The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!

Chapter 19 – I'll bet. (でしょうね。)

Uoooooooaaaaaaahhh!! How embarrassing——!!

That was soooo embarrassing——!!

But with this, one thing has been made clear!!

It seems that Ursch-kun wouldn't get repulsed by just this much.

Normally, if one's fiancée (♀) started imitating a mysterious "gorilla" creature, you'd be absolutely appalled, but....

Looking at things now, maybe he wouldn't be grossed out or hate me even after looking at my HP?

"Isabella... if you were going to get embarrassed, then you shouldn't have done the gorilla impersonation in the first place...."

"Whatever could you be talking about? I'm not embarrassed in the slightest."

Please, just ignore it already.

Else it'll just get even more embarrassing.

"It looked like you were in high spirits and started it on the spur of the moment, but halfway through your face slowly started turning red~. Even now, you're still red-faced and teary-eyed, you know?"

Don't point it out——!!

And don't smirk either!!

"T-that's not true!! It's not like I actually did come to my senses halfway through and got embarrassed, but couldn't just stop at that point, and decided to brave through it all!!"

"Your face burned in embarrassment, yet you still energetically continued your gorilla impersonation till the very end. Even I started to get embarrassed just watching you~."


Stop pointing it out~~.

Just forgive me already~~.

Ursch-kun stroked my back as I curled up into a ball, not being able to withstand the sheer embarrassment.

If you were going to show such kindness, I wish you hadn't pointed it out and instead pretend to not notice in the first place.

"You didn't have to force yourself through something so embarrassing just to test me, Isabella. If it's about you, I'll accept anything and everything, there's no way I'd ever be repulsed or start disliking you, okay? I promise to always be by your side, so just relax, all right?"

Yeah. I had a feeling about that.

I really felt that if it was Ursch-kun, he'd stay by my side no matter what.

No matter how inhuman my HP is, if he could accept that... gorilla impersonation of mine, I'm sure he'll accept most things.

"No take backs, okay? You said it yourself, Ursch-kun. No matter what you see, you won't leave me?"

"Yeah!! I'll always stick by you~..................... (Even if you hated it and tried to run away)"

Oi. I heard that last whisper of yours.

Just like the game’s heroine, I would never miss a single whisper of such high importance.

"Ursch-kun. What you said towards the end is exactly what I wish for as well. So next time, instead of a low whisper, you can say it out as loud as you want, okay?"

Ursch-kun looked a little dumbfounded by my words.

As I thought, even when surprised his eyes still appear closed. So cute~

But nothing particularly surprising is happening right now, right? Just what is he taken aback about?

Maybe my sharp hearing?

As he peered at me while I was lost in thought, Ursch-kun quietly spoke.

"........Isabella, you must absolutely become my bride."

I've been planning to do so from the very beginning!!

Even if you were uncomfortable with it, I was fully prepared to push for my marriage to you just like an aggressive salesman would!!

"Of course I will?! I'm definitely gonna marry you?! Why are you being so meek about it all of a sudden?! That's so not like you, Ursch-kun!! Come on!! I'll let you see my Status, okay?! So cheer up!! But once you see it, you must definitely take responsibility and marry me, okay? Got it?"

“Yeah. I’ll take responsibility and make you my wife~”

Well, all this talk of responsibility or whatever... I'm really only showing him my Status.

If that was something that demanded taking responsibility, then I would have to marry Marie-chan.

Forget Status, I peeped at her underwear with 《Lust》.

"Well then, go ahead. And while you're at it, I'd like it if you could tell me how my status looks to you, Ursch-kun."

There might be something about my status that even I don't know.

"Sure thing~. Want me to write it down?"

"Please do!!"

Ursch-kun moved to my front, memo pad in hand, and began staring at me.

But almost immediately after, he tilted his head in confusion.

"Hm~m? ....Isabella, can I ask you something?"

"Huh? What? Sure, but.... is there some kind of problem?"

"It's not really a problem per se...... Isabella, when you look up your own Status, what do you see written under your 'Social Status'?"

"'Social Status'? Do you mean 'Profession'?"

"It's a little different. From my point of view, 'Job Skills' and 'Social Status' are two separate things. In my case, I'd probably be a 'Merchant'?"

It seems that from Ursch-kun's viewpoint, the "Profession" field is further separated into "Social Status" and "Job Skills".

If that's the case, my “Social Status” in the profession field should be “Duke’s Daughter Lv.1”.

When I relayed that to Ursch-kun, his confusion only intensified.

What the heck. Just what are you seeing, Ursch-kun?

“That's right...... You’re a ‘Duke’s Daughter’ aren’t you, Isabella?”

Could it be that my "Social Status" shows something else?

Come to think of it, my Duke’s Daughter Lv. dropped just the other day, maybe it badly affected my "Social Status" somehow....

"Hey.... What is it that you see? What's my Social Status?"

"Hmm~~? Yeah. It says, '[Something] Exceedingly Close to a Duke’s Daughter'."

"I am a Duke’s daughter!! I am without question, a Duke’s daughter!!"

Mammon-samaーー!! What are you being confused about?!

What do you mean by [Something]?!

What happened to your accuracy up till now?!

Why are you suddenly being so vague about it?!

Are you trying to sell me a fight? If so, I'll buy it? At the full list price too!!

"Hm~m. It's my first time seeing this kind of 'Social Status'...."

"I'll bet."

That can't even be considered a "Social Status" anymore.

Really, just what happened to you, Mammon-sama?

"Also, about the HP you didn't want me to see—it really is amazing!! I've never seen a human with this much HP before!!"

"I'll bet."

I’m sure it’s much harder to raise your HP to the 999 cap in the real world.

You'd have to be from the game world to get this much HP.

This HP: 67,335 of yours.... If I were to give an example, I'd say you could stand toe-to-toe with a medium-sized earth dragon in a fistfight..... Hey Isabella, if we ever get into a marital spat in the future, let’s avoid making the fight a physical one~. Else I'd die.”

No no. If it came down to an argument or psychological attacks, I'll lose, one hundred percent.

Honestly, I don’t think I can win against Ursch-kun in anything other than a physical....... wait, huh?


Is it just me.... or was a really strange number just mentioned?

"Ursch-kun, about the number '67,335' you just said, what number was that associated with?”

Please. Just hold on for a second.... It can't be....

"Huh? It's your HP, right? A large earth dragon would have about 70,000 HP, so I was thinking that yours is closer to a medium-sized one.....Is something wrong?"

Hey... Why the heck... is it breaking the limit cap......

Doesn't it stop at the 999 limit? Just why??.

Mammon-sama. I'd like an explanation please. I'm begging you.

As I sat with my head in my hands, Ursch-kun tried to console me, offering a rough speculation of what this might mean after listening to my troubles.

Perhaps the 【Status】I see have a certain set of rules attached? ...was what he came up with.

And that maybe the "Status" of other people I view with 《Greed》also conforms to those rules.

Regarding the 【Status】, since it's exactly the same as the way it was displayed in-game during my past life, I'm guessing that the game's rules are being applied here?

《Greed》 is also a skill I had while playing the game in my previous life, so I can see why it would abide by the game's rules too.

I'm convinced. Ursch-kun's speculation is probably right on the mark.

Incidentally, the HP and MP in the game were capped at "999", but that's ultimately because it was a "game world".

In the real world, there is no way for a definite value where "you can't grow anymore beyond this value" to exist.

In other words, as it had exceeded the standard values of the game, the number that should have been capped instead continued to increase without stopping, and reached all the way to "67,335"?

Hm? Hang on. Something's wrong here.

In the game, the limit cap of the HP and MP referred to "the maximum value that 'Race' could reach".

That is to say, there is a difference in 1 HP and 1 MP between "Races".

Dragon: HP 50 >> Demons : HP 50 > Humans : HP 50

And in that manner, the same HP of 50 will differ according to one's Race, but.....

From the way Ursch-kun phrased it, it sounded like the HP of the "Status" he sees is a bit different.

He said that "My HP is about the same as a medium-sized earth dragon, so I could stand toe-to-toe with it in a fistfight", so he likely has "the same measurement applied for all Races".

To begin with, the game's HP: 999 and this world's HP: 999 seem to differ from each other.

Having the same measurement applied for all Races sounds like a good idea—for you would be able to compare the strength of any creature you face with, but with the game's set of rules being applied to my 【Status】and《Greed》, it just gets super confusing.

"And Isabella, I have one more question for you. Is that all right?"

As I was contemplating the method of measuring HP, I came to my senses when Ursch-kun called out to me.

“Sure. What is it?”

“It’s about your ‘Title’, see?”

What “Title”?

Did I have something like that?

"The 【Status】I see doesn't have anything like a 'Title' listed so I'm not sure if I'll be able to give you an answer, but by all means, ask away."

“I see~, so you can’t see the ‘Titles’. In that case, I'm not sure if you'll understand, but you have a 'Title' on you, and it's....".


“Something called ‘Reincarnator’. I wonder what that means?”

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