High Energy QR Code

Chapter 19: Fighting World Start!

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Xing Ye just rested for the morning before immediately taking a flight abroad. He wanted to hand over all his work to his assistant in order to focus on his little brother. To sign the contract, he had to go personally.

He had already passed the stage of being an unruly youth. Even if he was even more grieved and the sky collapsed the next day, today’s things must be completed.

An international corporation had too many interests at stake, so he couldn’t afford to take a break.

Xing Ye napped for a few hours on the plane before going straight to the company. He used four days to deal with his business abroad, and returned to China just before the seven day deadline.

He got home and laid on his bed. There were still a few hours before it was time, and he needed some sleep.

Without even needing an alarm, Xing Ye opened his eyes at exactly 1:29. The phone screen turned black and white as the prompt “Will you enter the game?” popped up. Xing Ye tapped ‘Enter’.

Nothing had changed in the black and white space since he had left. The first thing Xing Ye did when he entered was grab the mirror.

The mirror’s surface lit up as a grumpy voice appeared: “I had to stay here alone for seven days.”

Xing Ye ignored him and turned to the black and white rubix cube: “Are we going to the next world now?”

The black and white rubix cube spun as it spoke: “There will be a random number of between 6-10 people competing in the melee world. There can be ten winners as well as zero winners. In the melee world, it’s up to the player whether they wish to act independently or team up with other players. However, you can only team up with people in the same camp as you. Now, we’ll randomly choose the number of players in your game.”

The rubix cube spun randomly and stopped a minute later, speaking to Xing Ye: “Congratulations, player! Your luck’s not bad this time. The melee world will have seven players, four from the following fate camp and three from the opposing fate camp. Player X8205 will finally have a team!”

Xing Ye wasn’t nearly as excited as the black and white rubix cube. In a world like a battle royale type melee world, the less players there were, the better. Nobody could be trusted in this kind of world. At the last moment, even your own teammates could betray you and snatch all the rewards for themselves.

”Why do people want to play these games?” Xing Ye asked, “What happens if you press ‘No’ instead of ‘Enter’ on the prompt?”

He played the games to investigate the cause of his little brother’s death, but what about other players?

”Once a player enters the game, they can’t leave until they clear the level. If they choose ‘No’, the system will automatically assume the player’s given up on ‘challenging fate’ and renounced their own ‘fate’, which would thus be terminated.” The black and white rubix cube explained, “However, we generally don’t remind the players of this. After all, everybody has the right to give up their own life.”

A smile pattern formed on the cube’s surface, its familiar malice clear.

This was targeting all the players, not just Xing Ye alone. The black and white rubix cube represented the system. It wouldn’t harm players, but it wouldn’t help them either. It just sat loftily above them, maliciously watching the players’ desperate struggles.

”What happens if you win?” Xing Ye asked again.

The black and white rubix cube: “Winning means ‘defeating fate’ and would naturally mean becoming a winner at life. Since this player asked, I’ll give a friendly tip. After surpassing 50,000 points, you can become a high level player and excess points can be traded at a 1:100 ratio of points to RMB. In other words, if a player has 100,000 points, then upon deducting the base 50,000, they would have five million RMB. The rewards for clearing the game is generous beyond any player’s imagination, but they would only know once they got there.”

So it was actually like this. This world was not restricted by laws, so players could attack each other for points and those points can be traded for real-world RMB...

It looks like this melee world would be even more troublesome than he’d thought.

”Does the player have any other questions? This is the player’s only chance for detailed explanations. The next chance for the player to receive an explanation is upon reaching 50,000 points and becoming a high level player.” For once, the black and white rubix cube’s tone was very polite.

”Will players be able to recognize each other?” This was Xing Ye’s biggest question.

In the first world, all three of his opponents not only knew he was the executor, but also knew, up to a certain extent, his plans and actions. In comparison, he wasn’t even told their identities. It was truly quite troublesome.

”Nope,” The black and white rubix cube said, “If it’s a modern world, your phone will change color, and if it’s not, your phone will turn into a transparent wristband. However, when someone uses a QR code, their phone will return to normal, making it a good opportunity to find other players.”

”I understand. We can enter the new world now.”

The rubix cube generated another QR Code. Xing Ye scanned it and received the following information:

Game Type: Campus Search

Player Role: Ordinary Student

Number of Players: 4 from the Following Fate Camp and 3 from Opposing Fate Camp.

Victory Condition: Find all the items required by the mission and deliver it to the designated NPC. Whoever hands over the required items to the NPC wins; if you die, surrender, cannot find any items, or your items are stolen, you lose.

Rewards and Penalties: Each winning player will obtain 100 points while the losers are deducted 50% of their existing points. The victors will get the chance to randomly draw a special QR code.

The victor would only win 100 points whereas the loser would be deducted 50%, so the more points you had, the higher the risks. Players with only 200 points like Xing Ye wouldn’t have to worry about losing much.

Before, the mirror said that it was possible to steal points from other players in a melee world, but that there would be a cap at 1000 points. However, the 1000 point cap didn’t seem to apply to losing.

So it really was like fate, eh? You won’t gain much from winning, but the price of losing was far, far, too big to bear.

Xing Ye tucked the mirror in his pocket and nodded to the black and white rubix cube: “I’ll enter the game world.”

The black and white rubix cube laughed, “I wish the player luck.”

A familiar dizziness overtook Xing Ye as he suddenly found himself inside a school, lying on the desk and sleeping.

Xing Ye silently got up and subconsciously rubbed his bosom. His chest was flat, he wasn’t wearing a skirt, and he had his Adam's apple- the familiar male body let him breathe a sigh of relief. He then flipped through the book on the table- it was a grade 11 textbook.

Right now, there could be up to forty people in a public school’s class but there were only thirty seats here. The male students were all dressed in uniform shirts and pants while the females wore the same but the pants were replaced by a knee length skirt.

It was summer time, so this place was probably a private school. The grade 11 textbook’s contents were similar to the ones in reality and was labelled with Xing Ye’s name, meaning his name shouldn’t have changed.

After swiftly figuring out his basic citation, Xing Ye didn’t hurry to check the information on his phone. A black smartphone was hidden in his school desk but according to the rubix cube, using it would make the phone change color and reveal his identity as a player.

Of course, he could use his desk to hide it or go to the bathroom to check, but Xing Ye didn’t move. He decided to observe his classmates first.

There were 7 players and 28 students. The seven might not all necessarily be in this class, and it was also possible that they could be teachers or school staff. However, this didn’t mean that there were absolutely no players in this class. Xing Ye looked around and saw three students with their heads lowered, secretly using their phones. He swiftly memorized their faces.

”Xing Ye!” The teacher suddenly roared angrily, “Did you learn it all already, sleeping during class and then looking around as soon as you wake up?! Come here and solve this question!”

Xing Ye stood up. It was an English class and the teacher’s question was very simple so he knew the answer with a glance.

However, a big beard was drawn on the figure on the cover of the textbook with the words “Next time, I have to be first from the bottom!” scribbled in large letters beside it. Plus, he was asleep in class and the teacher clearly didn’t like him...

With all these things, it was obvious that he was a bad student.

”I didn’t hear, I can’t solve it.” Xing Ye said bluntly.

”Since you didn’t hear it, you must not want to hear it! Go outside and stand by the door!” The English teacher said angrily.

Xing Ye lazily walked out with the English textbook, openly sweeping his gaze across the students in the room. Most of the students were jeering at him but between the three students looking at their phones earlier, two of them didn’t lift their heads, still focused on their phones, whereas the last one was openly staring at him.

They were all quite suspicious.

Xing Ye carried his book and walked into the empty hallway. He checked to make sure nobody was monitoring the hall before opening the textbook, revealing the phone he had hidden inside. Using the book as a cover, he turned the phone on.

This time, there was no narration. He tapped the ‘Story Background’ prompt and rows of text appeared on the phone’s screen.

Story Background: In a private Chinese boarding senior high school, there were seven unbelievable legends.

First, at 12 am, the stairs to the female dormitory would turn from 12 steps to 13.

Second, if someone walked around after dusk, there would always be somebody staring from behind.

Third, every night before the new moon, a youth would run through the school carrying a human head.

Fourth, once in a while, the abandoned piano in the music room would play by itself.

Fifth, when students in dorm room 404 wake up, they would find their nails caked in mud.

Sixth, the Mona Lisa painting hung in the hallway would cry occasionally.

Seven, why did it feel like somebody just patted my shoulder?

You, do you know why?! Oh yes, there are people that know. With your special props, find him/her/it and you’ll know the truth.

The introduction stops here. What you need to find will not be said, nor is it clear if the mission NPC is a man, woman, young, or old- they might not even be human!

Xing Ye took a deep breath and took the little mirror out of his shirt pocket. He showed him his phone and asked, “Got any leads?”

The mirror was afraid somebody would hear him and didn’t speak. Instead, handwriting appeared on the mirror’s surface: Every world is born from scratch so there won’t be two copies of the same world. However, I also had a ‘search’ type mission. At that time, I just casually plucked some flowers along the road to give to a crying girl and it said that I found the required item.

Xing Ye: “...”

The mirror continued to write: That game was really easy. I didn’t even know anything about the world’s plot and got 5000 points.

Xing Ye was speechless.

Sure enough, the following fate players really had ridiculously good luck.

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