I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 19

Such a huge thing happened so early in the morning.

The two classes didn’t even need to attend the flag raising ceremony anymore.

The dean was so angry that his saliva was spitting everywhere as he spoke.

As expected, Fu Yangxi, his followers as well as a dozen students from the Evergreen Class had been caught and taken to the office.

Despite the fact that the office was at the end of the left side of the academic building, the dean’s voice could still be heard from afar, “You are students from the Evergreen and International Class, but those who don’t know might think that you guys are from some Ultimate Class*! You guys are seniors, but once again, those who don’t know will think you guys are from some boy band who purposely came here to have fun!”

ray’s note: the dean/author was referring to ‘Ko One’, the taiwanese drama. it is about a class in a school that only accepts delinquents and rejects from other schools.

“Why did you all learn from Fu Yangxi? He can use his family’s money to buy planes to play chess with. But if you guys don’t study, the only thing you can do once you go home is rear chickens! The teachers don’t dare to bother him while he’s sleeping in class, but if your teachers don’t care about you then when you guys grow up you can only move bricks!”

The dean was very familiar with the ways of including hidden meanings in his stinging words. Prior to this, Fu Yangxi didn't care about anything he said. He merely allowed them to enter one ear before exiting through the other. However, he felt that today’s words were especially unpleasant.

What if Little Mask heard what he said all the way in class because he yelled it out so loud?

Fu Yangxi yawned before throwing a glance at the dean. “Can you lower down your voice? What are you gonna do if the investment fund for the new academic building next year disappears by one block?”


The dean immediately lowered his voice.

However, Mingxi who was in the classroom heard everything clearly.

As they currently had a morning self-study period, she used a book to cover her head before turning to ask Ke Chengwen in shock, “Can his family’s money really be used to buy a dozen airplanes just to play chess with?”

The original novel was very detailed in terms of the main characters as well as side characters like her. As for the others, the author would only describe them in one-liners.

Thus, she only knew that the Fu family was rich. She didn’t expect them to be this wealthy!

“I guess.”

As Mingxi’s piercingly beautiful face got closer to his, Ke Chengwen felt as if he almost couldn’t breathe.

For some reason, it was as if the air had become sweet and soft.

What’s going on? Is this a girl’s charm? It is very different from the stinky scent of a boy’s sweat.

Why didn’t he notice that the transfer student was this pretty?

To be honest, he had never actually taken a good look at the transfer student. That mask covered her face firmly, only revealing her forehead and a pair of eyes. As there were many girls with pretty eyes, Ke Chengwen didn’t pay much attention to her.

Ke Chengwen regretted it.

He regretted it so much.

If he knew that the transfer student was this pretty, he would have jumped in to save her on the first day when she was being bullied by Xi ge!

Then this whole thing would no longer have anything to do with Xi ge!

“You’re not going to wear a mask anymore?” he asked.

Mingxi explained, “My face was injured before I transferred here last year. Now that I’m fully healed, I won’t need to wear it anymore.”

Indeed, the transfer student was still the transfer student. Her tone was still as stable and calm as ever.

However, now that she had an attractive face, Ke Chengwen felt as if her voice was as sweet as a nightingale’s.

Ke Chengwen replied, “Thank goodness. It would be such a waste otherwise.”

Sigh, Xi ge is so lucky.


When Fu Yangxi came back from the office, he saw how Ke Chengwen was stretching out his neck in order to speak to Zhao Mingxi. His expression was as if he was her pet dog.

Not only him, all the boys and girls in class couldn’t help but to throw a few glances at Zhao Mingxi while they hid their heads behind their books.

Fu Yangxi felt like everyone wanted to steal Mingxi away.

What a perilous situation.

He pulled a long face and walked to his seat with big strides. He used both his hands to pull Ke Chengwen up by the back of his collar and dragged him to a spot furthest away from Zhao Mingxi. Then, he squeezed over to his seat. “Can’t you obey the rules? Why are you talking to each other when it’s supposed to be our self-study period?”

When he finished speaking, his eyes swept through the class.

The followers who were staring at Zhao Mingxi hastily retracted their gazes.

Ke Chengwen was speechless. He thought: ‘Oh please, the person who disobeys the rules the most is you.

Fu Yangxi sat down in his own seat.

After he sat down and realized that Zhao Mingxi was right beside him, a wave of heat rose up his cheeks rapidly.

“Thanks for what you did just now.” Mingxi used a book to cover her head and turned to the right. “The dean didn’t punish you, did he?”

The moment Zhao Mingxi leaned closer to him, Fu Yangxi stiffened. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he was like a statue with red spiky hair.

As he did not dare to look at her, he leaned away from her slightly and replied in an uncomfortable manner, “Wh-What else can he punish me with? I just have to cl-clean the toilet.”

Clean the toilet? That’s another opportunity to freeload on his luck.

Mingxi quickly offered, “I’ll help you, Young Master Fu!”

For some reason, Fu Yangxi was like a rabbit that was forced to a corner in fear of being defiled. In an attempt to hide himself, he leaned toward the seat near the wall. “There’s no need for that.”

Mingxi didn’t know if he heard her, so she leaned closer to him. She raised her head a little to look at what the teacher was doing before whispering, “Please, Young Master Fu. Leave the matter of cleaning up the toilet to me!”

She’s going too far!

Fu Yangxi felt that she was purposely trying to flirt with him. She took off her mask, revealing such a beautiful face and she even had the audacity to speak to him like this. The breaths that left her lips were chilly as he felt it on his elbows.

Furthermore, it wasn’t that difficult of a task to clean up the toilet. Even if he didn’t get his followers to do it, he could still do it on his own.

She probably just wanted to stick with him.

“M-Male toilet.” Fu Yangxi’s heart was beating fast as he held his table tightly. He spent a lot of effort to make sure that his words were flowing smoothly as he stared at the table. “You can’t do it.”

Mingxi could only reply, “Okay then.”

She looked a little disappointed.

“Why are you stuttering?” Mingxi suddenly looked toward Fu Yangxi with curious eyes.

Fu Yangxi spent a long time to build the core foundation of his mentality right now—

Don’t be nervous.

If I’m already this tense when she’s near, if we ever do anything else in the future I’ll be even more nervous.

He secretly sucked in a deep breath before attempting to look at Zhao Mingxi directly. Come on, she’s just prettier than the average person. It wasn’t like he wasn’t quite a handsome guy himself!

In the end, his face flushed red the moment he laid eyes on her. F*ck, I’m still so anxious!

“I did-didn’t stutter.”

“Then wh-why are you—”

Fu Yangxi closed his book with a loud clap and hastily cut her off by diverting the topic, “Speaking of which, what were those people doing?”

Fu Yangxi was referring to the group of people from the Evergreen Class.

Mingxi shrugged and explained, “E Xiaoxia from the Evergreen Class had some private grudge against me, but it’s all over now. Everything has been settled.”

Fu Yangxi had never even heard of the name E Xiaoxia. To be honest, he couldn’t even really remember the names of his fellow classmates, moreover students from the other classes.

The only girl’s name that he remembered until now was Zhao Mingxi’s.

He will probably never figure out that the private grudge which Zhao Mingxi was talking about was the matter of her having pursued Shen Liyao before and that their grudge was between rivals in love. He would most likely think that it was some misunderstanding between girls.

Thus, Fu Yangxi furrowed his brows as he contemplated if he should get someone to warn that person called E Xiaodong or something to stop doing things behind Mingxi’s back.

While they were whispering to each other, a follower who was pretending to read couldn’t help but to take a peek at Mingxi again.

Fu Yangxi looked back at him with a vicious glare.

Fu Yangxi had the thought of making Mingxi wear her mask again because so many people were staring at her now.

He was unhappy.

However, he was reminded of how girls would always want to appear beautiful. Now that her face was free of scars, she must be very happy.

Therefore, Fu Yangxi retracted this selfish thought.

He looked at the bag behind Mingxi. When he saw that she was still using the old one, he asked, “Did you not like the bag?”

Mingxi realized that he was referring to the bag he gave her last Friday. Her eyes curled into half moons as she whispered, “I like it, but I wanted to leave it out under the sun for a while before using it. I’ll probably be able to bring it to school tomorrow.”

Fu Yangxi was overjoyed. He scoffed arrogantly, though his pompous head of short hair similar to that of a porcupine seemed to have softened slightly. “Whatever. It’s yours anyways.”

Mingxi hesitated for a moment before continuing, “But it doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t do anything to deserve this. Even if I continue to make desserts for you for the next three years I will not be able to repay your gifts. Young Master Fu, I think I should just repay you once I’ve earned some money.”

Fu Yangxi thought: ‘Then continue making desserts for the next three years! Why not?!

Could it be that you’ll become tired of me after three years and you’ll go after another person?!

Fu Yangxi flipped through the pages quickly. He raised a brow and said grumpily, “What are you doing three years from now? Are you going overseas? Or are you going to the moon?”

He paused.

Fu Yangxi gathered all his courage and replied while pretending as if he was not bothered at all, “It’s not as if I won’t think about it if you ask me to go overseas with you.”

Mingxi asked, “What?”

What is he talking about?

When Fu Yangxi saw her dumbfounded look, he pulled a long face.

Sometimes he wondered if Zhao Mingxi truly liked him, or else why was she still politely calling him Young Master Fu? Also, she didn’t even think about their future! Could it be that she’s merely stringing him along?

Fu Yangxi’s emotions plummeted like a rollercoaster.

“What do you mean, Young Master Fu?” Mingxi asked when she noticed how despondent he looked.

“Why are you still calling me Young Master Fu?” Fu Yangxi asked begrudgingly.

Calling him by his full name was way better than this unfamiliar title.

The way she called him Young Master Fu every time made it seem as if he was her employer.

On the other hand, Mingxi thought that what he meant was that after that fight, their relationship had turned from one between the hater and the hated to one between a boss and his follower.

Considering how he had been the one to protect her today, she should take him as her boss just like how the others did, right?

Mingxi immediately accepted her own advice, “Xi ge.”

Xi… Xi ge?

Whenever Fu Yangxi heard Ke Chengwen and the others address him as this, he would feel nonchalant about it, if not a little weird.

However, when he heard it from Little Mask...

His heart skipped a beat and both his ears and face flushed red.

How… How cute.

Fu Yangxi’s mood was lifted once more. He felt way better now.

He used a book to cover his face, the corner of his lips curling up to form a soft smile.

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