Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 19 Rachel

“Black will lend me his power…?”

“Both of you are already in contract, right? Of course he will.”

“Yes… that’s right.”

Rachel lifted Black, bringing the cat’s face closer to her. Then she looked at Black’s round eyes. At that, Black mewled.

“Maybe… Black is telling me to rely on him?”


Wah, he replied to me!

His determined meow made Rachel’s eyes turn moist.

However, what came after that was Theodore’s heartless comment.

“No, that black cat is telling you to put him down.”

Ehh, is that so!?

In response to Theodore’s words, Rachel put Black on her lap, panicked.

Black quickly jumped from her lap and headed to Theodore’s side with short steps. Then he jumped to his lap swiftly.

With a gentle voice, Theodore asked, “What’s wrong?” Black replied him with a spoiled voice, “Nyaan~”

…Rachel felt like she had lost.

She still needed time to get along with Black. Should she prepare cat toys for the time being? How about a foxtail? Or maybe a ball?

Rachel’s previous dog contract spirit loved to play with a ball.

Noticing that Rachel’s thoughts were moving towards a different direction, Theodore said, “Like I said, my constitution makes it easy for spirits to like me unconditionally. You don’t have to overthink it.” Then after a small pause, he added, “But well, this black cat is a low-rank spirit. It doesn’t have much power.”

“Yes, I know that.”

“Even so, this black cat has filled up to one-tenth of your magic power.”


“Your magic power is originally high. It can only lend you that much. You might not realize it since both of you just made a contract, though.”

“I see.”

“I believe your body will gradually get used to the black cat’s magic power. After that, you can’t use magic at all, but you will be able to live normally just fine.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. I guess it’s still going to be hard for you to run? But you should be able to walk outside later on.”

...Louis and Rachel’s parents would be joyous to hear that.

But is this really okay? Rachel wondered if she deserved being that lucky.

“...This miracle shouldn’t happen to me…,” Rachel unconsciously murmured her thoughts. Right after she voiced that out, she snapped back to her senses and looked at Theodore. Seems like the man heard her loud and clear.

His usual carefree expression disappeared, changing into a serious one. Then he looked straight at Rachel. “Why do you think so?”

“I’m not someone who deserves Black’s power.”

Theodore laughed dryly. “I don’t know about that. This black cat chose you. That’s all that’s needed.”


Her words sounded like she denied Black… the spirit who had chosen her among everyone else.

Surely, all spirits were very important to Theodore. That’s why he treated them very gently. And the spirits also knew that.

That’s why he pointed out Rachel’s mistake for thinking about her convenience without facing Black’s feelings.

Rachel thought that losing her magic power was her punishment for her sin.

However, would it make up for everything she had done? Thinking that it was compensation for everything was a selfish thing to do. Moreover, it was rude for Black who had chosen her.

Rachel slapped her cheeks with both of her hands to shake off her depressing thoughts.

Yeah, she got a little spirited.

Amazed by Rachel’s unexpected behavior, Theodore squinted his eyes and laughed out loud, “I have never seen a noble lady hit her cheeks like that!”

The sharp atmosphere around him disappeared all at once.

“I’m sorry, Black. Lord Theodore, I finally realize that I have more things I need to think about.”

“Yeah. Anyway, good for you.”

Theodore smiled with a calm face, his figure elegant like something that came out of a painting.


Let’s face Black and me. Stop regretting and having remorse over the past. I have to think about what I have to do to face forward.

Theodore lifted Black, who was on his knees, and stood up. Then he put the cat on Rachel’s lap.

“Here you go. I hope you and the black cat can get along quickly.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Then, let’s stop here for today.”

Just like that, Theodore went straight to the door. Noticing how Rachel tried to get up from the chair in a fluster, he waved his hand to stop her.

“You still can’t move your body well. No need to send me out.”

“I’m sorry. Thank you for your concern.”

“No, I have a lot of things to investigate, so I’ll need your cooperation.”


“Eh? I mean, we found the spirit of darkness, right? That’s a pretty historic case.”

He’s right.

Everyone didn’t know a thing about the spirit of darkness. Now that they found it, the public’s view of spirits would change.

“I’ll help you until you can live normally. I’ll also take care of you until you can control your magic,” Theodore said.

Rachel sighed, tired. Not waiting for her reply, Theodore lightly waved his hand and said, “Well then, see you later.”

Sarah opened the door for him, and the butler who waited in front of the door said, “I’ll send you to the front door.”

Slowly, Theodore’s back disappeared from Rachel’s view.

When the door closed, Rachel was dead tired.

She turned her face down and looked at Black, who was sitting on her lap. But Black turned his face away from her.

Maybe he noticed that Rachel didn’t accept his feelings just now.

Hmm, I have to get along with him from now on. For the time being, I need a toy as soon as possible!

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