The Villainess is Changing Her Role to a BroCon

Chapter 19 - Upside and Downside Which is Near Yet Far (遠くて近い上と下)

For some reason, Mina knew Flora's room in the dormitory. When Ekaterina thought that her beautiful maid was a clairvoyant…

"I know every student who lives in the same dormitory as you, My Lady. Be it their name, face, and room," Mina said. That only made Ekaterina unable to understand the maid's scope of work.

When they knocked on the door of Flora's room, Flora responded after a pause and opened the door. Once her purple eyes saw Ekaterina, they widened in surprise.

"...Miss Yurinova."

"Miss Flora, I'm sorry for disturbing you late at night."

Even after Ekaterina greeted her with a smile, Flora stood petrified.

...But that means she didn't hate her, right?

"You said this at noon. That you want my brother to decide. My brother's decision has changed. He told me earlier to spread my knowledge well. I came here to tell you that."


Flora looked at the ground. Seeing her long eyelashes quivering, Ekaterina knew that she had a chance.

"Hey, Flora. You said that our worlds are different, but did you realize that we are similar more than anyone else?"

"That's… are you talking about our mothers?"

"Yes, that's the first one. And the other one is…" Ekaterina raised one finger and laughed. "We are both lonely. One has the highest status and one has the lowest, but we're the same."

Duke Yurinova's lady, who had been imprisoned seven months ago. Baron's lady, a commoner who never thought she would become a noble until seven months ago. They were suddenly thrown into a different world, shunned from their surroundings. For different reasons, but in the same way.

"But… I'm sure a lot of people wish to become Miss Yurinova's friends."

"You might be correct. That being said, Duke Yurinova has wealth and power. Many people will approach me to aim for those things. I believe everyone is that wicked, and I will have to learn how to deal with them. But to be honest, it's troublesome. Don't you think I'm too pitiful?" Ekaterina slightly tilted my neck and made a small joke. "And that's the number one reason why I want to continue talking to Miss Flora. I thought I would get along with you when we were chatting and cooking together. I believe this is the best reason for wanting to become friends with someone."

It was the matchless truth. I don't care if you find it too naive. Because that's my real feeling.

It's not only because I wanted to become Flora's friend to break the destruction flag since she was the heroine.

But it's because it was fun to talk with her.

"If Miss Flora doesn't like me, then it can't be helped…"

"That's impossible!" Flora shouted, shaking her head vigorously. Then she covered her face with her hands and muttered, "That's impossible… Uu..."

Ekaterina hugged Flora, who held back her sobs. Tightly.

Flora had been doing her best. She had worked hard all the time.

Flora was a good girl. Until just a few months ago, enrolling in a magic academy filled with only nobles wouldn't have entered her life planning at all. She lost her mother seven months ago and unexpectedly became a baron family lady, and she found out that she had abundant magic power. Without giving her any choice, she was forced to enroll in this academy.

The change in Flora's environment was too drastic. She didn't ask for it. To make things worse, she had to face nasty remarks and bullying. Just how unreasonable life could be? And yet, she worked silently, not giving up or turning rebellious. She was strong—what a great person.

You might think it's only to be expected from the heroine, but that was not it. This was the world of an otome game, and Flora was the heroine, but Flora was born and raised here. She had a growing mind and a heart. She lived her life, not playing a game.

With the heart of a child who had lived for only fifteen years, she had endured the loneliness of losing her mother and the pain of being unreasonably bullied, alone in this academy.

Flora didn't know her role as the heroine, which had been assigned to her.

But when Flora said that she didn't want to be a bother to me, that wasn't cool at all. Flora was smart, but she was fifteen years old. Thinking that she could endure everything alone was silly.

This thirty-years-old sister won't leave you alone! So let's not be lonely together.

After stroking and patting Flora's back until her tears stopped, I invited her to my room.

I didn't expect that Mina started preparing both of our dinners as soon as we arrived in my room, but it turns out Flora also didn't eat dinner and stayed in her room. So Flora got depressed even if she proposed not to be friends with me on her own? This girl was too lovely!

And Mina, who could see through that only after looking at Flora's complexion, might be the proof that my beautiful maid was really a clairvoyant.

During our meal, we talked about what to make for tomorrow's lunch, how none of us remembered the afternoon class materials at all, and so on. It was a friendly chat, but they talked about Ekaterina's circumstances after the meal. I started from how her grandmother picked on her mother to the details of her mother's death. I told her everything, even if just briefly.

Flora was surprised and cried a few times. She said she had no experience with noble ladies, so other people might make a fool of us if she misbehaved. That's why she wanted to think of a way to become my friend steadily. I nodded.

With this, I believe Flora wouldn't keep a distance from me because she felt inferior.

The villainess, capturing the heroine… Did I successfully do it? Have I… become her friend?

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