Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 19 - Congratulations [OW]

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Under Gu Liheng's insistence, Su Ling took the ear stud and looked at it back and forth in his hand for a while. He asked in confusion, "How do I use it?"

Actually, after seeing the news that the Su Family has broken their relations with Su Ling, Gu Liheng did a background check on them. The Su family has developed rapidly in the past two decades. Although their family background was not deep, they were quite wealthy. But for Su Ling to not even know how to use a space storage, it makes one feel distressed; regardless it’s because he has never seen one before or he has lost his memory.

Gu Liheng patiently explained, "There is a button on the back of the crystal. Press it to turn on. You will need to record your voice and fingerprint when you turned it on for the first time. Then you can use either your voice or fingerprint to open the space storage next time."

Su Ling learned to use the space storage according to Gu Liheng’s instructions. When he saw the space inside, he was dumbfounded. Turning to look at Gu Liheng, he asked, "Is this a space of 20m²?"

Gu Liheng: "En, you can also put in your personal belongings that you want to bring along. If you don’t have enough space, you can put it in my space storage here."

Su Ling immediately said, "Enough, it’s enough."

So 4 million worth of things were just trinkets in his male god’s heart?! Su Ling could genuinely feel the gap between the rich and the poor.

Gu Liheng: "Do you want to check around and see what else you need to buy?"

Su Ling looked at the various materials in the room again; clothing, weapons, and tents were fully prepared.

"I can't think of anything for the time being, I will let you know after I have created the travel plan." He has been preparing for his exam, so he didn’t have the time to create a travel plan.

Gu Liheng nodded and said, "Alright, you can discuss it with me at any time."

The two checked the materials once again, then returned to their rooms to rest.

After Su Ling took a shower, he sat on the bed and tapped his bracelet. He opened the folder that listed the places that Xian Mo Yu was sighted before, then marked all the places on a map. Next, he drew a red circle on the Silver Mist Forest area closest to Belle City and numbered the locations from near to far.

Silver Mist Forest is his first destination, so he searched online for related news. Silver Mist Forest is located in the south of Belle City and quite vast in area. It is permeated with white fog all year round, causing extremely low visibility. From the outside, the forest seems to be covered with a layer of silvery gauze. That’s how Silver Mist Forest got its name. There are many kinds of species in the forest. Many precious materials and high-level spiritual plants can be found in the deeper part of the forest. High profits are accompanied by high risks. No team ever returns in full members after stepping a foot in the central area. Even with their advanced technology, it is still impossible to investigate the situation in the central area. The Silver Mist Forest is a sacred hunting ground for many people; explorers, spiritual plant specialists, mercenaries… Many people entered in droves in order to obtain rich rewards.

There are 2 ways to enter the Silver Mist Forest, land route, and water route. Su Ling marked the two roads with white lines and green lines, respectively. After reading the related guides, he decided to enter the forest by road. The depth of land transportation can be much shallower than the waterway, and they will need to cover more roads to get inside. The waterway runs straight into the forest along with the current, but it is very dangerous. Because there are many creatures in the water, and there will be aggressive creatures in the midst. The possibility of encountering danger is very high. He roughly determined the route to take, integrated various strategies, sorted out the information inside the forest, and marked it on the map. Su Ling listed the things to take note at the bottom of the plan and outlined the materials needed. After finishing the plan, he wanted to transfer it to Gu Liheng to see. However, he realized that it is 1 am now when he glanced at the clock. Instantly, he dismissed the idea to bother Gu Liheng and turned off his bracelet to sleep.

The next day, he was woken up by the tone of a communication request. He glanced at the time and saw that it is almost 9 am. Su Ling quickly got up and sat cross-legged, with his elbows against his knees, his palms supporting his side, and accepted the request.

Just as the line is connected, Lin Meng's excited voice could be heard saying, "Ling Ling, congratulations! You are really amazing!"

Su Ling’s consciousness was a bit blurry when he woke up, he blinked his eyes when he heard that, and his thoughts became clear in an instant.

The test results are coming out today!

The corner of Su Ling’s mouth slightly curved up, "Thank you." After that, he put down his hand and tapped on the screen panel to switch to the examination homepage. Then he clicked on the results of the university entrance examination. A list of names popped up right away, it was the result of all the candidates of this year. There was a box in the upper right corner where one could find out their score and ranking by entering their candidate number. Su Ling didn't input his number because he saw his name on top at a glance - Su Ling, 485. He checked the candidate number and confirmed that it was indeed him, and not someone else with the same name. His smile became deeper, and he was a little excited.

Actually, the first place is nothing special for him as he is used to it, but the test this time was different from his previous tests because he and his competitors didn’t start on the same starting line. Soon, he calmed down from the excitement. After all, except for biology, the other subjects were not much different from what he learned previously. Plus, he could understand and memorize biology very quickly. The written test has a total of 500 points, but he got 485, so he is not particularly amazing. Not sure if he can find out where did he lost the 15 points.

As he was thinking about the points, he heard Lin Meng said, "Why are you so calm?! You have checked the score already?"

Su Ling: "I just checked. I'm delighted that I don't need to repeat another year."

"Not only do you not need to repeat, but there will also definitely be a lot of schools extending an invite for you. Your written test score is in the first place, and you are the only candidate who answered all of the additional questions correctly in the interview!"

Su Ling raised an eyebrow, "Additional questions?"

"Yeah, didn't you read the news? The committee in charge of the test explained their marking scheme after the interview. They didn't say it in advance because they were worried that the candidates would not do their best."

Su Ling didn't follow this news indeed.

Lin Meng explained further, "During the test in Area 002 where we need to distinguish various fragrances, we will get 1 point for each question from 1 to 20, 2 points for each question from 21 to 25, which give us a total of 30 points. From 26 to 30, those are actually additional questions, giving us 1 point for each question."

Lin Meng's tone gradually rose, "No one except you, get the extra points! You are too amazing!"

Su Ling modestly replied. After Lin Meng praised him for a while, he(LM) then asked, "Which university are you going to?"

Su Ling: "I haven't thought about it yet. I will give it a consideration before filling in the application form."

Lin Meng: "En, tell me after you have decided. Maybe we would go to the same university!"

Su Ling: "Okay."

After hanging up the call, Su Ling went to check his interview score, 65 points. Apart from the exam he abandoned at Area 003, he received full marks for the other two exams, plus 5 additional points. Su Ling was a little surprised by the result. He was quite confident in the fragrance distinguishing test, but he didn’t know how the affinity test determines the scores, so he was not very confident about it.

Although Su Ling already knows that his written test will obtain excellent scores and that his interview score has nothing to do with him entering a university, but seeing this score still makes him very happy. He is qualified to choose which university he wants now. Before this, he was prepared for the worst. It would be fine to be able to enter any university, regardless of the quality of the university. Adding both points together will give him 547 points, which is more than 90% of the total score. It should be possible to choose a good school.

Su Ling went to wash his face in a good mood. As soon as he opened his door, he saw Domi standing outside. Domi is 1.8 meters tall, a bit taller than him. So, seeing a pair of big blue fluorescent eyes right after he opened the door gave him a scare. He was about to ask Domi what he was doing standing outside the door when he saw Domi's eyes flashing.

"Oh, beautiful Omega guest, you finally woke up! Ever since you stayed with us, you have never got up later than 8 am, which is too worrying. Master told me to scan your breathing rate and make sure that you are safe."

Su Ling laughed, "Why don't you knock on the door?"

Domi: "According to analysis, the reason why you woke up late is probably because of a long sleep caused by relaxation after your exam, other than your physical condition. Master said that knocking on the door is too reckless."

Su Ling walked out of his room, and Domi followed beside him, saying, "I'll prepare breakfast for you."

"Thank you."

When Su Ling walked to the living room, he saw Gu Liheng in casual clothing sitting on the sofa and watching the news. He walked over to say hello and transferred the plan he created yesterday to Gu Liheng.

"There may be something I missed out, please help me to amend it. I will go to eat breakfast first."

Gu Liheng nodded, "Okay." When Su Ling turned to head to the dining table, he added, "Congratulations, your grades are excellent."

Su Ling's eyes slightly bent as he asked, "You saw my grades?" His heart felt very sweet, his male god paid close attention to him!

Gu Liheng shook his head. Although, he did want to check Su Ling’s grade in advance so that he can prepare how to comfort him. After all, he was not very good at comforting people. However, he did not know what Su Ling’s candidate number was. Apart from that, Su Ling's grades did not need comfort. He replied, "No need to check because you are being discussed online."

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