Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 19

Baobei remained in a state of shock, up to the very point when she was sent back to her dorm by Lecturer Jiang. He had been very calm; hiding his glee as though he was a cat that had successfully eaten the canary.

“I’ll pick you up and drop you at your sister’s place this afternoon.” He then left to run his errands. As for Baobei, she simply stood rooted where she was, staring blankly at the leaving vehicle, unable to return to her senses. Her fingers unconsciously touched her lips, her face in a deep blush.

How … how did this happen?

She couldn’t really recall, and she seriously didn't want to think about it. She was in a state of frenzy.

She had woken up from her slumber naturally. The bedroom had good blinds that blocked out the light, so apart from some stray sun rays that peeked in from the corners of the blinds, the entire room was shrouded in darkness. Baobei lay on the bed, lazily rubbing her eyes as her gaze travelled to the light. She could tell that the weather was good.

As she slowly awakened, her consciousness started to kick in as well. She didn’t remember such thick blinds in the room in her sister’s house.

Wait a minute. She seemed to have fallen asleep in Jiang Moxiu’s office last night. Did she return to her sister’s house?

Before she could even think further, a warm body snuggled up to her from the left. It was a naked body. As she reached out to poke the body, she was clear that it wasn’t her sister’s. It was a firm body. She then started feeling around: a firm chest, and taut muscles.

Between the legs was something that was warm, and increasingly turning hard.

“What the?!” Baobei could no longer keep her calm.

A low laugh rumbled from above her head. It sounded happy.

No matter how stupid she was, she knew who laid beside her! Baobei pulled the blankets away with the intention to roll over to the side. However, the man seemed to have predicted her moves. Just as she turned her body, a hand caught her body. One large move, his leg trapping her body. A split second later, he was beside her again.

A pair of sturdy arms held her head close. Baobei was so shocked that she was unable to react.

“What are you feeling around for, this early in the morning?” There was a hint of hoarseness and sleepiness in the voice that had just awoken.

“You… you… you’re not wearing anything … you …” The young lady was already stuttering.

“Who wears anything to bed?” he asked. He lowered his head, inching closer to her. The distance between them was so close that she held her breath.

Baobei was furious. “Damn you! Why are you acting so shamelessly so early in the morning! Why are you rubbing against me!”

“A morning wood is a sign that I’m healthy. As for the latter, if it’s not you, then who should I be rubbing myself against?” Saying this, he even intentionally bumped up against her twice. His voice was light, but it was definitely aimed at seducing the woman in his arms.

Baobei was flustered. It was dangerous and awkward down there, but she didn’t dare to use her hands to move it away. She was trapped under him, and she felt that she was going crazy.

She wanted to start scolding him again, but the man didn’t even give her a chance.

They shared an extremely sensual kiss.

His wet tongue had deftly slid into her mouth when she opened it to start chiding him. Initially she used her tongue to block his, but he grabbed her waist and lightly pinched it. His tongue then curled, and he continued to plunder her mouth without restraint.

She raised her hands to push against his chest, but was shocked by the heat that passed through her palms.

As his mouth was working, his hands weren’t free either. They slowly moved down her waist, then made its way into her camisole. They continued gliding upwards, heading towards her chest.

He had already removed her bra and threw it aside last night. Baobei hoped that he didn’t take advantage of her when she was sleeping. If she knew that her soft little breasts had not only been fondled with, but had even been kissed and licked, she probably wouldn’t hesitate to give the throbbing little brother of Lecturer Jiang a good kick.

“Uhhnn…” She was still putting up a struggle.

The man left the battlefield that he was conquering for a moment. Baobei could finally breathe.

“If you resist again, then I’ll just have to do you right now!” As he said those words, he lifted her right leg over her shoulder, then thrusted forward.

Only a thin piece of cloth stood between Baobei and his engorged organ. Baobei sucked in a breath, and immediately stopped moving.

The room was still dark, but Jiang Moxiu could see tears at the corner of her eyes. He was only doing so because his patience was hanging on a thread, and her movements were breaking his restraint!

However, he refused to console her. He only lowered his heads and littered her body with soft kisses, from her forehead, to her brows, her eyes, and her nose …

She could only wish that he would be a gentleman! At this moment, he was just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. After frightening her, he then started to carefully pamper her again. He kissed and caressed her, teasing her until she forgot about her tears, and forgot about her fears. Slowly and steadily, he managed to coax the young lady to immerse herself in their “morning exercise”.


Baobei was brought back from her thoughts, then turned and noticed Jiahui. She was carrying a bag of food, which was probably lunch for Shi Xiaoxi and her.

“What are you standing here for?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I was just thinking about something.” Baobei touched her cheeks, trying to sober herself. Her mind had been in a mess since this morning. She even forgot what she had for lunch.

“Are you unwell? Your face is red.” Jiahui reached out to touch Baobei’s forehead.

Baobei avoided her touch, and awkwardly looked away. “I’m off. It’s too warm in here.”

Warm? Jiahui looked at the sky. It had been freezing the past few days, and today’s temperature was just fine. But she didn’t think too much, as she followed Baobei back into the dorm.

Pushing the door into the room, she saw that Fang Jie was not around. Baobei poured a glass of warm water for herself, then brought it to the balcony, drinking and taking deep breaths.

“Baobei, have you eaten?” Jiahui asked.

“Yes, I have.” She waved.

It’s just rolling in the sheets [1]! Everyone would need to get laid at some point, what’s there to be flustered about? Was she going to remain a virgin for life? Or hoping that Lecturer Jiang would not be able to perform? Damn it! She was going to learn how to enjoy this from now on, and learn how to tease a man! She would turn herself into a horny woman! As the saying goes, youth is like mahjong. Either you let others win, or you win it yourself. There were so many otakus and fujoshis who were making so much preparations just to enjoy the moment they got laid.

Baobei stood more than ten minutes outside, before she slowly regained her composure.

After strengthening her resolve, she clenched her fist.

She gulped down the water in one breath as if it was a shot of alcohol, then returned to the room. The two people inside the room were already eating their lunch. Shi Xiaoxi was in her pajamas, carrying the big bowl and walking towards the balcony. Baobei glanced over, did a double take, spitting out the water in her mouth in shock.

“Xia Baobei …” Shi Xiaoxi closed her eyes and shouted.

“Oh no! Weren’t you saying that you wanted to wash your hair later? Now you don’t need to anymore.” Jiahui looked up from her food.

“What are you doing! What are you doing!” Shi Xiaoxi was frustrated.

“Cough!! You .. cough!” Baobei patted her chest as she tried to soothe her choking, and pointed at Xiaoxi’s head. “It’s just been one night, what happened to you?!”

The originally cute student hairstyle had become a watermelon style.

“Wuuu…” Shi Xiaoxi was hurt by the comment.

“She went to cut her hair yesterday, but was focused on her game during the cut. By the time the hairstylist was done, she already looked like this.” Jiahui explained.

“That bitch! How dare she cut my hair into this horrible style!” Shi Xiaoxi puffed up her chest and said, “She still charged me a hundred and eighty for this! This hairstyle! How is it worth a hundred and eighty dollars! I can’t even go out in public anymore!”

“And you still paid for it?” Baobei was tickled. Shi Xiaoxi was a total two-faced person. She would scold someone behind their backs, but became a coward when in direct confrontation. She had never dared to truly confront another person.

Baobei walked around Xiaoxi, and nodded, “I think it’s not bad. It’s rather abstract. The price to quality ratio is high; you paid a hundred and eighty for a cut that’s worth two fifty [2].”

“Wuuu... I don’t want to live anymore!!”

Xia Baobei finally returned to being herself.

[1] 滚床单 - lit. meaning rolling in bedsheets, a euphemism for having sex.

[2] 二百五 - lit. two hundred and fifty, but a metaphor for an idiot.

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