Chapter 19 - Spending money is like cutting flesh


“Jingxuan ah, why did you bring a man back ah?”

With the help of the youngest brother Ling Jingpeng, the two brothers with great effort brought all the items and the person back home. This man was entirely covered in wounds, but they weren’t deep. They probably came from fighting with the beast. The only mortal wound was the bump on the back of his head. Ling Jingxuan mashed the red crowned crane herb to help him stop the bleeding. He also wrapped it in some cloth and the other wounds were also treated to stop bleeding. Ling Chenglong, husband and wife, heard that he saved a man and brought him home. They threw away the work in their hands and hurried over. As a matter of fact, the person had not even entered the courtyard and noises were heard.

“Don’t ask me, this is the person the little buns wanted to save.”

Right at this time Ling Jingxuan was in the courtyard dealing with the herbs. Like a rascal he shrugged his shoulders and firmly pushed all the blame onto the two buns.

“You’re just messing around. What can Xiao Wen and Xiao Wu understand?”

Firmly staring at him, Ling Wangshi struck a posture of wanting to cross over to the room. Ling Jingxun in one stride blocked her. “Mother, there's nothing to see. He’s still unconscious ne, wait for him to wake and I’ll have him leave ok?”

Letting them see that person’s appearance, he couldn’t describe the feeling he had.

“I’m just taking a look. Jingpeng said he received many fatal injuries, if he dies here…”

Saying it was saying it. Ling Wangshi’s eyes were red again. It wasn’t easy for the eldest son to recover back to normal. He no longer paid attention to those rumors and slander, if they let other people know a man died at their house, don’t know how noisy the villages would be. Who knows if the heartless clan elders would drag him to a pool? If he didn't exist, what would the two children do?

The more she thought, the more Ling Wangshi was distressed. She couldn't help but repeatedly wipe tears. Ling Chenglong by the side also had the same kind of worries. His dark face showed deep worry as he frowned.

“Mother, what's the point of saying this. If he really will die, would I bring him home?”

In response, Ling Jingxuan answered powerlessly. He knew it would be like this. The thing that happened five years ago already made everyone easily frightened. As long as there was even a tiny bit of a problem, they would first be alarmed for a while. If he was switched to someone else, where would be this many misgivings from saving someone?

“Then let us go see. Jingxuan ah, mom and dad are already old. We can’t stand repeating something over and over.”


It wasn’t that Ling Jingxuan didn’t want to let them enter, only… the face of that man and the little buns were too similar. If he really let dad and mom see it, wasn’t sure how to explain it. D*mned scoundrel, besides making quarrels, could he do anything else?

During this moment, Ling Jingxuan firmly blamed the other person.

“What la? He's too shameful?”

His refusal was so obvious, Ling Chenglong husband and wife were not blind people. How could they not see it? For this reason Ling Wangshi’s tone couldn’t help but be sharp, looking at her son she wore undisguised suspicion.

“It's not that la, only…”

It was the first time in his previous life and this life that Ling Jingxuan couldn't help but be too embarrassed to speak. His eyes unconsciously tried to evade theirs. After a long time he bit his teeth and pressed his luck, “Mom, dad, you guys promise me. In a moment no matter what you see you won’t tell anyone. Without the situation being clear, I don’t want to scare the two buns.”

He was d*mned either way. In any case it would be exposed sooner or later, just get it over with.

“This child, isn’t he an outsider? What does it have to do with Xiao Wen and them?”

Hearing what he said, Ling Chenglong husband and wife became even more suspicious. Ling Jingxuan deeply sighed. He didn’t feel like saying anything more, simply turned around and brought them towards the room they normally used to store junk. Earlier when they had come back, the two buns originally wanted to place the man in the room that they were staying in. Afterall, within their three rooms only that room had a bed, but he was not willing. Finally they used some straw to spread it on the floor of the room full of junk then threw the man onto it.

“Oh.. oh my...he is… he is…”

Holding onto their suspicions, Ling Chenglong husband and wife saw the appearance of the man as they entered the room. Their entire body was overcome with fright and they jumped up. Finger trembling, they pointed at him, their entire faces were full of horror. Ling Jingxuan seeing this had no choice but to say ,”Now do you guys know why I didn’t want to let you enter? He might be Xiao Wen and Xiao Wu’s real dad.”

If the man did not have a twin brother, and without a DNA test, just looking at their same appearance, who would doubt the relationship between them.

“What do you mean possibly? Don’t tell me you, yourself, is not clear?”

Ling Wangshi once she heard what was said went out of control. She roared out intensely with indisputable accusations. That man harmed her son, if possible, she didn’t want to see him for the rest of her life.

“Jingxuan, he… that year what happened to you was spread over ten miles and eight villages. If he is the man, he should have come out earlier in front of you. Since he never came out, then it shows that he was clearly just playing around with you. Why should you again… ai….”

Ling Chenglong spoke halfway couldn't help but let out a sigh and looked at him again. His son could take such a big risk to save a person, it must be because he had a lot of feelings for this man.

“Dad, mom, what are you guys saying ne. We don’t have the kind of relationship that you guys think. That year I… can we not talk about that year? The things that happened, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

Having heard what was said, Ling Jingxuan’s tone became stiff. He couldn’t tell them that their son was raped ba? Currently the head of their family was him, it wasn’t the previous Ling Jingxuan. It didn't matter if the man was the two little bun’s father, he didn't plan on accepting him. In this life, he had parents who loved him dearly, a deep brotherhood and two adorable little sons. It was enough. He didn’t need other things.

“You you you… how could you be this foolish ah, anyone can see that this person has some sort of relationship with you. If other people found out he was Xiao Wen and Xiao Wu’s father, what will the other people say about you?”

Don’t know if it was from anger or just energy, Ling Wangshi couldn't help but tremble all over. Although Ling Chenglong did not say a word, from his somewhat criticising expression, it wasn’t hard to see his dissatisfaction. Ling Jingxuan powerlessly held his forehead. He had all kinds of headaches. He didn’t care what anyone had to say la, but his parents and siblings cared. For the future of the two buns, he had no choice but to care. What kind of d*mn situation was this ah, the heavens were deliberately playing with him right?

“Mom dad, I am also worried about the things you guys are concerned about, but rest assured.  Wait for him to wake up, then I'll ask him what I want to ask and let him go.”

These kinds of circumstances, either he left him go or declare this man’s position to the outside world and get married with him. The latter, even if you beat him to death he wouldn't do it, so he could one pick one option. But the prerequisite was, he must clearly clarify the history of the little buns, otherwise it would be a waste.

“Send him away now, the further the better. I’ll have your dad and Jingpeng come help you.”


“Don’t call me mother, otherwise you want to get married to him? Jingxuan, I won’t let him harm you a second time.”

“But I…”

“You what...”

Mother and child argued over whether the man was staying or leaving. No one realized that the eye of the man laying on the floor twitched. His tightly closed eyes little by little opened and was dazed for a moment. Eyes very similar to the little buns in an instant closed. The more they talked the more emotional they became. Understanding flashed through the man’s eyes and soon after the man closed his eyes again, like he had never woken up.

“Xiao Wu, the things you just heard you’re not allowed to tell anyone else.It involves daddy.”

Of course they would find out. The little bun who came back from outside heard everything. Taking advantage of when they didn’t notice him, the big bun secretly pulled the little bun to the backyard. They were young so perhaps they didn’t understand everything that happened, they also didn’t understand their worry, but he knew two things. First, that man might be their father, second, daddy really didn’t like that man so he also did not like. Don’t see how young he was, he knew very clearly. The reason they were this miserable was all caused by that man.

“Why? I want a father.”

The little bun lowered his head feeling grieved and twisted his fingers. His eyes contained hot tears. The village people cursed at them for being bastards and little monsters and not having a mother and father. Now daddy was fine, father was also back, their house should get better and better. Why was there still a need to hide it?

“Xiao Wu!”

Ling Wen’s young and immature voice suddenly became very high. Ling Wu subconsciously trembled, the tears contained in his eyes began to fall down. Seeing this, Ling Wen hurried to restrain his annoyance and embraced him. “Xiao Wu don’t cry, we don’t need a father. Daddy is enough.”

“Wu wu… en…”

Although he still didn't understand and was dissatisfied, the weeping little bun still nodded his head. Ling Wen adapted Ling Jingxuan’s coaxing appearance and lightly patted his back. Small round eyes firmly showed his resolution. He will definitely protect daddy and his younger brother.

Over where Ling Jingxuan was still intensely fighting, in the end the man remained and the resistant Ling Chenglong husband and wife were angry. Before leaving they threatened to not care about him anymore, but the next morning, Ling Chenglong and Ling Jingpeng still came over to get the fish. Afterall it was their son, how could they not care about him?

“Dad, Jingpeng, later after selling the fish trouble you to help me buy 20 of these kinds of jars. Also buy some salt pots, big and small jars, and two of their biggest buckets. Finally ten catties of cornmeal and two catties of pork.”

Greeting his father and younger brother while eating breakfast, Ling Jingxuan was talking and also gesturing to the size of the pots. The fish from yesterday was sold for 500 wen, equivalent to half a tael. They could also eat some meat to replenish their bodies, but…

Aiyo, my dad ah, we just earned a few bits of money ah. Why are you buying more items and eating pork? No good, can’t buy anything. We can’t let you spend our little bit of money like this.”

Big bun let out a strange sound, his entire face flesh hurt and had a disapproving gaze. Ling Jingxuan speechlessly held his forehead. After a long while of controlling his temper he said, “Xiao Wen ah, the jars are to store the grapes from outside. Didn’t I say it? I’m going to turn them into big silver money. Before that, it needs a little bit of investment. Also the cornmeal and pork, don’t we need to eat? Can't be that we’re not going to eat anything ba? Look at how skinny you and Xiao Wu are, don’t want to eat some pork to repair?”

As for what Ling Jingxuan regretted the most in this life, it was definitely giving financial power to the big bun without thinking about it. As a matter of fact, wanting to use a bit of money was like demanding for big bun’s life. This is f*cking deceptive don’t you think so?

“Dad ah, you just don’t know how to pass one's days. How expensive is a small jar, isn’t it fine to just buy two big ones? Eating cornmeal everyday is also too luxurious, just get some rye flour. Forget about the pork. It’s very expensive and we didn’t even earn that much. We’re not even sure if the wild fruit can make money. If we can save then save ba.”

Hesitating for a long time, big bun started to argue again. Ling Jingxuan was depressed. Unwilling to give up he said, “Xiao Wen you think ah, the price of a piece of cloth on the floor versus a piece of cloth hanging in a store, are they the same? These things ah, the more uncommon the more expensive you know? And also the expensive things require to be carefully chosen and packaged well. You said you just want two big jars, good things are also being wasted. It can clearly sell for ten taels and in the end is only being sold for one. Do you know how big that gap is? If we want to earn lots of money we first need to invest. So the conclusion is, small jars are necessarily to buy.”

He was definitely insane, unexpectedly explaining about return and investments to a five year old. At this moment Ling Jingxuan couldn’t say how his heart was collapsing.

“You really can guarantee that those wild grapes can be sold for 10 taels?”

After being silent for a long time Ling Wen restrained his temper to nervously confirm. The only thing he could understand was that it could make money.


Upon seeing this, Ling Jingxua’s eyes shined and hurried to nod his head, “If nothing unexpected happens, definitely not limited to ten taels.”

“That's good, jars will be bought like you said.”

It was like his flesh was cut, big bun finally nodded his head, only…

“Grandpa, youngest uncle, besides the jars and buckets, can you also help us buy some rye flour, the cheapest one.”

Ling Jingxuan didn’t even have time to be happy yet when the big bun turned directions and said it to Ling Chenglong father and son. Ling Jingxuan suddenly wanted to cry. Will there be a time in this lifetime where he could eat white rice again?


From start to finish seeing this scene play out Ling Chengong smiled. Indulgently patting his head he looked at the gloomy Ling Jingxuan. “It’s like this then, Xiao Wen is also afraid of poverty. How long will Yuahua ravine let you catch fish? It's still better to save a bit.”

“I know dad, then troubling you and youngest brother. Thats right, youngest brother, when you're at the grocery store ask if they sell rock sugar. If they don't have it can you help me buy a few catties of white sugar? I need it to make medicine for second brother.”

If not like this then how? Take your time, there will be a day where he will take big bun’s stingy character and turn it around.

“Ok, big brother, your fish is both big and plump, it’s very good to sell. Wait till I finish selling. I'll come and help you. Didn’t you say yesterday that you wanted to dig a pond in the backyard?”

As soon as he heard that second brother’s illness had hope, Ling Jingpeng patted his chest and face was full of brilliant smiles. Wheat colored skin glowed a youthful splendor.

“Ok, then you guys should quickly go. Any later and it’ll get warmer.”


Ling Jingxuan and sons personally sent off the father and son until their backs disappeared from their line of sight. Ling Jingxuan prepared to turn around, he still had many things to do today. The wild grapes he planned on turning into wine. If there was leftover he would turn it into jam. Even if they couldn’t sell it he could let the children eat it.


Feeling the hem of his clothes being tugged on, Ling Jingxuan, puzzled, lowered his head. Big bun let go of his clothes and twisted his body as he very unnaturally said, “Dad, I know you want to eat a bit better, but we don’t have money ah. Wait until we have money, I will let you eat white rice everyday.”

“Hehe… then dad will wait. Go, didn't I teach you two some words yesterday? Take Xiao Wu to go practice.”

Having heard what was said, Ling Jingxun couldn’t help but laugh. It didn't matter if he was only drawing a big pancake for him, as long as he had that heart. Since his son was afraid of being poor, only by pinching the coins in his hand would he have faith. Then he’ll try hard to earn money, wait until they had too much money to spend, then he naturally won’t be so stingy anymore.

At this moment Ling Jingxuan still did not know that some habits were hard to get rid of for a lifetime. Even if they had a mountain of gold and silver coins, the little stingy bun was still a little stingy bun and didn't change at all.

“Daddy, when I finish practicing the words can I go find Tie Wazi to go play?”

“Of course you can, but remember to come back by noon. It’s good for your body so its necessarily to take an afternoon nap!”

Lovingly poking his nose, Ling Jingxuan smiled and nodded his head. Waiting for the tow buns to obediently go to the backyard to practice, Ling Jingxuan turned around and headed to the room where the man was.

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