in a huff.

Li Si's knees ached, and it was only just afternoon when he looked at the sky. It was late in the summer, and there were still two hours before sunset. His hand and face now ached, and his arm couldn't be lifted.

He was about to secretly rest for a while and saw that the princess had brought back a large group of people. Li Si had no choice but to suppress the pain and whip himself harder. Hopefully, if he was forgiven, he would leave this place of shame.

As for his fox friends, they have long since slipped away to nowhere, for fear of catching fire.

Ah Jin looked at him and shook her head in dissatisfaction, "After beating for so long, your face isn't even swollen. So it seems you can't do anything to yourself. Someone, give him a beating."

The guards swarmed him and immediately beat his nose and face. Only then was Ah Jin satisfied, "Get lost, don't let me see you again."

"Thank you, Princess." Li Si crawled away.

Li Si returned to the Prime Minister's residence but was stopped by the gate guard who pointed to a pile of clothes on the ground, "This is your luggage, take it and go. Don't come again."

Li Si knew what was going on without asking. The princess was offended.

There was no room in the Prime Minister's residence for him. It was uncertain if the stables would be habitable, but without the reputation of the Prime Minister's Residence, he would really be useless.

After hanging out with her new friends for an afternoon and setting an appointment for the Lantern Festival next time, Ah Jin rushed back to the palace before dark.

A few uneventful days passed and the day of the Lantern Festival arrived. Ah Jin requested permission from the Emperor to watch the Lantern Festival at night so that she didn't have to return to the palace before nightfall.

The four maids were all brought along this time. After all, the Lantern Festival was crowded to avoid any accidents. Ah Jin dressed up extraordinarily beautifully this time. It was time to meet Rong Yi, so she couldn't be left behind.

Ah Jin first went shopping with the ladies, and then went to the appointed place to meet the Second Prince and the others.

At the meeting place, Ah Jin got down from the carriage, and the ladies greeted each other. Rong Lian introduced Rong Yi to Ah Jin.

"Fourth Miss, this is my brother, Rong Yi." He was dressed in a white moon robe, with an exquisite jade pendant draped around his waist, his posture was upright, his features were clear and handsome, and his overall temperament was gentle and elegant. Ah Jin was extremely satisfied.

"Rong Yi greets the Fourth Miss."

"No need to be polite. Let's go."

Rong Yi already knew this princess's name, distinguished and beloved. The Second Princess of the dynasty could not be messed with.

Today, Rong Yi found the rumors untrustworthy. Although the Second Princess was still young, she was starting to show her beauty. After bringing her to maturity, she would surely become famous all over the world. Of course, she was famous now.

The so-called Lantern Festival wasn't necessarily a Lantern Festival here, Ah Jin thought it was more like a modern-day night market. It happened only once a month because there were many vendors and all of them were illuminated by lanterns, so it was called the Lantern Festival.

Ah Jin and her four maids ate and drank, and they relaxed quite a bit because they weren't in the palace, giving off the attitude of little girls.  Ah Jin said she had more money, so whatever they liked could be bought. Soon the four of them were already full of things. No matter if the items were not as good as those in the palace, the women's desire to shop would not stop.

Nothing was more pleasant than shopping, and when everyone returned to the boathouse that Ah Jin had rented, everyone was fully loaded. Rong Yi's hands were also filled with Rong Lian's stuff, emptying his wallet along the way.

That was probably why she made sure to bring him along, a mobile wallet, and help with carrying her things. It was excellent.

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